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  1. Black 3.0 is darker but finicky to work with. KoPro's musou black is thinner, easier to work with, and darker. Brush applied it is reported to reflect only 1.2%. I've tried Black 2.0, 3.0, and musou black and musou is the darkest. It about as touch tolerant as black 3.0, maybe a little more when painted on primer.
  2. Semi-necroposting but I wanted to say this is brilliant! I've been trying ti figure out what I wanted to do with the wendigo figure besides set everything in a deep recent snowfall. I wasn't feeling very inspired to paint it, so I was looking through images of wendigo minis when I saw yours and realized "prey! That's what it needs!' And from a lot purchase if old minis I had one misisng a weapon and I didn't care for anyway. So now he's prey. ' Thanks for the inspiration! I'm starting to paint again after almost 40 years (I was last painting figures for an AD&D campaign) so I'm not very good, and and yes it's imitative but that truly is the sincerest form of flattery!
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