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  1. Great info from everyone and lots to try going forward. Thanks all!
  2. Thanks for the info! I never thought of pinning. I could snip some bras rod and put it under the pelvis connecting to the base - paint it to match the base and it would be barely noticeable.
  3. Howdy all, I've painted a lot of bones minis and am no stranger to boiling and dunking in ice water to straighten warped minis. However, I've never had one go back to warped. I boiled and dunked my bones bone devil and gave it a base coat this weekend. When I went downstairs yesterday it was back to a pretty badly warped pose. Now, I can pry it off the base and strip him, boil again etc but it's going to damage the base a bit and in a perfect world I could avoid having to repair that. Have any of you boiled a bones mini with paint on it?
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