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  1. Thanks, Glitter and Samedi! Those bigger zombies are all Reaper Bones figures. The hunched over one is a ghast, SKU #77159, and the others are a pair of lemures, SKU #77326. All of the weapons were bitz from my collection, I just drilled some holes or cut out small wedges with my hobby knife before gluing them in place. I have some pictures of a couple guys I've been getting ready for paint: I got this guy from MOM Miniatures, a Spanish company. I stumbled upon their site one day, like ya do, and love their stuff. This figure originally had an axe in each hand, so I got r
  2. Definitely! This is a good looking group. I especially like the ice effect on the golem, it really sells!
  3. Thanks, Samedi! I keep pushing to make it better, because the sculpt is so inspiring. Thanks, Glitter! I got around to taking some pictures of the undead I recently worked on, as well as getting some more work done on the dragon. Here are some skeletons I threw together from the GW skeleton warriors kit. I needed some archers, so I cut off some weapons and added some various bow and quiver bits, so they could play the part. Next time, I'll remember to at least paint in the appearance of negative space, where the weapons were cut and the hands filed.
  4. Looking good so far! That skin tone is really nice, and the purple goes with it really well.
  5. Great job painting these figs! A lot of fun variety and models in here, too. I especially like the skaven assassin, and the wight champion.
  6. Great looking wizard! And that's a good pile of wins, way to push yourself! I think the reason the staff blends in, is that it's a very similar value to the robe, as well as having some yellow in it. The reds and yellow are really nice, and that hair is really nice and defined!
  7. Thanks, Darcstaar! It's been gratifying to get some color on all of this grey. I've gotten some more work done on the dragon over the last couple days, still refining those volumes. Got the face much brighter, so it's starting to command the attention it deserves. I also did some work on the back, both the body and the wing, to get them more in line with the rest of the beast. The wing is still incredibly rough, but at least it's not as colorless as it was. I'll make sure to get some pictures of the skeletons and zombies I recently did for the next time I post an update
  8. Your love for the craft shows, Mal. In fact, I'd wager it even radiates! Your work is always inspiring, so extra thanks for posting as much as you do.
  9. Using blue as an undercoat for TMM steel....that's cool. I'm going to have to give that a shot, I imagine it looks great. Great job on those cold, white skin tones! I think they have some nice depth in them.
  10. This is coming along great. The blue shading of the green skirt looks just superb!
  11. It's been far, far too long since I've posted! I hadn't done any hobbying after my last post, until about mid-February. Since, then, I've been working somewhat consistently on various projects. I need to get some decent photos before I show any of the new things, but I did finally do some more work on my dragon! I continued work of getting the overall skin tones and transitions where I want them, with a lot of emphasis on the shadows. Those purples are pulling some major weight, and I just love them. I also added several more layers of glazing with reds and oranges across the skin. I
  12. Great job with the ancient stone look, you've really sold it!
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