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  1. Everything is looking swell! I especially like the stonework on Ravenhome.
  2. Looking great! I'm also very happy to see that you finally received your order
  3. Great project! I'm looking forward to seeing that base come along.
  4. You don't come off that way, at all. I am fortunate enough to be able to offer some kind help, and am happy to do so. It's been a rough year for me, too, so I can relate with that kind of frustration.
  5. Getting frustrated because frustrating things are happening is valid, and I'd argue healthy (I think my therapist would, too). I'm willing to contribute to a care package, as well. I've inherited a lot of figures that I'll likely never paint, so I'd be more than happy to send them to someone who will. @Sirithiliel Feel free to send me a PM, too, and I'd be happy to talk about what I have to offer.
  6. @R2EDThanks! And yeah, the dragons are such a treat. As soon as I saw a preview of Valfuryx, I knew I was backing this kickstarter. It's one of the coolest designed dragon minis I've ever seen. And yeah, the moldlines inside the grate for Gallowgard will be troublesome. I'm wondering if I can get away with hiding them with some foliage...at least some of them I agree, everything I have has nice details with nice and sharp features. And I'm surprised at how much I like the bars; I bought a couple sets of bases to replace everyone's, but seeing them next to my other minis, they're not out of pl
  7. I may be a day late, but I won't be a dollar short! Here are pics of everything I ordered, with minimal commentary: Townsfolk I tried to show how minimal the moldlines are with that last pic. Hench-Women If you got this set, don't make the mistake I did and assume the beg on the cart's wheel is leftover sprue: it's actually so it can slot into the base. I cut mine off before I realized that. Here's one with two of the hench-women, one of the townsfolk, and one of the skeletons from Gallowgard for size reference. The green archer i
  8. Wave here 5 in Colorado, and I received my 4+ lbs of plastic a couple of hours ago. No missing pieces. I am very, very pleased with everything I got. All of the pieces fit together easily, and the details are all very crisp, with very minimal moldlines! There's some slight warpage here and there that seems to be fixed after some heating with a hair-dryer, repositioning, and running some cold tap water over it. Now I'm tempted to get some other things when they open the pledge manager back up! I'll take some pictures to share once I finish my breakfast; I was too excited to be able
  9. I'm pretty sure that in one of the more recent update videos, they said that it has been sitting in the port, awaiting inspection. Though, given that my shipment isn't one being delayed, I didn't pay as close attention during that part of the update.
  10. Oh man, I know that feeling! Kind of like getting home from the store only to realize you've grabbed the wrong kind of...whatever it was you were going there for in the first place I think it's looking great! I haven't thought about Dinotopia in many years, so it's especially exciting to see your project to take inspiration from it! Looking forward to seeing more!
  11. Thanks, Glitter and Samedi! Those bigger zombies are all Reaper Bones figures. The hunched over one is a ghast, SKU #77159, and the others are a pair of lemures, SKU #77326. All of the weapons were bitz from my collection, I just drilled some holes or cut out small wedges with my hobby knife before gluing them in place. I have some pictures of a couple guys I've been getting ready for paint: I got this guy from MOM Miniatures, a Spanish company. I stumbled upon their site one day, like ya do, and love their stuff. This figure originally had an axe in each hand, so I got r
  12. Definitely! This is a good looking group. I especially like the ice effect on the golem, it really sells!
  13. Thanks, Samedi! I keep pushing to make it better, because the sculpt is so inspiring. Thanks, Glitter! I got around to taking some pictures of the undead I recently worked on, as well as getting some more work done on the dragon. Here are some skeletons I threw together from the GW skeleton warriors kit. I needed some archers, so I cut off some weapons and added some various bow and quiver bits, so they could play the part. Next time, I'll remember to at least paint in the appearance of negative space, where the weapons were cut and the hands filed.
  14. Looking good so far! That skin tone is really nice, and the purple goes with it really well.
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