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  1. I think it looks excellent! It draws a bit more attention, without messing up your color choices. Great job!
  2. You're welcome! The only thing I might add is a specular reflection, to give it some shine. If you decide that doesn't work for you, I think making the iris a dark-brown color would have a similar effect, while still giving you some space to play around. Just my 2 cents, though! I'm curious to see what others have to say.
  3. Looking good! And honestly, I think the eye looks good as is. The black void is menacing, in a kind of fun juxtaposition with the rest of the model.
  4. I managed to get some better lit pictures of the group. I'll post them all in the show-off section, once I've finished the other half of the group.
  5. Managed to finish up this first batch of beastmen! I had a hard time getting the lighting to look decent in the pictures. That's ok, because I wasn't trying to push myself at all with these minis. Reasonably happy with how they turned out, though I do somewhat wish I'd decided to redo the zenithal undercoat. But, they still look pretty decent on the table, and that's what I was going for. For the second half of the group, I'm going to lay in the skin tones using the airbrush, and see what the time/effort/reward ratio ends up being there. I've used it for single figures before, so I have a pretty good feeling that I can make it worthwhile. I've been working more on painting units instead of single figures, since I have a friend who wants to commission me to paint a couple of Warhammer 40k armies for him. I'm looking forward to that a good bit; I've been wanting to paint some of the new Primaris marines, but really have no desire to get back into the game myself. So that will be a fun opportunity and challenge, since I've never done a whole army at once!
  6. Managed to get some more work done. Just metallics, washes for said metallics, and a few details left to pick out. Almost halfway done with the whole group!
  7. Thanks, Glitter!! I've gotten started on another half-dozen on them. I didn't bother to go back and rework the zenithal coat at all. With how little effort I'm ultimately putting into them, I can re-prime and paint one if it really starts bugging me. Progress is progress!
  8. I finished up some beastmen conversions I've been working on, and got them primed. Even got some paint on a few! I tried to get something that was quick and easy to replicate, while still looking pretty good. So I made use of the zenithal undercoat for the flesh, and used a somewhat heavy reikland flesh shade to get that reddish hue, which turned out pretty well. I'll want to touch up those zenithal undercoats before I continue (I have another 15 to do), just so the skin looks better and more consistent. I might go back and re-work some of the skin on these guys, particularly the dark areas, to make them better match the others. But, I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. Otherwise, the paint scheme was just brybrushes over basecoats, and some washes here and there. Nothing fancy, but I now have some beastie-boys that look good on the table. I especially like the quartered shields; again, nothing fancy, but much better than just plain wood.
  9. Got these guys finished up and primed, and a few being painted. These were the ones that required the most work. With the left spearman, I used greenstuff over the brass and plastic to give the spear shaft more character, like it was a piece of wood found on the battlefield to make a hasty repair. I needed to figure something else out for the guys with 2handed weapons and the other spearman, since I had poor access to the brass rods. My solution was to use dental floss, glue one end in place, and take forever wrapping it around, before finally gluing the other end, and using thin superglue to seal in the floss. It works pretty well, and although it's not a perfect match fir the wrappings further up, it's close enough. Here's a closer picture of that, and the shield I expanded. In hindsight, it would have been better just to sculpt one from scratch, as the differences wouldn't be so noticeable. But for what it is, it'll do the job.
  10. Cool stuff you've been picking up! I especially like the Highlands skeletons.
  11. Cool project, and great minis! Like others, I'm excited to see this progress.
  12. Great job! That color scheme is superb - killer choices!
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