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  1. I can't relate to that at all!
  2. Great job with the ancient stone look, you've really sold it!
  3. It's been a while since I've posted! I fell into a bit of a motivational slump, but have been able to climb out of that and get a decent bit of work done. I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I probably won't ramble on as much as I normally do....or maybe that just means I'll ramble more So I finished both mine and my brother's Frostgrave warbands! Well, finished to a point where I'll be happy with them on the table. I do want to go back and add/rework some things (he says, thinking of all the other figures he's said he'll do that to...) First, my group: I haven't shown these guys before, and that's partly because they've been sitting in "I'll get to finishing them eventually" purgatory. The archers are part of a group that I speed-painted last summer, for a DnD game my brother was running later that day. I'm really pleased with how the green turned out! Sometimes that pressure can be a great motivator to just go, and not be too critical of oneself. The other guy is my PC from that same game, a half-orc druid named Kilgore. I'm using him as my apprentice. For a first time doing OSL, I think it's alright. But I think it needs redoing, I think I added one or two too many glazes. I really want to spend a decent amount of time adding some OSL from the lantern, but he's good for now. The boar doesn't have quite that much contrast IRL, but still looks pretty good. It was a fun color gradient I used, I want to play around with that kind of thing on future furry creatures. I spent a little more time working on my wizard than anything else, but I still need to paint the fur around his boots, and his beard. I want to do some more work on the pelt, too. I'll have to post a picture of that next time. The elemental shield was the best effort vs. reward ratio out of anything I painted. I just put a couple of thin coats of Nihilak Oxide over the zenithal basecoat, and it turned out great! After that, I decided to try a quick layer of it on the wizard's hand for some quick and easy OSL, and boy, that turned out well! I finished with a thin layer of white over the eye I sculpted, just to brighten the source of the light. Best 20 seconds of painting I've ever had And now, my brother's warband: This captain is, after my wizard, my favorite mini I've painted from this group. That's it for now! I should be able to get a game in within the next couple of days, so I'll try to remember taking some shots of the dramatic moments. Plus, I got some really cool terrain from the recent Battle Systems fantasy kickstarter, so I'll get a chance to use it for the first time, and show it off. It's really great stuff, I feel like it has some incredible bang for the buck. Thanks for looking and/or reading!
  4. The face is really great! I like that the wolf has a slight 'blep' going on
  5. That OSL is gorgeous! It really makes the whole figure pop!
  6. MAGNETS!!! That is such a cool idea, giving this wonderful piece some additional usefulness. Plus, I love the idea of just popping on the legs in front of the players and watching the expression on their faces
  7. Oooh, it's coming along great! I'm excited to see everything in place
  8. He's looking really good! The muscle definition is on point.
  9. Very nice! I think your weathering is just stellar!
  10. I won't claim to a good grasp of color theory, but I have been learning a good bit and trying to implement some of those lessons, so I'll give it a shot here. I agree with @MoonglowMinis that as a standalone mini, her colors are great! However, I think that making her predominantly green would suit the diorama much better. That way she both shares more tones with the rest of the diorama, and helps her to stand out. Hope that helps! And it's looking great!
  11. It's a nice change of pace to see some IG that aren't khaki or olive drab! I think you've done a swell job with it.
  12. Very nice! I'm sure it's quite a good change of pace to not be so cramped!
  13. IT's looking great! And I really like those little crabs, starfish and fish-bones, they're going to look add some really cool detail to an already stellar piece!
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