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  1. This is a slightly converted piece from MOM Miniatures; I changed out the hand-axes for a freshly severed head, and a custom sword. I made the blade and crossguard; the handle was from some Reaper bits. I'm pretty pleased with this piece, especially considering how unstable my hands felt through a lot of it. There are a couple of things I might work a tad on, but I'm comfortable calling him finished. I'm really pleased with the pictures, they're definitely the best I've ever taken of a miniature!




    Thanks for looking!

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  2. Thanks Samedi! It's more brown in person, but I think it suits its purpose.

    I did some more work, and I think I'm in the home stretch. I did another layer and edge highlighted all of the metals, and I think that turned out nicely. I also added some more darks on the sword blade.




    I want to try a light drybrush on the blade to pick out the knapping I carved into it, I think that'd help a lot. Maybe even a selective wash on the decapitated heads.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Samedi said:

    I think the colours work quite well. By staying neutral with the armour parts you made the old copper applications stand out nicely.

    Thanks Samedi! I rather like how it's turning out; I wanted to do colors that were less fantastical than many chaos warriors, and I think this works well. I also think the more subdued red does a good job of providing interest, without utterly stealing attention.


    4 hours ago, Samedi said:


    Obsidian is really tough to nail - I think I would "cheat" with gloss varnish. Just googled up a few pictures of red obsidian. On many pictures the dark parts go up to black and there are streaks and spots throughout the whole material. So you could try to push the dark parts all the way to pure black.

    On the other hand, the sword "as is" fits the old/used theme you're going for. 

    I hadn't even thought to see if red obsidian was a thing - I'll have to look that up! Thanks! And yeah, I tried using some semi-gloss varnish to help with that, but there's not enough texture on the blade I made, so it ended up looking...well, pretty flat. I did end up going over the center portion with a pinkish purple, for more color depth. I'm liking that, and I'll also work on pushing the darks, too. And I'm glad that old/used is what you're getting from him, because that's certainly  what I'm going for.


    4 hours ago, Samedi said:

    Anyway, great work!

    Thank you for the kind words!


    I am open to any ideas for what color to paint the loin cloth. I think maybe keep it brown with some designs to break it up a bit? Maybe black and the same? Definitely not something that should draw too much attention.


    Thanks for looking!

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  4. Thanks for the input, @aku-chan and @Samedi!


    After doing another chaos warrior you can see here (I actually posted something in show off!!), I realized that was probably the scheme I would go with. So, I forged ahead, and got here:




    I tried a different colored helmet at first, but didn't like it, so I went for the silver. The sword was looking alright, but the red-obsidian look I'm going for is difficult, and I don't really want to use a varnish to achieve that, especially since there's not actually enough texture on the blade to make that work well (I tried it :lol:)


    I did some more work, and got here:



    He's getting close to done, but not quite there yet. Don't let the base fool you!! I sometimes like to make sure that it'll look alright with my standard basing scheme, and it seems to. The only thing that's still at a basecoat stage is the loin-cloth; I'm not sure what color to paint it. Aside from that, I have highlights yet to do on the armor, and could stand to add more color depth to all the various heads in different states of decay. I used essentially the same scheme on all of them, and I think they can stand to be differentiated. The sword could use some more more, but I'm a bit at a loss for how to proceed. I may just leave it as is.


    As always, thanks for looking!

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