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  1. @Pegazus Thank you again for all your effort in getting us nerds to socialize! And, for the mini Corsair cosplay. I say mini because cutting it in half was the only way it was fitting on my noggin. For the third year in a row, I have had an absolute blast - both playing and being on the card. I've met so many phenomenal people - and shared lots of laughs - all thanks to your forum-ite bingo. Cheers! 🍻
  2. Yay, you rock @Pegazus! Met so many of you lovely scoundrels via Forum-ite Bingo these past two Cons. Thanks for facilitating such a great way to socialize. 🍻 I'd love to sign up again, please and thank you. I'll be there - with the family in tow - from Wednesday early afternoon to Sunday morning. Forum name and avatar pic work for me. P.S. After a long and fruitless search last year, I fiiiiiinally nabbed Corsair right there across from me at our Hobby Hijinks table. 🙃
  3. I can't convince @mac.n.chee.mini to join this year. But I would love to join again, pretty please! (I'm going to go into @Pegazus -stalking mode first thing this year. 😂 The "I'm wearing" definitely helped although you were an elusive spirit.) Name: CoffeeNerderyBeer Pic: Forum picture works (same as last year). Edit: Will be there Wednesday - Sunday AM.
  4. Was just coming to see if this was posted. 💜 Thank you @Sylverthorne for collating all the goodness into one place! I wasn't even aware of such a thing before last year; the spawn and I had a great time with the daily inspiration to draw. (Although, since school's back to in-person, she may prefer the less-than-daily option.)
  5. Thanks again @Darcstaar ... really appreciate your help! Cheers @Neatpete 🍻 Hope it wasn't too much of a kick. 😄
  6. I have been remiss in not posting a follow-up. ☝️ After reading and re-reading all the advice, I started in on trying to give Luwin a makeover. Messed with the orb (again and again and s'more). Darkened the glow everywhere to help with the orb. (Not sure that was entirely successful but I feel much better about it, overall.) With my new-found knowledge, I'm going to give fire OSL a go for my next experiment. 😅 Thanks again, all of you. 💜🍻 (I stupidly changed out my backdrop before taking a picture of his back -- so that's against black velvet instead. 🙄)
  7. Celebramations and congratulatations for the happiest of birfdays @Chaoswolf
  8. Really appreciate that encouragement and all the words of wisdom... ☝️ The mister and I were discussing this very thing over the weekend. How our mindsets have greatly changed from the very first minis we had painted and everything was either an irreparable mistake or just a total disaster. With some "arse-in-chair" time under our belts, the mistakes are finally something we can either correct or, at least, attempt to fix. Having that ever-so-slightly improved foundation of skills has made a marked improvement in our confidence levels as painters. ("I can full-on f* this up and finally trust that it might not wind up sitting there for months unfinished or suddenly turn into a projectile." 😅) All appendages crossed for the stars aligning for 2022. 🤞 💜 (Spooky ghost lurking is the best lurking.)
  9. My daughter played in your Thursday night session -- and had an absolute blast! Beforehand, she was a bit concerned about being a relative newbie amongst all the pros but her fears were completely unfounded. (She'd only played a few sessions in The Before Times and got hooked.) Thank you -- and to all the players, including @albevazin -- for making her feel so welcome. 💜 Not sure she has an account here, but I'll tell her you're reaching out for your players.
  10. Haha, I've definitely jumped into the deep end. @Glitterwolf 😅🍻
  11. @Guindyloo Guinnnndy! You're back. 💜 🫂 (Sent all the good juju I could muster your way and was so relieved to get an update from Lord Dave at the Con. And, I remembered all the Buc-ee's advice from long ago when the family and I went around for the first time, all in wide-eyed wonder. 😲) Thank you so much for posting all that OSL goodness... I went back and fixed that shadowed arm last night based off @Darcstaar 's suggestion and I feel much better about it. (Thanks again!) Also, darkened some of the lower-down hints of light. Now, to put your advice to work and fix that globe (and/or that hat). That yellow on the globe was irking me and I now know why! The grey scale idea for value is making me smack my forehead because I've seen it done so many times but never thought to do it for my *own* minis. (Major duh moment.) Thank you for making me realise that I should actually be utilising this technique, as well. (Wish I'd started him properly, and primed in black. I decided after the grey went on -- and watching the beginning of David Diamondstone's class -- that I'd have a go at OSL. I'm a "just enough half-assed knowledge to be dangerous" type, so I did myself no favours. It inevitably leads to many, many bad attempts at pretty much everything. 😄) The swatching along with checking for values is such a brilliant idea. Definitely have a tiny, paint-friendly sketchbook that I now have in mind which can sit next to my painting spot. Greatly appreciate all your help! I was initially quite hesitant about posting for help -- mostly because I oft-times feel like I don't have enough of a solid foundation of skills to make good on the advice -- but I'm so glad I did. 🍻🍻
  12. Thank you @Darcstaar ! I'm all about saving my what remains of my sanity. 😄 I'll go in lighten that area of the sleeve.
  13. Hi there all, I've decided to dive into the deep end with finally trying the scary world of OSL. 😄 Feel I've lost the plot on this ... so any advice on how to proceed with this would be greatly appreciated! (Having fun, though, despite not knowing what the hell I'm doing. 😁) I'm including a "top down" view, which is where I'm most confuddled. That dark line down his arm which represents the shadow from the staff which sits between the source of light ... it just doesn't look right to me. 🤔 So, I'm all ears for suggestions on improvements!
  14. 😅 Wasn't trying to be exclusionary by not listing all the various forms of social media! I'm just familiar with Discord's "sign-up" based push notifications and how well they worked for ReaperCon Online and RVE. Any sort of day-specific highlights made available each morning with times listed would be extremely helpful... Ultimately, use of that digital sign like Inarah mentioned above or something posted right outside the main hall would be most ideal.
  15. If this happened and I just didn't realize it, please disregard... Not sure how easy to send out a Discord ReaperCon announcement via notification would be every morning of the Con? Like a mini "Coffee Ketchup" but via Discord notification. Nothing extensive, but perhaps something with reminders of important times for that day, like when Meet-and-Greet starts, the costume contest, the deadline for MSP entries, etc.
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