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  1. Wow! I want this on my backyard, how much would you be willing to sell it? Just askin lol
  2. Good job man! It looks real and I don't even want to see the real version of that, so scary :p
  3. I liked the intricate details of it's muscles and ofc it's armours. <3
  4. Still a game I can spend my time on. :)
  5. I wish both will be released at the early months of 2021 <3
  6. The Winter Adventures caught my eyes. <3
  7. Wow this is a good information, thanks for having this article posted.
  8. This is disaster, want to see which posts were ever popular.
  9. You did great Choppertown. I'm sure you had fun painting it. Keep safe everyone!
  10. I thank you as well Cygnwulf. Badly need this too!
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