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  1. I'm very unfamiliar with bats. Didn't they attack you when you startle them? Like if you shouted or you dropped something?
  2. So I was extending the lease of a library book online, and I happened to see that since I applied I have borrowed 1300+ books. This lead me to thinking about how many books I've read. Considering that I have 200+ books on my bookshelf and I hardly buy books, as well as that most of the books I read nowadays are ebooks. I have come to the conclusion that it's atleast 2000 (conservative estimate) By books I mean actual books. Not magazines. Not newspapers. Not textbooks. Not manuals. Books meant for recreational reading. That's a lot, right?
  3. Even if I wanted to, we are on a lockdown. Looking forward for someone to share their video here of this coming ReaperCon.
  4. Our company moved to 90% working from home. Being a very social person, I tend to feel isolated. Teams and zoom meetings just aren’t the same. On the bright side, I can turn the video feed off and work in the garage during some of the calls! I've been going batbroccoli crazy since we moved. I don’t have my indoor space set up, nor do I have the garage ready to do any work. It’s hard to get motivated to do anything. Add to that, I had the original covid back in March 2020, got vaccinated this past April, then got the delta version last month that I’m still having some lasting e
  5. Hello, and Happy Birthday. 🎂
  6. "Isolation, fear, and financial/occupational instability created by the current COVID-19 situation are expected to generate an upsurge in mental illnesses globally. Shortage of mental health workforce and the financial resources needed for traditional interventions are limiting factors to cope effectively with a potential global mental health crisis. United Kingdom research already shows an increase in levels of anxiety, depression, and stress due to current financial challenges. This reinforces the urgent need to discover new complementary interventions to help improve low mood and alleviate
  7. This is sad, I hope they open back again once all this pandemic is over.
  8. Planning to get this, by the way, is there anything for combat on a ship, or ship to ship boarding actions? I was hoping for something similar to the PC game Faster Than Light where you deploy crew members to different ship areas and repel/launch borders and exchange fire that damages zones.
  9. I love how you put details on those dragons. Your a beast, bud!
  10. I'm currently watching The Silk Road, a series where some French guy (dubbed in English) travels from one end of the Silk Road to the other. It has been fascinating!
  11. None, but we will have our Independence day this June 12, we usually celebrate during that day and stuff but we will probably be quiet this time due to pandemic.
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