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  1. None, but we will have our Independence day this June 12, we usually celebrate during that day and stuff but we will probably be quiet this time due to pandemic.
  2. A friend suggested me to try these apps, Artrage, Krita and Rebelle. I've tried Autodesk sketchbook before and I figured I need to get familiar with this app before I get to fully use it, it's quite hard on first try.
  3. Currently watching Castlevania Season 4 Episode 5 on Netflix, you guys should watch this. A good animation flick for dracula fans out there.
  4. I haven't yet, I've heard a lot of debate and stuff going on in there, interesting to watch some time.
  5. Day 121 at home and the dog is looking at me like, “See? This is why I chew the furniture!”
  6. been watching Shadow and Bone since last week, it is based on two Bardugo book series. we shouldn't expect a new season of 'Shadow and Bone' until late 2022 or it may even take until 2023.
  7. Just harvested some tomatoes, bell peppers and butternut squash the other day. We have a small vegetable garden at the backyard that was already there when we bought the house.
  8. Next on my list would be The Woman in the Window on Netflix, I am also interested in Angelina Jolie's new movie Those Wish Me Dead
  9. Hi, cmorse. I'll check that out later today, thank you!
  10. I would like to ask some recommendation from you guys on which software is the best for practicing digital art? I had been Photoshop most of the time for editing photos and making something new but when I try to work on digital paint I feel like it soo hard for me especially when I used my wacom. Im having a hard time controlling the brush. 😐
  11. It's harmless (well, for us) and great to have around. They eat not only bugs that are all over the your area, but mice and other unwanted creatures too.
  12. Plus, I can tell to myself that I've worked for this with my brain and sweat(if ever I win lol).
  13. Gonna me watching Monster on Netflix tonight, the dude in the movie looks like Miles Morales!
  14. Same stuff except having a smoothie of fresh fruits after or while having our lunch. Wife loves adding apples and mangoes or bananas in a blender with ice. It's definitely one of the best feature of summer!
  15. I have always loved Stratego. I still think it's the best of all of the classic games. Better than Risk, even.
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