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  1. No way!!! Getting rid of the Overlords means Chaz made those AWESOME warrior sculpts for nothing. And those are some of the sweetest armored warrior sculpts ever!
  2. Awesome! Good to see more Omaha peeps doing demos :)
  3. I am wondering if there will be multiple choices for Warlords in the future for the different factions. This way your army could be lead by different people. It would be cool to have several different vampire counts to choose from to lead my forces. And maybe even having a female Warlord might be kind of cool! This would make for many different flavored armies. I think it would be neat and add to the customization of your army.
  4. There are a few living undead...but I would like to think of them as "living impaired" being that whatever is flowing through their veins and sustaining their life is not what the townsfolk would call "natural." So maybe they have cursed evil blood that makes their skin grow cold and their flesh turn green. That's just my preference and the way I invision them for myself though. It's pretty much up to whoever is playing them. But I like to think of all of them as "Undead" and some just retain their flesh a little better than others
  5. BAH!!!!! As much as we would love to be mixed in with the Overlords (to suck the life from their fleshy bodies and prove our dominance) we are no where near as pink and mortal as those tasty bond slaves. Vampires and the undead don't typically work well with the living. Because what happens is.....the living end up becoming more of the undead. We could always use more skeleton warriors to do our bidding though, so feel free to ADD THE OVERLORDS to the NECROPOLIS and not the other way around. Overlords are weak. They will crumble and fold........in time.
  6. Well, I put the models together, and I'm starting to read the book. Now to find some people in Omaha that could play on a Wednesday and I would be set. (Wednesday is about the only day I have free anymore haha)
  7. You guys have CAV cards which have different factions on them. Are you guys planning on making Warlord ones too? Not really too important but they might spice the game up a little. I drew the Ace of Spades with the GIANT NECROPOLIS INSIGNIA ON IT MWAHAHAHA!!!!
  8. Lupines are now always a part of my army. I lose my special ability but who cares. Lupines ROCK!
  9. So I am mainly a Warlord guy. But I spent some of my BL points this week to purchase a CAV starter to try it out. I haven't gotten a chance to read the rulebook yet but I was wondering. Should I wait for V2 to come out before I get started or should I just read V1 even though I don't have a whole lot of time being that most of it is spent playing Warlord (and demoing the living "stuff" out of it)
  10. Just wondering what the ETA on those Fig Cases will be for the Online Store. We got a shipment of them in at our FLGS but I don't see them anywhere on the Reaper Website. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting!
  11. That sounds awesome! Glad it went so well!
  12. Ugh!!! EZboard is a ripoff. Go download phpbb. That is teh shiz!
  13. I run DEMOs on Saturdays at Dragon's Lair in Omaha, NE on Blondo street. Come out around 11AM and you can join in!
  14. I think it's just 3 events period. Even though I do one every Saturday. Because....I.... ....am the man!
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