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  1. I had so many miniatures to post I decided to break it into two posts... I might have posted this before but it one of my favorites so I'm making sure it gets posted. I'm just so happy with how it turned out. This was a really quick paint job on a Clockwork Golem from Diehard Miniatures. The base was 3D printed and apparently I didn't do a very good job with the supports. Looks okay in person, but boy does the photo show off the imperfections. Another fantastic miniature from Red Bard Games. Really happy with the NMM on this miniature from Stonehaven. I built a custom base using clay bricks and tried some new things. In general it turned out but, in retrospect I don't think the arch makes any sense. A set of three plague worms from Zabavka Workshop. The red one turned out great, I'm really happy with the eyes. The purple worm was kind of a disappointment, I'm not great at painting purple and the mouth was impossible to photograph well. The final worm reminded me of a flower so I tried to give it that effect. Very happy with how it turned out.
  2. I've done so much painting in the last couple of years and I'm always too lazy to take pictures. Finally got around to it.... All Reaper Paints, all the time. For some reason I just love miniatures wearing packs. Awesome Snail from Monkstone Miniatures Copied this paint scheme from Kangaroorex (brilliant idea, sandy looking from the top, sky looking from the bottom). This is the Western Desert Dragon (03670) from Reaper. It looks like this is an old model and there were some problems with the mold. I had to cut the base apart to get it to lie flattish and the wings didn't fit quite right. Still a very cool model. Three demon toads from Rotten Factory. I'm really happy with how the shell turned out on this super creepy snail rider from Whilhelm Miniatures. Very cool miniature from Red Bard Games. I was really happy with the wheel tracks I made with green stuff, but I'm a little disappointed with the grass. I was aiming for patches of dead grass in the road, but I think I ended up with too much contrast between the grass colors. Next time I plan to mix the static grass to get more realistic variations. Three virus themed Beholders from Westfalia Miniatures Is that a halfling riding a giant goose? I don't know why, but it is awesome. Miniforge Miniatures Dwarf riding a Yak from Stonehaven Miniatures
  3. I was thinking everything was Westfalia but it looks like a number of these are actual Zealot Miniatures (Litchmyre Dungeon). Still Boris Woloszyn though.
  4. I'm a huge fan of green sculpted miniatures because I often feel like they have more character than digital miniatures. I think Boris Woloszyn might be the best green stuff sculptor out there and I have so much of his stuff. If it has too many eyes or teeth, I'm always in. 3D printed base One of my all time favorite sculpts. I normally struggle to come up with paint schemes but the second I saw this one I knew I how I wanted to paint it. It turned out exactly how I imaged (which is also rare). I love the NMM on the helmet but the sword could definitely use some work. An easy paint job with dry brushing but I'm still very happy with the belt on the big guy The face looks a little out of focus, but I'm pretty happy with NMM and gem. Trying for the OSL effect here. It doesn't look great in person; it looks a lot better in the photo.
  5. Finally getting around to taking pictures of miniatures from the last 2 years of painting... Reaper Fire Giant Queen. Copied the box art on this one. Still, very happy with how it turn out. Reaper Solar. I don't feel like the NMM really reads as gold but I'm still very happy with how the contrast turned out. I think the sword turned out great and I'm really happy with the whole color scheme (even if it is more rainbowy than I normally like). Reaper Gnomish Bee Rider. I based this off a picture I found online. This was my first attempt "sculpting" my own base and I clearly have a lot to learn. The gnome turned out fantastic though. Mantic Games - Goblin Winggit. Pretty simple paint job but I think this is a very cool sculpt. Mortal Arrow Miniatures - Living Toadstool. Another custom base and one I'm a little happier with.
  6. Thanks. I was going for a rotten effect on the base and I wasn't sure if that came through. I feel like I could probably added some green and more contrast to make that stand out a little better. I feel like I've gotten a lot better with contrast on faces but I often think they need a little more color to look realistic. Most of my attempts to add color to faces have resulted in clown face, so I was really happy with the slight red on the nose here. I think it only works because his nose is so large, using this on other miniatures haven't turned out as well.
  7. 3 large trolls from Stonehaven Miniatures. All painted with Reaper paints. I straight up copied this paint scheme from someone on the internet but I love how it turned out. One of these days I'm going to paint another Oni and invert the paint scheme (blue skin, red armor). A pretty easy paint job, the texture was so nice I ended up dry brushing most of it. Still I'm happy with how it turned out (especially the toe nails). This one turned out fine. The paint scheme is fine but I don't feel like it turned out as well as the other two.
  8. A random selection of miniatures I've painted. Various sources, all Reaper paints The pumpkin beholder from Reaper. I stole the candy cane teeth idea from these forums. Particularly happy with the main eye. I backed an Atlantis Miniatures Kickstarter for this Blood Beast. I just love creatures with a lot of eyes. T I'm a sucker for hand sculpted green stuff so I end up buying just about everything that Boris Wołoszyn ever sculpts. A Reaper Sophie. Pretty much just copied the Reaper paint scheme but I'm very happy with how she came out. I just love this artificer from Diehard Miniatures.
  9. A bunch of small miniatures from Stonehaven Miniatures. Painted with Reaper paints.
  10. The base is 3D printed so I really can't take credit for that. 28mm Stalagmites by Curufin.
  11. Finally finished off the Dark Sword Miniatures kickstarter from like 5 years ago. All painted with Reaper paints. Mediocre NMM. I swear it looks better in person. I tried an OSL where the red fire made the blue/green sleeves look greener. I don't know if it looks realistic, but I'm happy with the effect. I originally tried a fall leaves cloak (yellow to red) and it didn't really work. After repainting, I'm pretty happy with this one.
  12. I've gotten better at eyes and I'm very happy with this one.
  13. I'm very excited with how these fungi turned out. All Reaper paints. I was really happy with the colorful mushrooms on this one. I'm always a little worried about getting too much of a rainbow effect, but I think it worked well here. I 3D printed the smaller stalagmite bases. For the larger one I 3d printed parts of the base and then used green stuff to make the water channels. Very happy with this one. The stalagmites on the left are all 3d printed but I cut them apart and made more own base. I'm happy with the strong color transitions on the crystals on the right, but overall I think it looks very unrealistic. I'm particularly happy with how the eyes turned out on the big guy.
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