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  1. The base is 3D printed so I really can't take credit for that. 28mm Stalagmites by Curufin.
  2. These tiny little walking books are so cute. Reaper paints. I
  3. Finally finished off the Dark Sword Miniatures kickstarter from like 5 years ago. All painted with Reaper paints. Mediocre NMM. I swear it looks better in person. I tried an OSL where the red fire made the blue/green sleeves look greener. I don't know if it looks realistic, but I'm happy with the effect. I originally tried a fall leaves cloak (yellow to red) and it didn't really work. After repainting, I'm pretty happy with this one.
  4. I've gotten better at eyes and I'm very happy with this one.
  5. I'm very excited with how these fungi turned out. All Reaper paints. I was really happy with the colorful mushrooms on this one. I'm always a little worried about getting too much of a rainbow effect, but I think it worked well here. I 3D printed the smaller stalagmite bases. For the larger one I 3d printed parts of the base and then used green stuff to make the water channels. Very happy with this one. The stalagmites on the left are all 3d printed but I cut them apart and made more own base. I'm happy with the strong color transitions on the crystals on the right, but overall I think it looks very unrealistic. I'm particularly happy with how the eyes turned out on the big guy.
  6. Thanks everyone. I'm always afraid to try freehand but it ended up being a lot easier than I expected. In this case I just copied designs from Google images.
  7. I copied this style from another poster and was very happy how it turned out
  8. For Hire Board. Reaper Paints
  9. I really like the freehand. You picked a simple pattern, but it fits the miniature and you executed it very well.
  10. Thanks. The base was a bit of a struggle. I used tufts over static grass because they were significantly taller but when I glued them on they weren't dark enough. I ended up using a dark wash to darken all the tufts but, if you look closely, you will see this caused a bunch of the individual strands to get stuck together (so it just looks a little off from close up). The dry brush on the base for the lantern glow worked better than I expected. This was definitely a fun piece to experiment with and I'm very happy with the result.
  11. These cute critters were extremely easy to paint. Mostly just a base coat and a quick drybrush.
  12. I tried to duplicate an OSL style I saw on these forums and I'm very happy with the results.
  13. Giant Tortoise from Stonehaven Miniatures. I have more of their stuff than any company except Reaper. They are actually running a kickstarter right now (in case anyone is interested).
  14. I found a picture somewhere online where someone had mounted a Kingdom Death mask on post like the warning masks you might see outside a tribal village. I thought this was a very cool effect, so I purchased a set of masks and painted them in this style. I'm very happy with how most of them turned out (though I think the demon is a little boring).
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