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  1. Thanks for all the references, I got inspired and took another pass at some highlights! Also gave the knight a go. Tried to dirty him up a bit! :)
  2. Can you guys recommend a good link to a shadow/highlight tutorial?
  3. Hi all, my first post was answered by such warm and supportive folks I decided to have a crack at the ol' orc from Reaper mini training set #1. The left eye took me 6 tries (and twice that many curses.) Really enjoying this new hobby, first time I tried was back in 1983 and it was a disaster. Maybe patience does come with age. :) #separatedbutnotseparate
  4. I see you have the brush cleaner, seems ubiquitous for everyone. Any recommended super glue for reassembling my lead minis from the 80s that I had my dad ship me from the attic back east? This is seriously taking me on a trip back to my youth.
  5. OK I thought I had an impressive little stash started and I see I’ve definitely started down the rabbit’s hole. Your kits are incredible!
  6. Nice! I find I’m having trouble with lighting. Also holding the mini and the brush to get in areas I can barely see, much less touch with the brush.
  7. Love the garden! My family used to grow all our own veggies growing up.
  8. I really liked the grimy metalwork too
  9. OK I think I’m kitted up for the long haul. My wife hasn’t banned me from using the coffee table yet. Anyone else want to share their setup?
  10. Hello all, I'm stuck at home the next couple of months like the rest of the world and thought I'd finally try again after my only failed attempt at painting minis thirty-five years ago. I got one of the Reaper Core Essentials kits and did my first one today. Honestly I just can't believe it came out at all. When I was a kid I didn't have anyone to give me advice like the awesome Reaper booklet did (washes, base coating, etc.) and I seriously have to say thanks for putting out such a well designed tutorial. I just bought the Layer kit and I look forward to learning from all the expert artists here.
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