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  1. Uploading a few more this weekend, can't wait to see what you guys think. Maybe we'll get the history behind all of them! I do remember that little guy coming in a very simple packaging, of course to my 11 year old eyes it was wrapped in gold and faerie dust :)
  2. I thought it might be Citadel, this looks like a great guess! The little shop in Ithaca where I used to get my guys back in the early 80s was all Citadel and Ral Partha so it makes sense. What is the meaning of this term?
  3. More vintage minis from my childhood. Been soaking a dozen or so in isopropyl for about a week to get the 40 yr old enamel paint off them. With much scrubbing some of them came out pretty clean! Will post as they come along, here's one of my all-time favorites. I remember when I bought him in a little attic hobby shop in Ithaca, NY. Unfortunately I don't remember the packaging. Such a stoic little dude...any ideas?
  4. Is it just me or does he look like Wiley E. Coyote? It just hit me like a ton of bricks!
  5. Thanks! As a beginner I found it very difficult to layer on such a small sculpt. It feels like the minis nowadays are a larger scale? So many of my 80s guys are these tiny little things.
  6. Gave a shot at this funky Dark Horse githyanki yesterday. I only had a few Dark Horse pieces circa 1983, not the sharpest sculpts, but always interesting and I loved their newsletter and indie vibe. I pulled out my old Fiend Folio for inspiration.
  7. It was totally intentional, so glad you laughed! I got the idea while googling this mini for other's work and a guy named Sean Reynolds had done something similar with the eyes. I tried various pupil orientations and was shocked at how the emotion of the whole piece changed from ferocious to downright kooky depending on the pupil. I decided he was just a crazy old worm that was probably sick and tired of being hunted the past thousand years, mutters to himself and still had a bit of a bite left if you corner him. ;)
  8. Continuing to dig up my childhood minis... This crazy old dragon was done back in 1984, I basically dunked him in turquoise enamel. While not sophisticated, the color was beautiful and it's one of my all time favorite sculpts so I left it intact and decided to try adding some details. Results below!
  9. Finished! From my childhood box of unfinished baddies. He's stamped 1979, I feel old! :)
  10. Well, here he his. Don't mess with this guy in a dark mine shaft!
  11. Hi Gang, dug up these two tough guys from my box of childhood minis. One was my attempt as an eleven year old using Testors model paints, got so frustrated I didn't paint again for thirty-five years. Feeling inspired after tackling my Reaper starter kits and recent Battle Troll. Got isopropyl at the drug store. Let's see how it goes... :)
  12. He's done! Thanks for everybody's help. :) https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92153-vintage-battle-troll-from-80s/
  13. Hey gang, so I dug out my box of unpainted minis from the 70's and 80's and gave this one a shot. Thanks to @Jen @Hammereyez @Jasper_the_2nd for inspiration. Mine is lead, but the current version is another metal (Reaper 03087). Cheers!
  14. Wow, a Reaper! Look at that! Thanks @haldir Looks like it's a "Dark Heavens Legends" release - not sure what that means. Mine is lead which I don't think anyone produces any more.
  15. No stamps that I can see, I remember it was wobbly so I used an exacto to even the bottom years ago and it's sat on my desk ever since. I also have a Ral Partha Balrog from circa 1985 that looks somewhat similar in feel and emotion and I used to really love the R.P. figures. He's about 3/4 inches tall, a big hunk of metal!
  16. After completing my Reaper training kits, I'm ready to start tackling my old 80s lead minis from my youth. I tried painting a couple when I was twelve years old and failed so miserably I literally thought there was no way I would ever be able to even attempt this hobby and it was just better left to others with more talent. Thanks Reaper for making the awesome training sets and helping me try again after over 35 years. So without further ado I begin digging into my vault from the 80s. Apologies if this forum is for Reaper products only, no insult intended. So I think this baddi
  17. Thanks for all the references, I got inspired and took another pass at some highlights! Also gave the knight a go. Tried to dirty him up a bit! :)
  18. Can you guys recommend a good link to a shadow/highlight tutorial?
  19. Hi all, my first post was answered by such warm and supportive folks I decided to have a crack at the ol' orc from Reaper mini training set #1. The left eye took me 6 tries (and twice that many curses.) Really enjoying this new hobby, first time I tried was back in 1983 and it was a disaster. Maybe patience does come with age. :) #separatedbutnotseparate
  20. I see you have the brush cleaner, seems ubiquitous for everyone. Any recommended super glue for reassembling my lead minis from the 80s that I had my dad ship me from the attic back east? This is seriously taking me on a trip back to my youth.
  21. OK I thought I had an impressive little stash started and I see I’ve definitely started down the rabbit’s hole. Your kits are incredible!
  22. Nice! I find I’m having trouble with lighting. Also holding the mini and the brush to get in areas I can barely see, much less touch with the brush.
  23. Love the garden! My family used to grow all our own veggies growing up.
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