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  1. My thoughts ecactly. Thought the wings were circuit boards cut and glued over the model’s wings. Truly incredible work!
  2. I think it looks incredible. Personally, a little simpler but perfectly executed is ideal. Maybe the skin doesn’t have loads of stuff going on but not everything needs to be busy all the time, the boils and wounds it has look great. My personal opinion would be to just vary the color of the boils to include some purples and blacks like bubonic plague or maybe some bright infected greens or oranges. Maybe even some gooey leakage from some of them? Too much “stuff” gets cluttered to me sometimes, I think color alone could give a little more variation. But you guys are WORLDS ahead of me in terms of skill and knowledge so just my $.02 to be taken with a grain of salt. Awesome work, truly amazing skill with a brush.
  3. Absolutely love the wood base. Might have to steal that. Gorgeous price all around thanks for sharing.
  4. Awesome. Really incredible work.
  5. Super cool. Loving the green on the cloak and your overall style
  6. Thanks! Will do. Used this awesome glass paint on the axe, maybe I’ll try it on the snow as a shade for the deeper bits.
  7. A quick diorama build of #77373 in action cleaving some leftover minis that I had nothing else to do with. Inspired (loosely) by the album cover for Kreator’s Endless Pain. Currently commissioning a full 3D print of the album cover and another piece of art, wanted a little practice before tackling the real thing. Snow is just spackle and blood is just very thin paint poured from a spoon. Happy with it for a 1 day little project. Constructive criticism welcome!
  8. Sorry to ressurect, but had to tell you how much I like your style, whites look great, everything is so clean without being over-the-top.
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