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  1. Made this for an instagram goblin painting comp I really wish I could have entered the Shroomancer I posted aweek or two ago but I didn't have a pic of him unpainted and rules is rules. I was pretty happy to find a use for the cymbal goblin bit since I used the body for the bagpipe goblin.
  2. I think if I work in some orange that'll be all the colors on this one
  3. Thanks! He's definitely my favorite out of the set maybe even my favorite gw mini I've done in general.
  4. Thanks! His eyes on the box art were spirals which are sculpted into the model but the lines were too fine for me and the grooves were too shallow for a wash to really show up. I think I like the strained/bugged out look better anyway.
  5. They are resin prints. I just started working on a 100mm one.
  6. Thanks! I did the old one summer before last. I should do another one with the same color scheme.
  7. Thanks! Far as my standards go I think they turned out alright. I really should try freehand stuff more often.
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