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  1. I don't know what possesed me to do this but I'm glad I did.
  2. Thought it might be a fun challenge but I think I was overly ambitious
  3. A good bit. ten zombies 4 big bads (2 in wip phase) 8 heros (2 wips) and about 20 rat/bat swarms and other miscellaneous pieces .
  4. I'm trying to get through cursed city in a week but looking at the pile I'm starting to think that it's unfeasible
  5. I didn't know you needed an account to view instagram here it is on twitter https://twitter.com/McabeeBryant/status/1385909543062941699?s=19
  6. This one's nsfw you can see the front here https://www.instagram.com/p/COBqOJ8Hq8n/?igshid=ahwz9yl1mlru Or here https://twitter.com/McabeeBryant/status/1385909543062941699?s=19
  7. Thanks! I love firbolgs they need more representation, looking forward to the new ones in bones 5.
  8. Thanks and yeah it's all good. It just came loose and got stuck when I took her outside for pics
  9. Ignore the flower tuft between her legs I didn't notice till I went back inside and I'm very lazy.
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