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  1. Hey I've seen prints that cassette in some of my local shops!
  2. Thanks! It's a base coat of Vallejo dark Prussian blue then a midtone of that mixed with Vallejo magenta with a final highlight of the magenta on its own.
  3. If I had a printer I would stay broke from all the patreons. I really want some of the dragon trappers lodge stuff.
  4. Nice! I just got the two Kyojin for now I Wana get the rest
  5. I originally wanted to do a light blue skin with magenta highlights but some things happened and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  6. Thanks! Got some more I want to do to it but I need to get some sleep before work.
  7. Thanks for the tips! Any recommendations for a base coat/shadow for NMM gold?
  8. One of my more successful attempts at NMM. After some constructive criticism
  9.  Aleina a tiefling monk and my first D&D character. Sculpted by Sergey Iazykov the sculptor that designed the goblin girl bust I posted awhile back (https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91332-3d-printed-goblin-girl-bust/&tab=comments#comment-1937826) You can see his work here https://instagram.com/jazicoff?igshid=gd19chenqvfd and here https://www.artstation.com/sir_oga It's mostly based off of a painting I commissioned from Lisbeth Tatjana https://instagram.com/liesbethtatjana?igshid=5apvvhg8548s Which was based on my terrible drawing that I would rather not show.
  10. Yeah I'll be sure to post it. I found one like in that magazine page but it was a bit out of my price range.
  11. Awesome thanks! Mine was in a completely different box so definitely not original but the model itself looked on par with what was in the video which from my past experiences with Chinese recasts is unusual.
  12. After some sleuthing found another model of the character her name is Claudine but that's about all I've been able to find
  13. Yeah I've had the misfortune of seeing it. My guess is she's just a generic anime barbarian girl, possibly the mascot for that years wonder festival.
  14. I'll have to look him up. Speaking of garage kits I won this one last night Seems to be some kind of promo figure it was listed as wonder fest 1990s Japanese Barbarella but I can't really find anything on it either.
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