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  1. Sunny cat girl wizardElaina female elf archer Alura forest elf
  2. I got the stl from my mini factory but the publisher disappeared. Iter Miniatures seems to be defunct all their pages are 404'd.
  3. Thanks! They're a lot easier when they're 100x the size I'm used to.
  4. Third time painting this model though this time she's considerably larger.
  5. I was just thinking celtic when painting her but I do see the resemblance.
  6. Ha ha yeah her expression definitely says "done with this"
  7. Been putting a lot of time into learning NMM lately. I think it's starting to pay off. Still struggling with large flat/slightly curved surfaces though.
  8. Ha! I didn't even think of that I just thought it would look nice.
  9. Hard to get a firbolg mini on short notice especially a female one but I needed one for a one shot this weekend. Pretty happy with how she turned out.
  10. I have a Knox but I broke the neck on her bass and lost the piece :( I really like that model I kind of want to get one at like 1/12th scale.
  11. Removed. Was unaware I'll keep it in mind in the future.
  12. Neither do i. I just got someone on etsy to print it for me.
  13. Thanks! And the STL is available on my mini factory. that's where I got her!
  14. Yeah I wish female goblin models where easier to come by. Had to resort to hero forge for my goblin bard and still wasn't able to make what I really wanted.
  15. Second go on her last pic was from last summer. I intended on her being a weekend project but wound up losing track of time.
  16. Thanks! Yeah he's out of print but you can still find him pretty easily on the secondary market though.
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