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  1. Thanks. I used some colors from nocturna's malefic flesh set
  2. Just finished up Lilith from Bold miniatures best friends bust collection and thus completing the set. Had a blast working on these. I learned a lot and feel like I really grew as a painter.
  3. Did the page of wands for a friends birthday and painted up the wizard while waiting for the water to set. Some shots of the fairy and her compatriots before basing.
  4. That's rad! Thanks for putting barberic splendor on my radar!
  5. Really struggling with metallics. Been trying to learn NMM but not having much luck with that either. But all in all pretty happy with how she turned out.
  6. 4 more to go. 16 if I decide to repaint vol. one and two.
  7. With my house mate being a big fan of anthro cartoons I'm surprised that I've never heard of that.
  8. Second doggie done. I think he may be my favorite from this set.
  9. Kai the Shiba Inu ranger from the Dungeons and Doggies vol. 3 set by Steamforged games. These are some of my favorite minis I may have to strip and repaint my vol 1 and 2 sets one I finish these.
  10. Really impressed with this mini might have to pick up the Robinhood vs Bigfoot set next time I go to the game shop.
  11. Second bust from bold's recent Kickstarter waiting to get the last one in the mail. Adding strings to the lute came out better than I expected.
  12. Thanks! I was out of work on medical leave for around 5 months last year and I painted at least a mini a day and up to 7. My output has slowed significantly since starting back but I still try to paint everyday.
  13. I started painting last may. Really just wanted a mini of my DND character even though we weren't using a battle mat at the time. Had a lot of fun painting her so when my DM said he wanted to start using one offered to buy a few monsters. The succubus on the left was my second the right was one I painted earlier this year.And now almost 500 minis in I am hopelessly addicted. Here's a collage of some recent favorites
  14. Vesha half-elf rouge and her weasel companion from Bold Miniatures recent best friends bust collection Kickstarter campaign. This is a 3d print went for the stl tier so I could get the busts sooner.
  15. Hey I've seen prints that cassette in some of my local shops!
  16. Thanks! It's a base coat of Vallejo dark Prussian blue then a midtone of that mixed with Vallejo magenta with a final highlight of the magenta on its own.
  17. If I had a printer I would stay broke from all the patreons. I really want some of the dragon trappers lodge stuff.
  18. Nice! I just got the two Kyojin for now I Wana get the rest
  19. I originally wanted to do a light blue skin with magenta highlights but some things happened and I'm pretty happy with the results.
  20. Thanks! Got some more I want to do to it but I need to get some sleep before work.
  21. Thanks for the tips! Any recommendations for a base coat/shadow for NMM gold?
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