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  1. Oh my, I'm soooo happy!! Just recieved the box of goodwill today and it contained this cuty! As I am a big fan of pugs (have 2 myself) I couldn't be happier! <3 <3 Thanks to @Glitterwolf who put this one in the box, you totally made my day!
  2. Wow! Amazing job you did there. ♥♥ Reminds me that I still need to finish my paintwork on it, but I can not get the wings as I want them to be :(
  3. @stormbreach Thank you! And well, you never know, maybe someone else looks at it from a different angle
  4. It makes me think off the parrot from Aladin..
  5. Hi there, New to these boards, but my husband recommended them to me and so I want to show of my latest and finally finished work <3 Hope you like it as much as I do! Feel free to leave a comment or any tips for me to improve my painting skills ^.^ Thanks! x- Shin More pictures in the Spoiler!
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