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  1. Koda Works Khan gets my vote for embiggening.
  2. If there was pool, and anyone had 'week of Feb 28' for when I would drop the ball, you win! Flu got in the way. Here's this weeks, Chronoscope Deep-Sea Diver:
  3. A couple old B5 Wars Hermes Couriers this week: Painted as tramp freighters.
  4. The only printed CAV rulebooks were for CAV 1. The core book, and two Journals of Recognition. CAV 2 and related materials were only released digitally.
  5. 50017: Sligg Soldier Will I ever take a decent picture? Tune in next week!
  6. The cat knocked that ship, and the others I was working on, off my desk, and paint chipped on almost all of them. So last week I comes out nil. I promise this week will be better. The paint job was lousy anyway, so no big loss.
  7. I have a bunch of random cavern pieces already, I don't think I can resist this one.
  8. Rough week, a bunch of minis almost done, this is the only one I finished. Nobel Armada House Malik Frigate
  9. Week 3: Reaper Kulathian Invaders! Overdid it on the purple inkwash, and covered most of their feet with the basing, oops. But I got them done, and that's the idea!
  10. Week 1: Hydra Miniatures Cosmic Stranger. Needs a seal coat to even out some of my heavy-handed brushstrokes.
  11. Set a goal for myself to finish one mini a week this year. I may have finished ONE last year. I want to improve, and I'm never going to do that if I don't get back to painting regularly. I started this project on Frothers Unite, but they're not paying enough attention to me I wanted to share here as well, especially seeing as most of the minis are Reaper. So far, I'm keeping up. All comments and criticisms welcome! Going for tabletop quality at the moment, but will be pushing myself as time allows.
  12. Ooof. GW relased their half-year report. Earnings way down, profit way down, and their stock just tanked. We may not have them to kick around much longer.
  13. I'm asking because I've got many normal bones, and I do kinda think they're too soft for CAV. But then Wyrmgear has these hard-plastic wings, so, why couldn't they be done like that?
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