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  1. Internet High Five! It's a Prince of Space kind of day. Which is much better then a Pod People kind of day, but not as good as a Puma Man kind of day. The worst is a Coleman Francis kind of day. Thanks again for all the positive reinforcement everyone. And to all in a similar position, my sympathy and prayers. Now I need to figure out how to get out of my apartment lease. Oh and here's a SUPER-depressing article about how unemployment is horrible on families and communities: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/03/how-a-new-jobless-era-will-transform-america/7919/ It's depressing but insightful into the state of mind for those unemployed.
  2. Thanks for the positive reinforcement guys. It's been scientifically proven that misery loves company. Pity Party! Damon, I'm the opposite, now I can afford to buy booze and miniatures. Although now that there's someone monitoring my mail, my orders will be decresing too. More money to pay off debt! I think I've got my workspace down to one toolbox, brush caddy, two MSP cases, and a shoebox of Pro Paints/Inks/Foundation paints. Hmm. That doesn't sound all that small. Condolences! I learned I can waste time like nobody's business, I learned I love Team Fortress 2, and that my internal clock is also set for sleeping from 3:00am to 11:00am. -Seth
  3. Well, I got my six months of unemployment, and finding only part time work, I have to move into my parents house. The federal unemployment extension doesn't apply to me for convoluted reasons. I'm having a rough time with this. I'm 28, and feel like an utter failure at life right now. I'm in mourning for the loss of my home. On the pro side, it's nice to have family that love me, and are willing to take me in, I need to focus on that. Also I'll get out of debt lickitty-split. I'll also be able to afford buying minis again, and will maybe get some done once I settle. Biggest challenge is going to be cats. The folks have three, and I've got one. That's a lot of cats for a smallish place.
  4. Those are fantastic! Does the alien come off Betty's base? Also: Dwarf Wereshark.
  5. That's the saddest thing I've read all day. Is this the same Steve Perry who wrote Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire? He just published an Indiana Jones book last year.
  6. Nice! My own poor little Gen Drake may never get finished.
  7. Looks good.. How big is it, and what kind of base is it on?
  8. Nifty! Based on their cars, I don't think I'd want to be on board an Italian starship. Unless it had one heck of an engineering crew, and a freighter full of spare parts!
  9. I think I paid $15ish for a non-limited infinity figure. I have paid plenty for large figures and vehicles though. I sold a limited edition space marine on blister for $85 bucks once. Can't complain.
  10. I'm all for doing away with it. Why is it kept around, exactly?
  11. That's completely getting added to my emergency kit. The bacon popcorn sounds good too.
  12. Indeed, the plants look fantastic. I like the monkey pilot too.
  13. I've got to pick up some bacon on the way home.
  14. It's exactly what it looks like: http://voodoodoughnut.com/menu.php
  15. My bar keeps getting lower. All I want to do is finish one mini. Doesn't matter what.
  16. Isn't Bryan supposed to be chained to his desk until he gets pictures of every reaper mini posted? Honestly, I'm a little disappointed in Ed.
  17. Wow, you're quick! Looks great.
  18. Nothing about that mini is horrible! You're selling yourself short!
  19. Everything comes to a screeching halt, as my garage has reached Critical Mess. Plus Sarge's nifty game room pictures inspired me, so nothing else gets done until the garage is clean, and my workshop is setup. Still need to take pics...
  20. Add a Dark Eldar Cruiser, and some odds and ends to the "acquired" list, putting me over $100 spent on minis this year. Did finish one more CAV Nomad. Minis acquired: 28 Minis completed: 6 I really need to get some Trek or Babylon 5 fleets done, that will help the balance sheet.
  21. Got one more Nomad finished, and Goloroth assembled. He's an awesome model, I need to do more cleanup on him though. I'll do a picture roundup at the end of the month.
  22. GW has already "found" new stocks of space hulk at key selling times. I expect this to continue.
  23. Great looking room Sarge! I have no excuses. One and done, complete faceplant this month.
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