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  1. SaintRigger- Well, you just pegged my main reason for picking this CAV. Plus it looked neat. The base is greenstuff over the reaperhex, glad you like the charred stump. Oh and great art by the way in the CAVhq gallery!
  2. Nanite

    Excess CAV minis

    My mind and wallet say "Don't ask" But the little gnomes in my fingers say "What av' you got?"
  3. Up on CAVhq.com: CAVhq.com Needs a better picture, but overall I'm satisfied. All comments welcome!
  4. Skip any of the Delta's (common craft brand) clearcoats unless you want a glossy finish. Even their matte varnish comes out glossy.
  5. No, no BBC america! At least on a basic cable channel I get, please? Bleedin' Comcast.
  6. Welcome! I'm not quite following what you want to do though. Add motion blurr when the mini is standing alone? That could be interesting. Be sure to post links to your minis!
  7. Indeed! Word on Muppet Season DVD's is, you guessed it, soon... Muppet Central: DVD's in 2005?
  8. Nanite


    Welcome! It's a nice place to stay.
  9. Hey, Snorks rocked! No I'll put down Robot Chicken as Guilty, since most of the people I try to show it to don't get it. Skelitor, Lex Luthor, Cobra-Khan carpooling, (also a thundercat's character I didn't recognize)? Classic.
  10. You're really not giving yourself enough credit. Your figs have been consistently great, and this is no exception
  11. Thanks Aryanun, I did like her then. Oh and add Robot Chicken to my list of Guilty pleasures. Well, most of [Adult Swim].
  12. Was Genevieve the one that has her own line of fabrics now? The readhead? I never much liked what she did. Sad to see Paige go, but really that's got to be a killer schedule. Oh and I'll second (third?) all those piling praise on Food Network.
  13. Hmmm, wolves are better drivers than I thought Thanks ixminis. You actually pointed out one of my big problems with a lot of genre shows, (anime not withstanding), they are often too self-important for their own good. Kinda like me
  14. We could add General Drake to the list, even though he's been available for 3 years:
  15. Nice base, and excellent work with the checkers. There something I'm really bad at, yet can't stay away from.
  16. Nice job on the head, some good expression there! And I completely understand your comment on not wanting to work on a mini any more. That happens to me too.
  17. Ok so can they transform into humans, or is it an illusion? Because I thought it was just an illusion, but then a wolf was driving a car. Thanks for the clarification though!
  18. Ressurecting an old thread, instead of starting a new one. There's a new War of the Worlds trailer, that's making me giddy: Trailers (It's Teaser #2)
  19. All I caught was the end of The Big O. May have been the problem. So there were mech's fighting on a holodek, and the hero yelled alot while women in labcoats watched on monitors. Whaaat? Wolf's Rain looked great though, just had no idea what was happening.
  20. Erion I caught the first episode of Wolf's Rain and I had no bleeding clue what was going on. Could you enlighten me? Same problem with The Big O.
  21. Think this is the next arms race then? I can see th headlines now: "The devestating skirmishis between Toyota and Honda's war-walkers continue. Nissan and Fuji Heavy Industries remain non-combatants but the conflict threatens to engulf all of the pacific rim." As long as it comes with the shiny space-suit.
  22. Yup, it's like Mystery Science Theater's potty-mouthed little brother. Oh and I forgot to mention CSI: Miami as a guiltiy pleasure. Emily Proctor
  23. [small voice] Power Rnagers [/small voice] It's almost Kaiju! How can I not! Also Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! And the not at all guilty pleasure ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! Honestly if you're not watching this show, please start.
  24. Did anyone else see this, it's the toyota i -foot. And it walks up stairs. Gizmodo article I really want one. ETA: Fixed the Gizmodo link.
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