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  1. I absolutely love that scheme. The closup captures the details you've put in very nicely. These are excellent looking minis, and I appreciate that you haven't gone over the top with them.
  2. Thanks for the links and suggestions. While sculpting over the weekend I stuck a 3/4" ball of greenstuff in the freezer for later use. Pulled it out yesterday to find it had mostly cured. Live and learn! Next project should be up by the end of the week, a martian tripod based on this cover:
  3. Welcome back! I have bad news though, it's been a warm dry winter, and spring is shaping up about the same. 70 degrees in portland all week.
  4. Well they're a very pale green:Elf Green
  5. You are correct Crusoe, Sculpy (or Super Sculpy) gets more challenging to work with the smaller you go. So far my minis have been fairly large. What is odd though, I always found Fimo to be really crumbly unless you kneeded it to death. I may have to pick some up again. Are Spyglass Miniature's Greens out of Fimo? That would make sense, since it seems more riged then GreenStuff, and I can't figure out how some of their minis were sculpted. New mini up soon, lots of improvement.
  6. Pat Welsh did ET's voice. I'm thinking she read Jabba's lines before they were re-looped. ETA: haldir got it.
  7. Since I loved Babylon 5, you are by deafult, wrong But seriously, genre shows are as much a matter of personal taste as quality, and no Unglef, you're not in the minority disliking Babylon 5.
  8. Well, we will get Serenity on the big screen in September. I'll admit the new Battlestar Galactica has it's flaws, but I'm really enjoying it.
  9. TOS, the movies, and Next Generation will always hold a certain place in my heart. The same one as the first three Star Wars films. I agree with Digital M@, Trek needs a rest. And as long as the new BSG keeps up the quality, I'm a happy nerd.
  10. Spoilers are coming in on the Enterprise series finale (Caution, strong language): CHUD link Personally, while I liked most of the cast, and fell in nerd love with Linda Park, I couldn't get into the show. Also since they messed all over the Trek continuity, I don't really see the finale as a bad thing, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. Nanite


    For all you Classic Battletech fans out there, new mapscale dropships are on the way:Star-Ranger Forum
  12. I'm so sorry Enchantra! That's my faulty brain at work. Just yesterday a coworker sent me an e-mail saying the cyan toner was out in a printer. I read it three times going "cylon toner? What?" I'm going to blame the unusally warm and allergy-packed winter we are having in the Pacific NW. Oh and I'm finding sculpy to be a nice, inexpensive alternative to greenstuff, and I'm starting to get the hang of doing sculpy as a base, then Green Stuff for details. New pics up soon! Thanks again! ETA: Humansquish, I basically drown my worksurface, tools, and hands. I think that's where the smoothness comes from.
  13. I started using Coolminiornot.com, but it's kinda slow, and you are subjected to the sites atmosphere.
  14. Oh crap, forgot it was my turn. Erm, what was the name of the star destroyer that captured the Tantive IV?
  15. Sculpy and Greenstuff. My first exposure to greenstuff results in a really uneven little model (big for a mini though, around 2.5" tall on the base). There's a lot wrong: wonky pose, bad proportions, and an overall poor likeness of a relatively simple subject. My two big problems are 1) Patience, and 2) Trying to make each finished shape, and not building in layers. While I'm more than a little disappointed with this; as I grew up making all sorts of things out of sculpy, so I just expected better of myself. I am happy that I went through with finishing it, no matter how poor it was turning out. Big thank-you to Enchantress, for the suggestions on hands, they really did look worse before your help, and to everyone else on the forums for the warm welcome!
  16. Wow, those details are looking great! I'm not into fantasy but the faces on the shinplates look really good.
  17. Wasn't one Jodo Cast, a rival of Fetts? [Actually I think the EU is contradictory here. In Fett's story from the Jabba's Palace book, Cast is mentioned as one of the most successful Bounty hunters in the galaxy, but in a Fett comic (Twin Engines of Destruction?) he is an upstart wearing Mandalorian armor to get Fett's bounties.]
  18. And there's that rockin' table again! Looks even better covered in minis.
  19. Ok, Monkey!!! got another one. Also Vader chokes the guards when they won't let him into the emperors audience chamber. So the two others were a scripted scene of the Emperor dispatching Vader to the second death star from the imperial Palace on Coruscant. This one wasn't filmed. The other was during Luke and Obi-Wan's conversation on Dagobah. There was extended exposition that Owen Lars was Obi-Wan's brother, among other things. Monkey!!! it's all yours.
  20. Nope. Edit: Only if it hit Gungans too.
  21. Sorry for the lame stumper. I'll give it 12 hours then hand it off.
  22. Well that's another one. Another hint. One would be considered an extended scene. And rember from ROTJ.
  23. Got all but two, and I'll give you a hint, both in Jedi. And one wasn't filmed, but one was scripted and may or may not have been filmed.
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