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  1. Woo! [sings]I am so smart S. M. R. T![/sings] So name each deleted scene from the the original trilogy (and one scripted bit that may or may not have been shot).
  2. Erm. The force crystal thingy, oh yeah the splinter of the minds eye! Or it was something in the Star Wars Classic comics, which I never read.
  3. I'm a little braindead so here's an easy one: Give the proper names of any five characters from the cantina. Edited to add Background characters. Told you I was braindead.
  4. It was Boba Fett. He was in the Holiday Special first.
  5. I really like the tools that you're using. Brilliantly inexpensive!
  6. I thought it was the other way around. James Earl Jones didn't want his name in the creadits because he thought the film would bomb and tarnish his name.
  7. Hmmm. Kurosowa's Hidden Fortress?
  8. Officially they're Jar Jar Monster Mouth Candy Tongues. But I'll give you a pass ; )
  9. Really? I missed that one. Ok, name this disturbing piece of Star Wars Merchandise:
  10. Mace Windu the Jedi Bendu! So the Prequils is one, what's the other? Edit: Oh and he was also Luke Starkiller for a while.
  11. Errex- I'll second the wheeled plastic drawers, I'm going through mine right now, which is kinda silly since it means that my living room is now trashed, and I've got my family coming for housewarming this saturday SmittenKitten- Just had to say that your handle and Avatar are about her cutest thing I've seen in a while!
  12. Spot on Prophet! Ball's in your court.
  13. Spiffy! What race was Grand Admiral Thrawn?
  14. Yup, men in black theme. Score must not be finished yet. I always imagined a Vangelis score. Something along the lines of "intergalactic radio station." Ok, well anything from Direct really.
  15. Yup, will be wheathering in the future. And thanks for the suggestions and encouragement. Oh and that is a .005 micron. I just either get sloppy with it. Or fill the entire panel line. Of course, I've had lots of fun painting this, and collecting a new mini line is the last thing I need right now (lament of every mini painter/gamer, I know). Edit: Oh and glad to see another MST3K fan!
  16. I missed the first guy (pointing). Thanks for posting them!
  17. Wow, and I always complained about the Portland Metro area not having enough. I guess we've got a cornucopia in comparison. As long as Bridgetown Hobbies stays open I’m happy!
  18. Ha! Digital M@ beat me too it. That's a brilliant trailer, here's a download if you don't want to mess with UGO's adds: Download
  19. So I finally investigated Copplestone Casting's Future wars line. The miniatures look fairly good, and the line covers some subjects that were discussed here. Including Grey Aliens (mean looking though).
  20. Thanks Dargrin! Update, now with 100% more stripes! I've been trying to wean myself off Micron pens to highlight panels, since they're kind of a crutch, and if I'm not being really careful they look sloppy, as in the above. I was going to put a pale sea foam green stripe inside the white stripe, but it already looks a bit busy. Let me know what you think!
  21. Nanite

    AICOM Races

    I just wanted to say thanks to Matt for continuing to post AICOM details (and Dethstryker for bothering Matt for AICOM details!). I'm really pleased to see the effort that's going into making AICOM not just a fun game, and cool minis, but a sustainable product!
  22. I love SoLegends! Another good one is Tom's Spaceship Miniature Index, lots of picture's though it loads slowly.
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