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  1. I'll email you Digital M@, thanks for the offer. Oh and ecs05norway, I've been to future legends site, and while I tend to avoid recasters, $8 is a far cry from the $50+ that one FASA mini is going for on ebay right now: Ebay remora Thanks for sharing Sant Rigger! I think these might be going back into production by Mongoose too!
  2. 17. Reaching for the beverage that you have on your worksurface only to discover it's your cleaning solution/ dirty paintwater.
  3. There's a much better version of the trailer on the official site: Hitchhiker's Movie Some of those effects look sharp!
  4. So I’ve gotten the ebay bug, and what have I been buying? All the minis I never got as a kid. Current obsession is the old FASA trek line. Which, unfortunately, is commanding some high prices right now. Since I want to paint these, and not leave them on the blister, this is making for some careful considerations, though even uncarded examples fetch a high price. Other second-chancers on my list are the West end Games Star Wars minis, Starblazers by Voyager Enterprises (I know they’re still available from Musashi, but cost prohibitive at the moment). Anyone else have old minis that they’re pining for (CBT seems popular)?
  5. Thanks for the comments! I was thinking of blue and pale green for striping, but I have yet to figure a scheme on the shoulders that doesn't look like an NFL uniform (nothing against the NFL, just not what I'm looking for). THought I would do some sort of scorched-earth type base, with burt trees and things. How does that sound?
  6. Yes but they do hang in the air exactly the way a brick doesn't.
  7. True but only the M's have the best season record in the past 90 years… …and no world series appearance.
  8. I don't follow Hockey but I didn't think it was possible for a Major league sport to implode like that. But I am ready for another season of frustration with the Mariners. Oh Lou, wherefor art thou?
  9. I agree, get some sculpy. It's what I grew up with, and I'm still more comfortable with it than GS. Sculpy is cheap, and it won't dry outrapidly. No it's not an exact stand-in for GS, as was mentioned, but it should get you going.
  10. I was looking for something along the lines of "The Illustrated Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy." Zaphod had three arms, and two side-by-side heads fairly convincingly. Sam Rockwell is one of my favorite actors though, so I'll be happy.
  11. But he does have two heads in the trailer. His normal head pops back like a PEZ dispenser, revealing the other head underneath. And I really like the new Battlestar Galactica! ETA: Trillian was in the BBC TV series? I completely don't rember her.
  12. After painting almost nothing but lil' spaceships, I decided to try some variety: Still needs striping, detail work, and a base. I was trying to ape the blending technique described here:CMON Article but I didn't thin one of the washes enough and it turned into the dogs breakfast. I think I was able to salvage it more or less though. I also intend to add some nicks and chunks as per the article.
  13. I just picked up a new camera myself, but my minis still look like crud. Turns out you have to have skill to use it! Pfft, whatever! But seriously: ETA: Here's what I pictured when you said NMM:CMON Tau suit Completely out of my leauge but I'd like to try something like that.
  14. Did someone link to the trailer already? It's up in blockyvision! on Amazon:Trailer So my understanding is that each variation of hitchhikers was different: from Radio to book to TV. Even each book has crazy changes from one to the next. Now here's the movie, and Douglas Adams had a lot to do with the script, so I'm OK with it. Can't wait to hear Marvin talk!
  15. Sounds cool, can't wait to see the finished product!
  16. I'm working on my first CAV mini myself. A Koda works Khan (nope, don't know what that means). It was four parts: legs, body/cockpit, and L and R arms plus base. While this specimene looks much bigger I think the components are the same. Anyway I found mine to be a very smooth buildup, and I'm coming from a sci-fi background, and lots of fun to paint. Hope this helps, enjoy your mini!
  17. I concur! Though I am glad to hear I'm not the only one that can't do one thing at a time, too many bleedin' hobbies!
  18. I'm doing something similar with mine! Great minds and all. Should have a picture up, you guessed it... Soon.
  19. That's nice. I really like the detail around the belt.
  20. That looks nice. I've heard of Zvezda, and Squadron often has their line on sale. This is the first painted example I've seen.
  21. Thanks so much for the replies, you've all been an excellent resource!
  22. Thanks again for the swift reply! So cutting and pining is your preference?
  23. I concur! That is fan-frelling-tastci! And thanks for the step-by step on the wings!
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