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  1. Hi all, thanks for the great feedback and discussions! I just had another question though. I picked up a set of Reaper Heroic Armatures, and I'm trying to bend them into different poses. The problem is they are fairly substantial minis, and I'm afraid I'm going to break them if I try too hard. What are your experiences with modifying minis? Cut them up and Greenstuff them back together? Heat them and then bend them? Just curious! ETA: WHoopse, this should have gone in Conversion. Would a kind mod please move the thread?
  2. I really don't enjoy fantasy much either, but if you look at the Reaper lines, lots of their minis work in a Sci-fi setting. I mentioned this in another thread, but the Iron and Onyx Golum make spiffy robots, and many of the Dark Heaven creatures and Monsters are equally fitting meanacing sci-fi troops as well as fantasy ones. I would love to see more AICOM greens though
  3. I too have been really curious about AICOM, but after a quick search around the forums I didn't find much current news, other than it's being worked on. Which is better than the alternative.
  4. This thread covers a lot of the same territory: Sky Captain thread So there's some interest. Lars - Just curious but by Generic Sci-fi, do you mean like miscellaneous crewmembers or generic aliens? ETA: Ok, maybe not so much with the interest. I just read on Frothers that Doppleganger halted production: Frothers Unite UK. Could have something to do with the quality of their sculpts though, and not just the subject.
  5. It seems to me that there is not a lot of interest in what most consider to be "Pulp" Sci-Fi. The flash Gordon's, Buck Rogers, and Amazing stories covers of the past seem underrepresented in miniature scales, though they do pop up from time to time in styrene and resin models. This begs the question, does this reflect a lack of interest overall, or has there not been a product available to get people interested in? I know of Pulpfigures and Doppleganger, are there others I'm missing (quite possible that)? I know Reaper is working on a new Sci-Fi line, and truth be told a lot of the Dark Heaven Monsters and Creatures work smashingly in Sci-Fi settings. What are you’re thoughts?
  6. Nanite

    Newbie CAV'er

    Hey there, another CAV newbie question: CAV minis are in N scale correct? I saw this in a Reaper Banner add on CMON, but have not been able to corroborate. Thanks!
  7. Very nice, I like the scheme, and good wheathering.
  8. I'm not a big fan of anime (Kaiju Eiga, now there’s a genre!) but I second those that recommended Patlabor, and I thought Ghost in the Shell was really beautiful, though I had a hard time following it (english dub). Has anyone seen Steam Boy? I'm not sure that it's out.
  9. Nice work on the head and torso, thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for the link FPilot, I'll have to check out those rules! Oh and I've been curious about the Starblazer minis for some time, my FLGS dropped the line years ago; is the website a reliable place to order from? Salamance- Dream Pod 9 has a new line of tactical scale 'gears and landships. It isn't wet navy but it may give you some walker vs. ship-thingy action. I haven't tried the rules though. Edit: Whoopse, was going to post a link to the DP9 pictures: Heavy Gear Tactical
  11. Or perhaps a new game? Battle for McDonaldLand Thanks again for the Tip.
  12. Thank you Enchantra, that does help! I'll make sure to post greens, as soon as I have something that doesn't look like a Mcnugget, that is.
  13. Hi there, new to these boards. Just wanted to thank Reaper for all the excellent sculpting tools and accessories to help get a beginner like me into a new facet of the hobby. And for all the fantastic miniatures. Now the question, does anyone have a good tutorial or just a technique for sculting hands? I just started working in greenstuff, and have worked with sculpy for years, and that may be part of my trouble, but I'm still having difficulty making the end result look more like a hand, and less like a ham. Thanks for any help.
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