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  1. Looking forward to seeing them! Someone on frothers did a stunning job on a couple of the termies, and the dead termie objective.
  2. Warmest winer on record in the screaming moist. One freak snow day where it was 34 degrees, and a blizzard. Caught everyone by surprise, and Portland was complete gridlock. Confirmed reports of 8 hour commutes. Then it was gone the next day. I think all the sun is making native Northwesters (like me) cranky. We need more damp to cultivate our moss gardens.
  3. Wow, you guys must be giving the web squirrels amphetamines! Looks like fun!
  4. I don't see it in Show Off. If not posted there will be consequences. I'll grab pics tomorrow. Got the 10 Gorn cleaned and based. They were from ADB's "seconds" sale, so there was a ton of flash. Although slightly less then some minis I've paid full retail for, from other manufacturers. Also got inspiration for my SFB Romulans, so they may get done this month too.
  5. I got my old job back today. I'm now making less then I did on unemployment, though it feels awesome to be working again. So yeah, spending freeze. Looks like the old Orks (been hanging out at frothers to much) I bought on ebay will be the last for me for a while. They still haven't arrived yet, so my balance isn't tallied. Edit: Orks arrived: 2 Pulse Rockets, 10 grot techs (all GorkaMorka era, I think), 7 Orks (2nd or 3rd edition docs and techs). $40 for all of them not bad, I think. New total: Minis acquired: 27 Minis completed: 5 $85 spent on minis in 2010.
  6. The Thug-That-Never-Ends has ENDED. It's freaking done. Seal coat is drying right now. It's not a very good paintjob. but it's a finished paintjob. That feels really good.
  7. Have you seen these? I just decalled up a D-7 and a Constitution CA and it really makes it look good! Damon. Stop it! Crunch already pointed those out, and I don't want to spend more money just to get stuff done! Oh and I bought some custom ones a few years back for my FASA feds, and lost them. It still hurts, they were great, and I have no idea where they went.
  8. I'll tell you a asecret: I almost never pin. Caddy is no exception. I use a base of Amazing Goop, or Loctite Houseware repair, which I then cover with Zap-A-Gap, or another liquid superglue. When it dries, it's like concrete, and it retains enough flexibility to get nocked around/fiddled with without breaking. It hels that Caddy is an incredibly well designed model.
  9. Carry-overs from last month: Scuttles the Tomb Spider Adon Chancelllor Adon Mantis Malvy Thug-that-never-end. New for this month: Goloroth! Btech neptune Sub (full and waterline) 10ish SFB Gorn ships.
  10. Hmmm, maybe add some cloaked tunnel dwellers to the Bloodstone range? I always liked what WEG did for the Star Wars fiction.
  11. I like that! And I loved all of Star Wars without reservation (ok, I've never really enjoyed Kevin J. Anderson's writing, but still!) right up until Phantom Menace. I wonder iof a license could just cover the OT and ancillary material?
  12. Got the same error Spike did. The red is making me feel safer though.
  13. I was imagining rules on stormtroopers, and a special rule for how they miss so consistently, yet are still feared, and then I remembered that because of the prequels, stormtroopers are now clones. Clone brothers of Boba Fett. Yeah... That killed my enthusiasm; the brand is damaged beyond repair, forget I said anything, this isn't the license you're looking for.
  14. I know how weekend upgrades go though, Kit, nice job.
  15. I wonder if the license is hamstrung by Hasbro. They produce Star Wars boardgames, and I doubt they want anyone cutting in. So the license could be veeery narrow.
  16. Thanks for the write up. I've got an assembled one on my nightstand (he doesn't fit in my WIP-drawers!), and it's neat to hear your experiences.
  17. You're being to hard on yourself. It doesn't look bad to me.The bolter seems like the only thing that looks a little flat, otherwise it's a great tabletop standard
  18. Wizards is not renewing the Star Wars license. Do you know what this means? Reaper can bid on it! REAPER STAR WARS MINIS Y'ALL! REAPER STAR WARS MINIS! Make it happen. I will donate money. To the cause. This could be huge. HUGE. 6mm mass combat. Space battles, 28mm heroic skirmish and strategic, every jedi variation for RPGs. We have to make this happen. I mean, the prequils can go die in a fire, but I don't think there's any movie that shaped my mental development more the Star Wars movies. ReaperStarWars 2010!
  19. Fantastic paintjob! Alton would be proud.
  20. Rust, yes! Thanks for all the suggestions. Here he is in blurrvision, all rusted up. Just need to finish the optics and the gun. Thanks again!
  21. I love lists. Care to share? If/when my finances recover, heavy gear is on my own list.
  22. Fantasic job! Although I always pictured Sophie in BMW M stripes
  23. Finished Reavers in Show Off: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38723
  24. Simply fantastic minis. I would love to build an army of them.
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