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  1. Thanks Damon, send 'em to me and I'll repose them for you! I agree that the standard cast is awful, it looks like a hairclip. But with a re-pose of the legs, I think they can look really cool (I actually like the Destroyer least in the range).
  2. I could really use some help getting this spider finished: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38708
  3. I need help getting scuttles the tomb spider finished. I think I've got a nice patina-like scheme built up for him, but he just doesn't pop, I could use some help. I'm also not sure what colors to do for the particle gun, and the optics. Any thoughts on those, or markings? He's also really tough to photograph. There's layer and layer of MSP metallic emerald, ruby, gold, and a weird green Folk Art color that goes on gold. Plus some tamiya clears, MSP clear green, and MSP inks. MSP jungle green and black mixed for the darklining. Any suggestions or critiques welcome!
  4. Finished a set of Cyber Reavers. Feels like cheating, they painted up so quickly and nicely.
  5. So how is the new Tyranid codex? I like the looks of the venomthrope.
  6. Finally! Netflix over Wii: http://kotaku.com/5446872/netflix-official...he-nintendo-wii The Wii uses an intentionally borked version of the Opera web browser. It can do youtube, but no Hulu or Streaming Netflix. One down, one to go!
  7. Consider this the photo-negative of the monthly "rollcall" threads. I figure if I openly post a list of all the minis I buy, I'll finish less then I acquire. I'm already off to a bad start: A Tau Ethereal, and a pack of Hellbore Frigates on ebay. $15, shipped. Not to bad. Then, yesterday: Armor through the ages box at the FLSG. Full retail $30. *sigh* So that's 8 minis acquired for $45 in 2010. And none finished... What about you?
  8. The Metroid box was a limited edition. If you see it, grab it. Sadly there's no standard Trilogy edition either.
  9. By the Power of Grayskull! Sorry, lovely terrian piece there.
  10. Nice job on the darklining for the lynx! Those guys are smaller then they look.
  11. Excellent! Nice job doing a base to match the cammo.
  12. Tomb Spider needs finishing, I'll have to start a thread in the painting section to get me over the last mile, because I'm kinda stuck. Chancellor and Mantis are based and primed, color scheme blocked out. Also assembled and based a pack of Cyber-Reavers, and a BTech Neptune Sub. I'm fond of Reapers MSP Sealer, it's pretty forgiving.
  13. 1 Tomb Spider 1 Chancellor CAV 1 Mantis CAV We'll see where it goes from there. Going to regret this, but: How? I can't find them on the ravenstar site?
  14. Get a Job Get out of Debt Buy a House Finish ever CAV mini I own Lose 30 pounds Probably the order they will be completed in. If I fail the first one, things will get dire.
  15. Those look like English words, but the sentence reads as gibberish. :) I have serious problems sticking to that commitment, even though I say it once a year. I'm determined this time. I'm sure that this time things will be different. Maybe if I go 10 to 1? See, I'm already caving, because I don't want to miss Shoatima and Frummity. And that new venomthrope will look good next to Bathalians, and there's a new Bathalian on the way, and... AAAGH! Get out of my head Reaper!
  16. Here's the proof I finished minis in December: http://www.star-ranger.com/forum/viewtopic...f=27&t=5583 It's like a picture of the Sasquatch.
  17. Hmmm. I wonder if the Fast And Dirty rules make a good fit for Dark Realm minis.
  18. May get six Olley Space Troopers done tomorrow but I can't count on it.
  19. Seriously, don't you have enough starships? Really, how many starships can you possibly have? Damon, says the guy that bought a couple starships last night... You can NEVER have enough starships. NEVER. And yeah at Infinities prices you could get a couple good sized fleets of just about anything.
  20. Damon's right. Fortunately thewarstore.com keeps their stock nice and fresh, and at a good discount (figs are still on the spendy side). So you shouldn't have problems getting the minis.
  21. Great job on the sculpting! I really shouldn't go look for those rules, should I?
  22. Indeed, the paint job on the stone is incredible! Fantastic job all around
  23. Those look like English words, but the sentence reads as gibberish. :) I have serious problems sticking to that commitment, even though I say it once a year. I'm determined this time.
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