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  1. What are your plans for 2010? Mine is CAV. All CAV. I want to finish every CAV mini I own. I think there's 60ish assorted models, including infantry. I'll have to make a list. Lists are neat. How about you? Oh and doesn't 2010 sound futurey?
  2. New Super Mario has a cooperative mode where you can have two to four players playing the level at once. Problem is, everyone bounces off one another and it's really hard not to accidentally kill the other players. You can also pickup the other players and throw them. It's more frustrating then fun.
  3. Grey Horde Reminded me of another one to look for: Boom Blox Really fun way to blow out your elbow (throwing motion), and a great family game.
  4. Nice to see you back and painting! I like the Griffon.
  5. Yeah, I don't suggest New Super Mario Wii if you like peace and harmony in your home. It's also only a graphical step up from Super Mario World, and not really worth $50 for me. Super Mario Galaxy though, is magic. It's stunningly beautiful at times, and really fun. Wii Play is a must though. It's a free disk with an extra controller, but my family has enjoyed the included games. Mario Kart is also easy to recommend, and a couple bargain bin favorites are Williams Pinball Hall of Fame, and Mercury Meltdown Revolution. Art-Style Orbient is a WiiWare (online download) title I can recommend as well. Enjoy!
  6. Quick! Someone talk me out of buying $100 worth of heavy gear stuff (to take advantage of the holiday sale). Gears and frames never interested me much, but the Caprice Striders look really cool. HALP! Edit: Crisis averted. I have to many CAVs to paint. In fact, I think I will make 2010 my personal Year of Reaper Miniatures Combat Assault Vehicle.
  7. The mechs look a little to much like Urban-War Syntha for my taste, but I love the human constructs!
  8. Depending on how desensitized your kids are, they might get scared. The theater was packed with littles that I thought were to young for the movie. And did I mention how great the action scenes were? Cameron still knows how to action.
  9. Reaper was casting a line of Mechs, and some 28mm sci-fi guys for someone, and it's completely escaped me who they were. There were some minis up in a webstore, a little background, and I can't remeber at all. There was a thread on Mil-Net a while back, but I can't find it. Can anyone read my mind, I know this is really vague. I'm sorry.
  10. I love the models, but I've never played the game.
  11. It's going to lose a lot on the small screen. The movie felt like a Frank R Paul cover come to life. I want to see Cameron do Princess of Mars, like right now. Then some Dragon Riders of Pern movies. Avatar was what George Lucas promised Episode One would be. And this is coming from a person that really dislikes Titanic. I'm still kinda shocked at how Avatar undermined my cynicism.
  12. I;ve come to the conclusion that Avatar is the Saving Private Ryan of Sci-Fi movies. Sure it's cliche and ultimately simplistic, but it's rendered with such loving care and attention to detail that it defied my cynicism. Seriously, I bought into 10' tall, blue, noble-savage-cliche, cat-people. The effects really are impressive, I think it's worth seeing on the big screen.
  13. Really nice! Hirst arts for the ruins?
  14. Really nice job! Very smooth blends. Its such a satisfying mini to paint isn't it?
  15. Very well produced video. I usally get irritated by the quality or tone of fan videos, but that was excellent. Only suggestions: Talk about CAV, and Paints. They are both awesome.
  16. Finished up the Dark Eldar Escorts last night, and I'm setting up my lightbox now for pictures!
  17. I got cranky when Toy's R us offered specials on Facebook only. I will get very cranky if reaper does something similar. Flipside: hopefully this will bring in new customers?
  18. Love that, Segway for the emperor!
  19. please don't the thought of a lovely cav detonated like that saddens the world. This Thug and I have a History. In my dreamy-dream, when CAV is wildly successful, Reaper would make little resin Kill-model markers, and I would buy them like crazy.
  20. The front, I'm almost always wearing a jacket.
  21. I might demote and dismatle the Thug I Can't Get Done into a couple killed models.
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