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  1. Wow, that's an incredible amount of work! great job.
  2. Look out, it's Mogura! I love classic Toho too. @ Sarge: Hoser!
  3. Despite never having been there, Spokane, WA has a horrible rep that's cemented in my mind. from personal experience, Aberdeen/Hoquiam, WA. Not really ghetto, but they test-market several new kinds of despair there every year (stolen quote).
  4. I am unbeleivably stoaked by this new game: http://www.destructoid.com/epic-mickey-epi...e--151187.phtml The concept art for the game is just amazing. My only dissapointment is that it's a platform-action game, and not an adventure-RPG like I was expecting. Still though! Phantom Blot! More concept art here: http://www.fredgambino.co.uk/film_tv_thmbs.html
  5. My favorite memories of the NW coast are all in the rain. Astoria and go-carts with rain blowing sideways. Cabin at Devil's Punchbowl watching lightning over the ocean all night. Cannon beach and the wind blowing so hard the power went out in the diner we were at. Good times.
  6. Malvies are my primary, only a few more to paint and I've got my whole force done! I just want the "inquisitor" rule back. But I've also got plenty of Rach, Adon, and Templar.
  7. Sorry, was trying to be amusing. I love the weather here, no kidding. I'm in fact peeved that fall is only just arriving, and we haven't gotten enough gray days yet. And because I can.
  8. Nice job! It honestly looks like a tough model to paint.
  9. I just picked up a pack of Cyber Reavers, from my point of view, they're the best Terminator Endoskelitons yet, beating out the various copplestone versions, and making Necrons look very silly. In fact, a set of 12 cyber reavers is cheaper then a set of 12 necron warriors, hmmmmm. Could we get some more please? And more Sligg...
  10. I slapped one of the futuristic weapons bits on a gnome pinner; and I heartily welcome new bits packs.
  11. *Hikes pants up, and gets out cain* It's all these durn Californians comin up and bein unemplyed with their subarus and their chi-chi foods and not likin our weather!."
  12. Are you on dialup? Steam is nearly unusuable on dialup.
  13. Farther away, no flash. Now you can see the blending on the optics, and the drybrush, a little anyway.
  14. Nope, Washington State. Here's a fun/scary google tool for unemplyment figures. Michigan still has it worse: http://www.google.com/publicdata?ds=usunem...0&tdim=true
  15. Thats my bad photography at work. It has a drybrush of New PP Moon Silver and Old PP Orchid Satin, and a dark wash or two of MSP Violet Liner, but they really dont show up. Probably are too subtle though, your right.
  16. Posted pics of the tomb spider and a warrior I finished a while ago in show-off. Here's the Hydra miniatures I finished:
  17. Chopped up and reposed a Tomb Spider's legs, now it doesn't look like a floating hairclip! For once I'm really happy how both of these turned out. Nothing but MSP's. Mostly Sparkling Amethyst on the spider. Really proud of the blend on the Warrior's gunbarrel. Oh and there's an attempt at a decepticon logo painted in gloss varnish on the back of the spider. All comments and crits welcome!
  18. After eight weeks without income, UI ruled in my favor, and I now have unemployment. Helpful when I'm not in a position to move, and local unemployment is topping 14%. Now I can buy a KODA Works Kraken.
  19. There was a discussion about this on Thetruthaboutcars.com The conclusion was the Bel Air was more then a bit rusty.
  20. Steam is a pain. Livearcade on top of it is excrutiating. I just hated that it's more of an action RPG then an RTS. Relic, what's happened to you?
  21. Mystery Men. I know very few people who like this movie, and even fewer who think it's a modern comedy/superhero classic. Heisi Godzilla movies. Every Gamera movie. Stranger then Fiction - Really good recent movie that very few people mention.
  22. I like Pig Iron, and Alpha Forge's stowage bits too. So I've been enjoying the GW blog posts on the gamesday UK board, but the admonition must have been, "No non-GW building materials." I don't even think they get to use sheet styrene: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/...sp?aId=4400095a
  23. With the closing of Z-Games, I haven't played much at all. The new rulebook and quick reference sheet are up: http://monsterpocalypse.com/free-stuff#mp4 While it's not as bad as say the Star Wars miniatures game, the abilities creep is getting long.
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