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  1. This kinda just happened to me. Won some items, communicating with the seller for the invoice, now his car was broken into, and the items are gone. I hadn't paid, so what do I do now? Does he need to close the items? I don't think either of us wants to take a feedback hit, and I have no reason to give him one. Does ebay punish for retracted items?
  2. Woah, what happened here (imperial guard heads pack): http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/...odId=prod40009a Looks like it was sculpted by an intern. The Tank Stowage is criminally overpriced too: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/...odId=prod40008a
  3. Three more to go. So the Torso bit of the Thug went into the simple green (fourth time for that part), and so did the Void models. I still don't have the hang of yellow. But I finished: a half-painted Blocko the Square Bot from Hydra Miniatures a GW Tomb Spider that I'm really happy with! Now I need to take pictures. But I also remembered that I own a copy of Team Fortress 2
  4. And honestly not that expensive, as far as FW stuff goes. The arms are sold separately, but yeah, just nosebleed-expensive. Not anyurism-expensive. I've been on a 40K painting binge lately, it's wierd. But nice that I bought things when I had money, so I can have fun with them when I don't. Invest in lead!
  5. Some inspirational new models from Forgeworld: Ork Killkrusha Tank Mega Dredd
  6. Yup, so was Veronica Blaze, and I think, Boris.
  7. Hmmm. A Psyro or two in Chronoscope would be pretty keen. I want a Rach diplomat, or Malvern emissary too.
  8. Hear hear! I'd even forgotten about it. They messed up Zaphod. ZAPHOD! How?
  9. Don't get snotty with me, it says 'Ink' right on the bottle. Thanks for the suggestions though. The old PP Woodstain is this nifty mix of green and red/brown. They've got it, thanks!
  10. Is there any hope that the old Pro Paint #18206 WoodShad Ink will return? It's the most versatile ink I've ever used. Is MSP Woodstain Brown anything like it? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/wood/sku-down/09160
  11. Must be nice to have them all done! I've finished a CAV Nomad, and a Starblazers Gamilon S-type Battleship. Neither of which was on my plan, but both have been needing finishing for a while (year?)
  12. I gotta go with the star wars prequils as well. I grew up after the fist movies had run their course, and ate up the expanded universe stuff. Then episode 1 hit, and it was so crappy, and they really just got worse.
  13. My lead pile needs serious revivificaiton but I should be able to hit the goals this month: CAV Thug that I've stripped three times. Void 1.1 Marine Gun and Crew. Ramshackle Game Gingam's Diner converted into a radio shed. Anything else is gravy.
  14. There is a quickplay guide at Reapergames.com. It may need to be updated though. Updated quickplay guide then.
  15. Two things: 1) Quickplay Guide 2) At least two Complete turn examples.
  16. Does your state offer a deferment option? You pay the ticket, it gets filed with the state, but doesn't go against your record unless you get another ticket within a period of time (seven years, I think for Washington). So you pay the ticket, and if you don't get another, it doesn;t ding your record or insurance.
  17. Despite all the awesome advice, I went with an HP Photosmart C6350. It was cheaper then the equivalent canon, (ink looks cheaper to), and has wireless. The wireless setup was a breeze, and its working on my mac and PC. The printer is cheerily spitting out resumes as we speak. Photo quality looks nice too. Brand loyalty is an odd thing. Even though HP has deported most of it's offices out of my area, I still look at them as a 'local' company. And super special bonus: lots of spiffy packing material for CAV terrain.
  18. I need a new printer. My bargan-basement HP multifunction is about dead, and just when I really need something that can zip out resumes. I looked at the Kodak ESP series, since they really do appear to be the cheapest in ink costs, but their quality control is reportedly terrible, and end up broken more often then they work. Can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive multifunction printer? Is it better to buy a photoprinter and a separate multifunction for documents? I'd love a Xerox Phaser with solid ink, but unfortunantly it's out of pricerange.
  19. I'm not really enticed by the models themselves. The dynamism of the terminators is nice, but I've never liked the standard terminator design, it would take forever to scrape off the blood angles gribbles if I wanted to use them for something else, and I've got a pile of stealers from the macragge box (and off ebay) that I have yet to paint. From the description, the box includes a: What's that? It's listed with the dead marine, and Blood-Angles artifact pieces.
  20. All Your Base seems like a pretty mediocre release in hindsight. Morphers are a neat idea, same with bases, but the excecution was a bit off. I hate to say it but I'm getting excited for the new set: http://teamcovenant.com/08/14/2009/gencon-...e-now-monsters/
  21. While I doubt it will be bad like the planetscape, I agree with Erion, and there's no way it's as limited as GW is claiming. Unless they really are that stupid at marketing, and have zero interest in growing their customer base.
  22. The last time I jumped on a LIMITED EDITION! item from GW it was the awful Blastscape tiles. Even if I had money I'd be gunshy on the new spacehulk: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/...dId=prod210009a
  23. 07022: KODA Works Kahn, and the Iron Golum. Two of my favorites still.
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