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  1. I;ve got a set of these guys. The painting doesn't really do them justice: http://www.bluemoonmanufacturing.com/view_...?product=BMM140
  2. GW posted pictures of the production blastscape painted up: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/...odId=prod20010a Pathetically, I probably still would have bought them. More pathetically, I don't get home until after 6:00pm, and it's too late to pickup packages, so I still haven't gotten mine. Also sounds like the Imperial Strongpoint set (two bastions, three defense lines), got turned into a splash release, and they're sold out for independants. Nice of GW to tell us that in advance.
  3. Does the modem do any logging? That would be my next step.
  4. I loved jumprope growing up. Bought a larger one in my early twenties. Completely demolished me. I should start again, might be too much spine-jarring though. I go the other way when stressed. Thus, 10 lbs heavier.
  5. Hahaha. What lunch break? But yeah, had been, then work scheduled got messed over. Now, no lunch. But soon, no job! Lots of time for excercise.
  6. I haven't excercised regularly since I hurt my back in Febuary of this year. I had surgery on the back in late April, and it was successful, but it meant another 3 months with minimal excercise. Visted the Dr. last week, and I'm 5'6" and 186lbs. Fattest I've ever been. Clothes are starting no to fit, and I feel gross. Time to get back on the ball! The plan is: 1/2 hour Richard Simmons work out every morning. Go ahead, laugh. He has a weight training one that I like. Anyone else need to shed some pounds?
  7. So I had a Blastscape set on order, and apparently, it's awful. It's probably sitting at my doorstep right now. I ordered it because I liked the Moonscape craters quite a bit, but these sound like they're not up to par at all: http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2009/07/16/28371
  8. I bought a couple packs fo the new set. Morphers are spiffy. The do raise lots of questions though. Actually, can I attack my own units? The Green Fury Vans grant Munch, and it would be usueful to hang back one of the Alpha form trucks, next to a green fury van, and a carnidon or something.
  9. Best looking heroclix I've seen. If you hadn't told me I would have no idea.
  10. I'd like to be involved in the filmaking industry in some way. TV shows, whatever. It would be fun to have a SAG card. Failing that, I want a portable pocket dimension. Then I can store all my crap in an easy to carry unit! It would be great for Cons, nothing to lug around, just pop stuff in and out of the pocket-dimension! It would make moving a breeze too.
  11. Gah, and how could I forget all my spaceships. Fleets and fleets of ships. When the zombies come, I'm building barricades with my lead.
  12. Hairy goop in Alaska: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthnews...oating-goo.html HAIRY. GOOP. We are all truly and royally borked.
  13. Last game I really tried to play Infinity. The player base just evaporated one day though.
  14. pm sent, rich. I've given up hope of playing anything but Monsterpocalypse. I've now got minis from all over the place though, and I have this odd habit of collecting armies even though I don't play. It's worse with 40k then anything else.
  15. I think everyone on the Internet agrees with you Lucky. I'm still kinda puzzled that there was no real update for any of the armies when the new IG codex was released. I heart my vostroyans though. Hey, anyone have some of the old 'Gothic Ruins' sprues that used to come in almost every 40k boxed set that they would be willing to part with?
  16. Wow, sounds bad everywhere. All of my friends in construction are either layed off, or have less work then they need. Those with jobs have an edge of worry over losing them. Turns out I'm not fired... Yet. I'm here until they find a replacement. Hooray for paychecks!
  17. I just wish the 6mm Epic building sprues would go back into production. Those things were great, and workable enough that whole buildings could be constructed with a couple sprues and scratchbuilding. That landing pad does seem quite overpriced though. The defense line falls into the same category, but it comes with a fairly large gun. Oh and the Pound Sterling is dropping against the dollar again. If it hit parity, Forgeworld stuff becomes reasonable!
  18. There's the Zvezda/Imex stuff still floating around, but they never really took off. Plus the plastic was really horrible, and it all looked quite toylike. I've had the GW blastscape on pre-order for a while, I really like the moonscape they did earlier.
  19. So true, but on the plus side, they are finished structures. The Imperial Buildings always put me off because you needed multiple kits to make a non-ruined building. I guess that's the idea though.
  20. Falco = fail. There was a website during the first internet boom that was just a list of companies, and would mark them "Falco!" when they shut down. In this case it means the implosion of my job. I just read an article that the true unemployment rate is around 20%. My Dad is laid off, and several of my friends are out of work, or under-worked. THat got me wondering how many other Reaper Peeps are out of work?
  21. $15 more. But that's $3 cheaper then buying the bits separately!
  22. I still don't know how you do it all! Who's the shiny spandex girl?
  23. Is there a schedule of upcoming P-65 releases? I ask because there are some models I wouldn't mind waiting on and buying as P-65, instead of in their regular lines.
  24. Had a nice customer service experience with GW. They sent me another whole blister of ratlings gratis. Also their new terrain bits look tempting.
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