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  1. Thanks guys. Oh and you know how I'm always whining about how I need to cut back my hobby spending, and blah-blah-no-self-control? Now I have no choice! Every mini I work on is going to be from the lead pile! Seth - always looking on the bright side.
  2. My job went falco today. It's all my fault, and the company is being more then fair, but by the end of this month, I'm out of work. I'm trying not to dwell on the disaster this year has been (left Oldjob thinking I was facing a layoff for Newjob, then I herniated a disk, had surgery, getting better, but the commute to work is still too much) but it's tough. So I started a new feature on the blog I ignore most of the time, Drawing a Day: http://themanpurse.blogspot.com/ I'm certainly not the first to do this, but hey, it gives me a feeling of mild accomplishment for no reason at all, huzzah!
  3. Support is a big factor too. It sells like gangbusters here, still, but we have several really great FLSG's and Privateer agents (PressGangers?).
  4. If that. My discretionary spending is down to negative territory. Economists are saying things have bottomed out, but I'm not feeling it, and if it really has, it will be another six months to a year before any recovery is actually felt widely. Even a game like Monsterpocalypse that has a fairly easy collecting model is a hard sell for me (to buy more of, anyway).
  5. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO WHEN EATING. OR THINKING ABOUT EATING. OR IF YOURE EASILY GAGGED. http://gawker.com/5305395/the-north-caroli...onster-mystery-[solved] Worst part for me is those things are real. Propably smaller the ngolf balls, but still real, disgusting things. We are screwed fellow humans. Between this and Japan's endless drive to make giant robots, we're all doomed.
  6. Pictures of the next set are here: http://www.monsterpocalypse.com/story/all-...n-and-checklist I'll skip the case buying this time. Because of brokeness. But it looks like a much easier set to collect. Super special Bonus: The Green Fury van is an old VW Microbus. With a gun on top. Killer hippies, awesome. I don't know if I'm going to buy into the new set after this though. The factions sound cool, but I've already got loads of the first factions, and then there's the whole brokeness thing.
  7. I don't care about it's politics, but when a show is pants-on-head retarded, but masquerading as brainy, I start looking for Otaku to mangle. Galaxy Express is up on Hulu. Trains! In! Spaaaace! (Pants-on-head retarded but knows it, so, pass). Anyone else watch Genesis of Aquarion? I made it through the first episode. Was it supposed to be that funny? I mean the board meeting must have gone: "How can we make a show that's like Evangelion, but not so much we get sued?" "Throw in every 80's giant robot cliche?" "Yes, do it!"
  8. I didn’t like Renton, waaaaaay to whiney, other than that I thought it was pretty good. One of my recent favorites (besides Macross Frontier) was Xam’d: Lost Memories (Bonen No Xamdou), not necessarily giant stompy robots, but pretty close. The second season of Gundam00 starts next Tuesday on Sci-Fi. The annoying characters were only the start of my problem with E7. So the writer's wanted us to sympathies a bit with the Coralion, right? Because the big bad government was trying to kill it, and government = bad! Environment + rebels = good! And given, the government was corrupt and psychopathic, but then the big reveal is that the Coralion is a horrible invading blob-like alien that consumed and assimilated the entire Earth. So much so that humans later re-colonize the planet, not knowing it was Earth (what, did they forget?). The Coralion was only 'forced' to gruesomely kill people because of the humans encroachment woke it up again. Then the 'happy' ending is the Coralion assimilating even more humans, and chunks of it flying off into space, because some "There Can Be Only One (sentient race)!" zen bullstuff. Plus, the whole Eureka-is-special-because-she's-a-human-Coralion-and-can-connect-with-people plot is invalidated by the reveal that Norb was a human coralion, as well as others. SO why was she special again? Not to mention the 15-ish episodes in the middle where nothing happens. I found it a really stupid show that thought it was really smart, because it threw in some literary references. Wanted to like it. Hated it.
  9. Awesome! Thanks so much Spike!
  10. Seriously, Guerren Laggan. The mech's don't get any bigger or stompy-er.
  11. One more Blackstar Privateer: Multipose, with separate arms, torso, and a laser rifle. That way I could fill out a force.
  12. How would I setup a photobooth that produces results like this: http://www.allspark.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=59397 I think the shiny black reflective floor, and the black background look amazing, but I'm perplexed. Any way I can think of doing it would catch reflections from my light sources though. Help?
  13. You heard wrong. I heard the same things, and just hated it. Evangelion sparked off so much poorly-done angst and vauge mysticism in mecha-anime. Blerg. Same goes for Eureka 7. Hated it, hated it, hated it. But on the flip side, liked Planet of the Beast-King (surprisingly hardish sci-fi), and loved Guerren Laggan so much it blew my eybrows off.
  14. I'm trying something different. No goals this month. Just do what sounds fun. So far I've got two Hostile Stars ships finished: http://www.star-ranger.com/forum/viewtopic...f=27&t=4989 I don't know why I'm wired this way, but as soon as I tell myself I need to get a mini done, I lose interest in it.
  15. New NOVA and Olley Zulus? Yes please!
  16. Nope, Champ Industries. nice and cheap!
  17. Here's mine: Those stormtrooper ones look really spiffy though.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if a scrunt or two show up in Chronoscope. At least that's what I hope.
  19. I'm (very very slowly), putting one together with GW Mighty Empire's tiles. All I've got done so far is the dessert. I'm also using Talbot as the Bandit figure. It would be super-awesome to get a blister of 'generic' settlements, cities, and roads though, save me time sculpting them myself.
  20. Nooooo! Killing time at work just got so much harder. On the other hand, my temptation to spend money just decreased. I hope Zac does ok, he's a nice guy, and TNG is/was leauges better then the TMP format.
  21. Ok, can anyone find a new Ratling blister with five figures in it? The GW site says there's supposed to be five, but the only ones I've seen have four?
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