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  1. If (huge if), this gets traction, and John is brought onboard? AWESOME. From a kickstarter perspective, one of the really appealing things about Bones I and II were there relative simplicity. Pledge X amount, get these neat toys! If we reach stretch goals W Y Z, we add these neat toys too! Want even moar neat toys? Just add some dollars! So I'd encourage the focus to be kept to getting all of the old N-scale CAV catalog into plastic. Then stretch goals of getting the remaining 'smallish' scale miniatures rescaled and made in N-scale plastic, THEN working on the stuff that was designed but never made (and that only the dozen or so people that play CAV 2 care about, like me!). THEN throwing a bunch of money at JBR to make new designs :-) Maybe make the Crusader in the right size too?
  2. Pledge $1 for a random set of beta rules!
  3. Yup. Think of it as a 'stealth' CAV kickstarter. The CAV brand itself is pretty beaten up. Best to just leave it aside, and say 'Here's Bones III, with these awesome 10/15mm minis!" As it goes, then start sneaking the mechs in. Also, no rules, army boxes, or anything like that. Do it just for minis. Thousands of them. ;-)
  4. I'm thinking kitchen floor. But, that article said these weren't wave 4, so we're getting another wave of more useful ships too!
  5. In-scale Corellian Corvette, and Rebel Transport incoming! http://www.boardgamequest.com/x-wing-miniatures-large-ships-not-wave-4/ In the X-wing PC games, the imperials made use of Corvette's too, so I wonder if it will be dual-use? Of course, this makes me want Carrack and Strike-class Cruisers too, they're about the same size.
  6. Just spotted these, likely they will not be super cheap, but they look great: http://www.burnindesigns.net/2012/06/robotech-battletech-going-small-to.html
  7. Spiffy. I think airbrushing may be the way to go on those. At least that's my plan.
  8. I had to drop my pledge. Lets say a higher power was involved, and so was the phrase "You're spending how much on what?" Hopefully I'll be in for the CAV one.
  9. Evened out to $200 for me. So many nifty add ons :-)
  10. How excited am I? This excited: And we haven't even gotten a CAV model in the mix yet!
  11. Blown past 100k pledges in a single day! Who new so many people want little plastic dudes? Stompy Robot at 1 Million. Stompy Robot at 1 Million. Stompy Robot at 1 Million. Stompy Robot at 1 Million.
  12. On track for 100K worth of pledges today alone! http://www.kicktraq....in/#chart-daily Just one Big Stompy Robot? Please? Or my favorite Little Stompy Robot?
  13. I really want to know what's in the blank tomb. It could be anything. Assuming the pile of bones in the cavern will be piles of bones. In bones.
  14. Clockwork Dragon: Although may I put in a request that the coffin-like shields on the back be modified? They look kind of out of place to my eye?
  15. I'll probably buy in, since Star Wars games are the only ones I can get my friends to play consistently.
  16. Welcome. Like what we've done with the place? Yup. So where's the Buy a Round of Beer for all the Reaperpeeps, stretch goal?
  17. I may end up bailing and save for a hypothetical, future Chronoscope Bones KS. UNLESS the crypt is actually some kind of TARDIS, and leads to chronoscope bones :-0
  18. That's pretty shiny! I want an option to buy more of the elementals, those things are going to paint up NICE :-)
  19. Just spitballin' but I wonder if the threshold for the goals will narrow as the total funding level rises? More incentive to just pledge a leeetle more money? For instance a goal would be $5000 more instead of $10k? Edit: went up another $300 while I was typing!
  20. And one of those is a pretty elaborate Sophie!
  21. We're also closing in on an average price of $1 per mini at the Vampire level!
  22. BANNHAMMER ON THE NO-NO WORD! But seriously, the MSP goal is only 10K away from the elves!
  23. $2000 to go! Will the MSP goal be revealed tonight?! Of course it would then be another $40K to actually get to it, BUT STILL EXCITING!
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