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  1. Yup, just cut up some plasticard and glue it on. Or anything to add greebles really. Awesome job too!
  2. You shouldn't have looked! I warned you!
  3. VERY nice, I especially like the green glow effect on the hassassin.
  4. Love the Dr. Evil/Blofeld. Need several of him to paint up in different nehru-jacket colors.
  5. Only thing is already overpriced troopish blisters are now even more overpriced (Necron Pariahs, Kroot hounds). Stuff like this is why Chronoscope and P-65 are my only impulse buys anymore.
  6. Oooh, nice, I really need a case to keep the dust down. Nothing much here on the minis front. Did finish a transformers repaint project, but it's not that mini.
  7. the bits sellers on ebay are a good bet. Some are out to gouge, others are quite reasonable. I think Robert is on the right track though, with the new IG releases (and price hikes), the demand is up, and supply was down due to GW discontinuing the old boxes, I think.
  8. Played Mega Zor Voltis. Handed Gorgadrah his hat. Then Ultra Sky Sentinel turned the tables on me. SS is still likely the best all-around monster. Great unit buffs, and can reliably dish out damage while not taking much in return. If I would have played against SS better, it would have been my first tourney win, but my Plan B is still "Run around flailing and screaming like a little girl." I need to work on that.
  9. Kids acting up,or got a bug? Take care Sarge!
  10. Oh no! That means we're heading for the Crisis of Infinite Spocks!
  11. So it's either a Mega Zor Voltis, or Mega Sky Sentiel force for Fridays tourney. Zor Voltis brings you essential three monster activations in one turn, and can potentially pile on the damage if the rolls go well, and I keep an eye on the dice expenditure. I the buildup of a good chained attack too. Sky Sentinel brings 8 Defense (highest in the game?), super smash (my favorite power attack), and the usual wing leader bennies. Both have the mobility to get into the opponents face. The Zor has cloak on it's mega, which the Mega Maxim player is going to hate. Downside for both: I don't have a great set of units to support them with (too few G-Fighters and cheap rocket choppers for SS, too few Shinobi's for the Zor). What's your take?
  12. Also like: "Someone had 'Kirk gets choked' On a macro."
  13. James Lileks review nailed it for me: http://lileks.com/bleat/?p=2169 Mildly spoillery, but in an implicit way.
  14. Pfft. That's nothing. I actually entertained the thought of building a cardboard Sky Sentinel costume. No I'm not kidding, and the experience frieghtened me. COSPLAY *shudder* Plus I'm 5'6" on a good day, so I'd be a little short for a giant robot. Ok, on to other nerdery. There's a spiffy painting of the Adeptus Mechanicus Scouts landing on Tau. Amongst the menagerie is a guy in a glass tube, riding on what looks like a tiny, old-skool land raider. If I were to hypothetically start making Adeptus Mechanicus pieces like that, what army could I proxy them into?
  15. Have fun at Reapercon! I'm getting all distracted and want to paint some Chronoscope minis now. I did finally take some picutres of some Iron Stars minis that I finished back in Febuary: http://www.brigademodels.co.uk/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=762 Just dropped one taking it back to the shelf, crap!
  16. Mega Gorgadrah is not good. Not good at all. 16 Health doesn't go far enough in a tournament game. Ok, I'm giving up and playing Mega Zor Voltis next tourney. Take THAT Mega Zor Maxim!
  17. Indeed! Odd note, with the recent Price hikes on the plastic Imperial Guard Troops, the All metal Vostroyan box looks like a good value in comparison, since it includes the heavy weapons squad: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/...dId=prod1070173 Of course, the value judgement is all based on one's take on the models.
  18. What Star trek 5? There is no Star Trek 5, understand? Damon. :) Star Trek V?! I not know such stuff! I kinda disliked Insurrection more though. Completely different reasons though. Kinda like how Red Planet and Mission to Mars were both lousy, but in completely different ways.
  19. Another thing that surprised me was how nice the ships looked in motion. Static, I focus on what look like droopy nacells, but in motion, they looked HOT. I also loved how neck-snappingly fast the jump to warp seemed. All in all I think this is the most fully realized the trek universe has ever been, only IV made it fell more lived-in for me.
  20. I need some help, I've been searching their website and coming up empty. I do kinda want this though: Burning Tax Office And these would make cool Ritterlich buildings: http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/272-222143 http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/272-222144 http://www.walthers.com/exec/productinfo/272-222145
  21. Can we make this a spoiler thread since there's already a review thread going in General Discussion?
  22. Expected to like it, did not expect to be completely charmed by it. So charmed I'm not even goign to begin talking about the huge plot holes. Between the parts of LOST he was actually responsable for, Cloverfield, and now New Trek, I think I'm becoming a JJ Abrahm's fan. Extra special bonus: Really cute Orion Cadet Girl.
  23. I just got my mega pack today! It's excellent. Good price, and for a mediocre player like me, a gift. Zor-Voltis and Rakadon's megas alone were worth it. Both are factions I don't play very often, that's going to change now! I'm hoping for more of the same in the future.
  24. Wow that muntant is great, the style is so smooth looking. It does kinda look like the merc has whicker muscles under his shirt though
  25. Poopie, I forgot I signed up for the TableTopGaming News Battle Challenge too: http://talk.tabletopgamingnews.com/index.php?topic=153.0 That's ten more minis to paint.
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