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  1. Curse you for finding something so cool and unobtainable!
  2. Leftovers from last month (Nomad Recon Section, Thrade), and maybe add two primed Tomb Spiders. Recovering from back surgery isn't as fun as I thought it would be.
  3. Bob is closing his shop again, he's had a rough year: http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2009/05/04/26472 Molds to be auctioned again, looks like all of them. Same begging and pleading to Reaper applies here. I know they picked up several of his zombie sculpts last go.
  4. Brigade Games' Atomic Cafe: 1957 is threatening my wallet. This completely won me over:
  5. Very nice conversions (aprat from the pouches on the front of the sheild), they do make great arbites!
  6. GW is the only miniatures company that's publicly traded, correct? I guess I should count Wizards/Hasbro. That alone explains alot of what they do. The price hike is going to kill my in-person incidental GW purchases. It wasn't too long ago I could pickup a single mini or a small box for not much coin, on an impluse, now? Ebay and online discounters for my GW purchases.
  7. Doubleplus Indeed. Oh and did I mention I took my last step into the darkside and bought a Tau Empire Codex cheap? Yeah, it's all downhill from here.
  8. With 40k and fantasy moving upmarket in terms of price, wouldn't this be a good time to re-introduce the Specialist Games as a lower-cost alternative? Car companies do this all the time, not that it's a good thing, but it happens (Honda Civic gets bigger, plushier, more expensive, Fit introduced as the lower-cost alternative below it).
  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new CAV's! Thank you Bryan!
  10. At this point is there enough stuff kicking around the secondary markets (in-person trades, ebay, bartertown, etc.) to satisfy demand?
  11. I know the feeling. Just watched The Black Hole. Now I want to build a USS Cygnus.
  12. Nice work Sarge! My progress is grinding to a halt. I've got back surgery scheduled this wednesday (herniated disk).
  13. Is it an old scar? My appendix scar is about 10 years old, and it's still purply around the endges, and fades to just about normal skintone (translucent white, in my case, ) so maybe a really light stripe of Bruise Purple or Dusky Grape, then layers of just a shade darker then the normal fleshtone?
  14. 2mm: Land Ironclads homepage. They came with bases by Ansty, but I used Flames of War bases instead, I like the beveled edge.
  15. Ironclads are DONE! Minor progress on the others.
  16. This is the British half of the Land Ironclads War of 1889 starter. I decided to do martian bases, and have the brits taking the fight back to those dirty martian mollusks! Nice minis, but a thoroughly mediocre paint job on my part. Oh well, at least they're done. Oh and I don't recommend sneezing while working on the tanks.
  17. Fantastic job, the face is indeed excellent!
  18. What?! You can't find a use for the nutter with the axe? Nice jobs, all around.
  19. Nothing official, but Life, Chuck, Sarah Conner, Castle, and Dollhouse are all on the bubble.
  20. Nifty! Please share picks when you have some assembled! Really? I thought they looked awful. These, right? http://www.wargamesfactory.com/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=42195
  21. Got beatup by Zorog. Man he's quick, I just couldn't keep him out of power-attack range. Also, lobster claws. I was playing Rogzor, and while it came down to only a few HP, I still lost. Man I love this game.
  22. Yes great show. Love Danny Reese I'll fight 'cha for her! Apparently Sarah Shahi is pregnant, which is why Danni has been behined a desk most of the season.
  23. Land Ironclads: Should be done and posted today! Nomads: One botched and into the simple green, one about 2/3 done, no progress on the others. Thrade: No progress. If I can fight hobby ADD, I think I'll still finish them all this month. Yay goals!
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