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  1. Indeed! Unfortunantly it's on the bubble too. They wrapped it up pretty nice though if it does come back.
  2. I'll second that Pig Iron's Kolony Militia are very nicely detailed and are a lot cheaper than buying GW's minis. Third. I just bought a set of the Winter heads. Oh and check this out, those cool looking little ammo grots that have been floating around the con circit? $17! http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/...otCatGameStyle=
  3. Really nice job on the bark color and texture, that's nice!
  4. Whoopse, look like it is US and UK: http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2009/04/16/25836
  5. Indeed, there's been plenty of Sci-Fi shows that have had good runs and mainstream appeal. Take Lost for example, heck even 24 has sci-fi elements. Just with the current state of TV, new shows have tons to overcome, and Dollhouse got off to rough start. Any scripted TV show is fighting for it's life. It's been rumored that the only reason Terminator came back (hee!) for a second season was due to fox having no pilots on deck the writers strike. It's always been on the bubble. I'd rather fight to keep Castle on the air, if only for my huge Nathon Fillion mancrush.
  6. Nopers. 10 men for $22. Same old sprues (and in the Catachans case, crappy sprues). Oh and general price increase on the way. Rumor is all plastics and a few more metals going up. That makes me really appreciate Reaper's price decreases with P-65 and in general.
  7. I doubt it will happen this time. The networks are hurting bad for ad revenue. Look at Leno moving to Primetime. Scripted shows cost money, and the beancounters are always looking for ways to kill them. Aci-Fi is even changing it's name and shifting away from traditional sci-fi programming. Scrubs, and the Law and Order series were special cases, they were both proven to get reliable ratings. Terminator and Dollhouse have never distinguished themselves.
  8. I just realized, no IG spearhead either. I would have actually bought that one. Looks like GW is holding back a bunch of stuff for Planetstrike (new IG tanks, fortifications, possibly more). Oh and the new IG trooper sprues don't contain any new bits. Bummer.
  9. Odds are good it's already cancelled (Terminator series too). I think a lot of people who would have watched heard "sci-fi" "fox" Joss Whedon" and "Friday" and wrote it off as a dead show walking. Pity too, it's gotten really good lately.
  10. Oooh! Love the adventurers. The tiny flying saucer is awesome too: http://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/50070_w_1.jpg
  11. Good progress here. Should have the Land Ironclads done in the next few days. May actually make my goals!
  12. Wow. Now I want Gamera. And Ultraman. And all the Toho monsters. And Giara. And Gorgo. Dude, they could keep this going forever if they continue to pick up licenses. Collectors are going to go nuts!
  13. I've beaten Mega Maxim twice in tournies, I think it was just good die rolls, and playing monsters with high immunity (Ares and Laser Knight). I put together a Rogzor force that I'm eager to play with. Scorchers add a lot of potential boost-dice, and power-dice from chain reaction. Also the new monuments mean I can get by with fewer building secured.
  14. "El Santo! I'm glad you're here!"
  15. Cool, I love the scheme, and the colors are bright and clean. Awesome!
  16. Very nice! really like the conversions, the Outlaw missle pods add a lot of menace.
  17. Didn't win the tourney, but pulled off two incredible form-destroying power attacks, once slamming Mega Zor Maxim through the Chrysler building, and the next game taking out Phobos-7's hyper form with a chain attack, clearing a unit, then smashing again, through the chrysler building. Of course then I didn't screen my Laser Knight well enough and got beaten by one point of damage, BUT STILL, awesome game! Most people seem to be playing ICNY monsters around here.
  18. Rackham is reported to be releasing army starters at a seemingly excellent price: http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/2009/04/09/25643 $70 for a heavy vehicle, a medium vehicle, a hero unit, a nice choice of troops, terrain, and the Operation Domaclese starter bits. Nice! Also, I see a lot of Tau conversions coming from the Cogs.
  19. The new IG boxes are on pre-order, and they seem like a fairly poor deal in comparison to others, each box is down to 20 troops, a Sentiel, a heavy weapons squad, and a command squad. Makes buying a tyranid Battleforce look like a no-brainer.
  20. The joy of crap dice-rolls. Tourney tonight. I have 7 hours to obsess about my force build while I should be working/resting.
  21. I sent in my Mega Pteradax redemption today, so now that's four Mega's I'm waiting for, including the one Sky Sentinel for warlordgarou. First ICNY tourney Friday, I expect to lose big!
  22. Thanks for keeping the motivation alive Rastl This months To Do: Six of Crusoe's Thrade Four CAV Nomads British Land Ironclads from the War of 1889 box. Everything is primed and based, so it should be no problem getting them painted, right? Right?
  23. New, Awesome, ForgeWorld Crabby-Thingy: http://warseer.com/forums/attachment.php?a...mp;d=1238926550 Looks like it would get along great with Mutant Scrunts.
  24. So what's good right now? Anyone gotten into Sarah Conner Chronicles? I keep trying to like it but I'm failing miserably. I think I've missed enough that none of it makes sense\don't care about it. Chuck is fun though, and Dollhouse is showing promise, but I don't want to get attached due to impending cancellation. Don't care for Fringe at all. Lost is an abusive girlfriend that I may have finally left for good.
  25. Nice work, good contrast between the red and blue!
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