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  1. Has Reaper ever done a Mecha-Dragon? Because there should be more Mecha Dragons. I thought this looked like something invading aliens, or a mad scientist, would use to menace Tokyo. I heart my airbrush! Also, Reaper Mecha Dragon? K thx bye.
  2. I am now blinded by overwhelming nostalgia for Tail Spin.
  3. That looks fantastic and I will be stealing the scheme if I ever get around to painting my guard tanks* *I will never get around to painting my guard tanks.
  4. The rocks are to be thrown at Ed. It's Bryan's attempt at a coup.
  5. Cool. Also, what will it take to get this set with 28mm humans instead of mouselings?
  6. Haven't bought a mini in ages, but I could not resist the Terror. ... I bought two.
  7. I want Terror on Planet X, only with 28mm humanoids instead of mouslings.
  8. Finished a Ral Partha Mechadragon. Otherwise, still stuck in the doldrums. Here's proof of life:
  9. Nope, just the sprays. It is metallic with a pearl coat, however, so it shimmers a bit.
  10. I haven't been around much lately. I bought and airbrush, and dove headfirst into the world of custom toys and Japanese Vinyl. It's been awesome. This last month, I got some work in my first Gallery show. http://lotfgallery.b...c-seth-longmire Just wanted to share, and say thanks to the Reaper community for getting me going artistically again all those years ago. I'm pretty proud of this one: As I get better with the Airbrush, I should start working on more miniatures.
  11. The late, lamented Freaks and Geeks features all sorts of nerd things, with the main slacker/burnout eventually assimilating with the nerds over a game of D&D ("I'm a dwarf, and I want to be called Carlos!)
  12. Brilliant Frosh! For inspiration, google Locomotive Livery. I'm partial to early-midcentury British rail colors.
  13. Good deal! Finally took decent~ish pictures: Brian Horror: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/42891-reaper-brian-horror-wait-no-brain/page__pid__599754__st__0entry599754 Kraytonian Fleet: http://www.star-ranger.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=7710
  14. Slowly starting to paint minis again, I bought an airbrush a few months ago, I picked this guy as my first mini-airbrush experiment. Mixed results. Monster Kolor Paints. The pearl coat, and green clear were a bridge to far.
  15. Wow, that's... Yikes. Any little dudes bite it? My goal: take pictures of the stuff I painted last month.
  16. Boosh! I got things done, and one was even a Reaper mini: 3 x Hostile Stars Kraytonian ships Reaper Brain Horror Now I need to take pictures!
  17. Twofold price rise on them too. GW's yearly price hike, plus the 'Finecast' premium. And then it's not even close to a premium product.
  18. These didn't happen. I worked on them, and a bunch of other minis, but didn't finish any.
  19. One day left to get something done. I may make it!
  20. Whatever Ed, I'd be impressed if you took the picture from inside the tornado. But in all seriousness, take care everyone. The only things we worry about out here is the cataclysmic earthquake geologists keep promising.
  21. 5 x Hydra Miniatures War Rockets. Hail Ming! 2 x VBAM Terran ships. Jen, where did you come up with your painting/buying ratio? Is 2 to 1 your goal for the year?
  22. Haven't been painting many miniatures lately. I bought an airbrush, and spiraled down the custom-toy vortex: I'll get back to minis eventually. The toys are blanks from Onell Design. There is a miniature connection though, aside from the dice, the shiny-red heads in the big group-shot was a custom run from one of the guys at Steve Jackson games. Nice solid hunk of pewter.
  23. Great job as always. Are those the placcy Daleks that came with the Who magazine in the UK?
  24. I keep ignoring Infinity, and I always regret it: http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/en/
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