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  1. Lots murmurs that GW is shutting down production of metal miniatures, to be replaced with Resin and more plastic. Can't confirm, it's all friend-of-a-friend stuff, but the volume of rumors is really high.
  2. Take care, chronic health problems are the worst. Bright side: Possible treatment and improvement!
  3. I'm certain someone will pickup the license, and I'm certain we will all be disappointed with the execution in some way.
  4. And not model/actress/anorexic thin. Her face was perfect in Firefly. Now it's more gaunt.
  5. Are you playing SFB or Federation Commander? Or the Starmada variant? I'm halfway through a Romulan fleet, and at some point, would like to actually play a game with these things.
  6. 15mm seems to be the new 'it' scale. I have to say it would work great for Star Wars. Still big enough to have noticeable hero and villians, but not so large that the necessary army of stormtroopers is going to break the bank. I mean, even a quick skirmish needs a pile of stormtroopers.
  7. Maybe a better gauge then ebay, is Chaosorc's Epic section: http://chaosorc.com/specialist-games-epic-40k-c-83_40.html If I had any, I'd sell em for sure! Man I wish I would have bought a pile of Warmonger Titans when they were cheap. But I had virtues like 'Self Control' and 'Frugality' then...
  8. Armada seems to have a good bit of traction. Anyone playing? I bought a couple models, and was really impressed with the quality of the resin casting.
  9. My observations from trying to dip my toes into Epic: Ork stuff is dirt cheap, as are any non-Squat Plastics. Everything else is above-original-price (metal warmachines) to are-you-kidding-me (Titans, Squats, Chaos)? And with Forgeworld's models OOP, and most of the remaining GW stuff prices ludicrously, sellers are getting greedy.
  10. I'm actually looking forward to this one. Taken wasn't half bad, so I trust Spielberg's name on TV projects, and indeed, it looks much better then V.
  11. Look great, but I have to say: "Zerg rush! Kree kree kree!"
  12. <insert seven years of CAV complaints> But thanks for keeping the minis in production!
  13. 3 x Dark Realm Verger walkers to round out the unit. Anything else would be gravy.
  14. The Pacific Northwest is having a very mild winter. Just sayin. If you could send some of the snow our way, we would love it.
  15. Those nutty physicists at CERN think they can open a portal to one of the other 10 postulated supersymetric dimensions by 2013. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/02/01/lhc_upgrade_shutdown_postponed/ Or make a Higgs Boson. Woo! Portals! Sparticles! Strangeons!
  16. Woooo! I got my Dalek finished! Achievement Unlocked: Setting the bar really low. Your terrain looks amazing Rastl! And, as always, I'm envious of your incredible Froggy output frosch.
  17. It's going to be reeeeeeealy pathetic if I can't even finish one mini this month. It may happen though.
  18. Kevin Murphy described his Kidney stone as "A burning-radioactive Potato handed down by God." You have my sympathy Seth!
  19. Holy buckets, he did pay! Hooray Italy! My faith in the general goodness of humanity is restored. But yeah, lesson definitely learned.
  20. ...and your buyer is now re-sending the payment? He said he would, but now no word. Suspicious. Now my paranoia tells me he had it, told me he didn't get it, I send a refund and voila! Package turns up.
  21. That is tragic. You have my sympathies, please keep your spirits up!
  22. The package to Italy arrived! Two months in transit. I really appreciate the buyer's honestly, I already sent him a refund.
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