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  1. Should we call you Herr Oberkatze now? My cat can't leave water uncovered, apart from her bowl. So she's always tipping over my paint water trying to cover it up. Also, when I first adopted her (tiny, abandoned kitten bolts through my door as I come home after work) she used my basing gravel for a litterbox.
  2. ...yeah, that didn't happen. Though the ten iDaleks on the painting bench do console one somewhat. Which Daleks? I'm doing one of the BTD Movie versions. That'll happen. Looking forward to seeing them though. I bought all the Mauridians too. Love the sculpts, have no idea how I want to paint them.
  3. Would MSP 09064 (Brown Liner) be suitable as a replacement? Possibly, but I doubt it. Woodshade Ink was this cool mix of red and green. Looked fantastic shading metallics, as well as trees.
  4. I got all distracted with Onell Designs Glyos stuff. I want to get one Dalek painted this month.
  5. Haven't found any myself. I'm almost out of my supply. Anne, please, please, please, bring this one back!
  6. Great googly moogly, this has been the worst set of items I've ever listed. All my fault really. The Italian buyer just sent me a note telling me the package never arrived. Why was I so arrogant to think Italy's postal system wouldn't lose my package?!? So I'm out $30 bucks, and two more transformers. Customs number only shows it leaving the US, not getting to Italy.
  7. If I've offended you, I apologize. I stand by my original statement though. If the randomized model was sustainable, WotC probably wouldn't be killing it. D&D, and Star Wars are big licenses for the market, and now both lines are dead. Pizza would also be a bad fit for the random format.
  8. Disagree. Say what you like about whether you like randomized miniatures (and many people have said many uncomplimentary things), the random reward structure of collectible cards and miniatures sells product. (The strategy hits the same reward triggers that slot machines hit.) WotC sold huge numbers of boxes of random figures and many fewer boxes with partially random figures. And Reaper hasn't sold anything like those numbers* of unrandomized figures, even though their sculpts and paint jobs are orders of magnitude better. * Speculation; I don't have access to either company's sales figures. But I'd put fairly serious money on a bet that I'm right. I think it's an apples and oranges. While yes, the compulsive, collectible, aspect may encourage sales initially, it's an unsustainable model with miniatures. Especially miniatures that tie into a game. Miniatures are not trading cards.
  9. Let this be a lesson to everyone: Blind boxed minis are a failure. Never try it. Prepainted Plastic? Fine. Just for the love of all that is polymer don't make them random blindboxes! There are only three remaining random miniature lines I can think of: That one fantasy historical wot I don't recall the name of. Monsterpocalype HeroClix Good odds two of those are not long for this world.
  10. Woooo! Welcome back! I just dumped over the office shredder and am throwing a tickertape parade!
  11. Ed mentioned Pro Paints are going quietly into the night. I'm sad, but understand. I would like to suggest sending all the remaining stock to Spike, and myself. It will be a sacrifice, but I think we are willing to take one for the team.
  12. Considering the state of my Brand-new Faded Olive, they seem to be departing on their own.
  13. I really dislike the Hobby-Q logo. A lot. Otherwise, yay for branding!
  14. So it's a WIP? Because the scales seem a bit lacking.
  15. I was packing an item to ship out, and realized I had glued part of it because the pieces kept falling off. Completely forgot that. I sent an email to the buyer, but I don't know if he reads english. Worse, it's a transformer, and that kinda borks the whole 'transformer' aspect. Worse worse: It's superglue, and it's old. I can't remove it. Worse worse worse: Discolored the plastic with acetone trying to unglue the pieces. Worse worse worse worse: It was my most profitable item. No reply from the buyer (in japan). Any suggestions? If I don't hear back I guess I'll just send a full refund and try to cancel the item. Also I let an Italian buyer slip through. I have nothing against Italians, but I fear their postal system. And two non-paying buyers so far. What a mess.
  16. Oops, look like ebay's database was down for a bit, and no one had feedback! But those are all excellent suggestions! Will do in the future (Can't be paranoid enough about ebay). Thanks!
  17. I just put a whole Pantload of stuff on ebay, checking it, I see that most items have a bid! But every single one is a bidder with zero feedback. This is making me nervous. One or two? No worries, ALL of them? Seems fishy. I've never worried about zero-feedback buyers before (everyone has to start somewhere), and as long as they pay, no problem. these though, should I be concerned?
  18. See the main page. What's this now, Reaper will be doing a black Friday? Judging by the picture, it will be a special edition Dire Question Mark.
  19. Criminey, I am NEVER going to a convention. My biggest pet peeve is, pets. One of my cats tries to bury my paint water. Another cannot stand NOT being right in front of me when I'm working. Worst is the stray hair that messes up a coat of paint.
  20. Nanite


    Link for the spoilered ending: http://www.allspark.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=73866&view=findpost&p=1683857 That almost sounds terrible enough to see.
  21. Nanite


    Cowboys, Ninjas, and pneumatic catapults FTW!
  22. Nanite


    So I guess the full title is World Invasion: Battle:LA Terrible title, nice trailers: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/sony_pictures/battlelosangeles/ http://omelete.com.br/videos/invasao-do-mundo-batalha-de-los-angeles-trailer-1/ I'm hearing terrible things about Skyline. Almost so terrible I want to see it. Anyone have spoilers?
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