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  1. Who da widdow hedgehog? Who? You da widdow hedgehog! Wiff da widdow sword! I'm gonna cuddle ya! ... Sorry. Paintjob is magnificent.
  2. No! Cliffhanger! When does the next series start?!?
  3. Love that episode. Johnathan Frakes in the Head Museum: "Yes! Front row!"
  4. I started paying attention to my blog again. The Google Blogger tools are really spiffy, and the updates have renergized my interest: themanpurse.blogspot.com I'm determined to keep the content fresh, so I decided to do a Star Trek marathon, new episode every day! I know I've seen almost every episode of trek, but I sure don't actually remember them. Plus I just discovered that TOS episodes are watchable on IMDB! And not the new ones with dubious updates, the old, grainy, murky TV prints, yay! Please enjoy my desperate cry for attention, and I really could use feedback. How bad is my writing, am I irritating? Worth reading occasionally?
  5. hey man, I'm living in historic everett as well. I'd love to get together - I'm into painting, but I'm not as good as I'd like to be. I'm frustrated that I've got to drive for a half hour to play at any given time. feel free to email me at my regular email: [email protected],com hope to hear from you soon - welcome to the hood. joeV Cool. Will do. I'm down in Vancouver, but next time I'm up North, I'd love to meet up! Funny synchronicity, I just pulled your Thrade from my to-do drawer thinking "Man, I have got to get these done!"
  6. Nanite


    I don't want to doubt you.... but seriously??? Wowzers. I'd forgotten about the Monsterpocalypse movie. Great game, entertaining background, any kaiju is good kaiju. That said, I really dislike Tim Burton as an action director, and hope it goes to someone else.
  7. I've had Pro Paint bottles, that I could swear I closed, completely dry out on me. It's making me rethink my love of Pro Paints. Only problem's I've had with MSP's were batch-related (weren't there some bad runs of blue's and greens?).
  8. Nanite


    Apparently Donald Faison plays a character named Turk... Scrubs vs. Aliens, I'm in. Edit: There's also BattleField: Los Angeles due in January. Similar plot, better cast. I can find very little info about it though. And Monsters is getting good reviews.
  9. It must have been an incredibly tight budget, because to me, that looks like a fan production. They did spend money on good actors to do the voices though, so maybe there was none left over for rendering? Edit: On the positive side, the new DE look quite spiffy, and the Jetbikes at least are shockingly inexpensive.
  10. Frenkenthread, live! LIIIIIVE! The 40k movie doe indeed look like a long cutscene: http://www.firstshowing.net/2010/10/08/watch-full-length-trailer-for-animated-ultramarines-movie/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+firstshowing+%28FirstShowing.net%29&utm_content=Google+Reader From 1998. The first Dawn of war opening looked better, and this isn't anywhere close to the second one. Heck, the Mutant Chronicles movie looked more 40Kish then this.
  11. aaaaand done with The Event. It wants to be LOST so bad it hurts. Has none of the polish or atmosphere of LOST though, and all of the irritating writing, flashbacks, retcons, characters... And that's just two episodes.
  12. 1 Nomad (Getting a simple green bath right now) 2 CAV Wights Done! 1 CAV Ghost 4 VBAM Chouka Theocracy ships. These are half painted already. Let's see if I can finish my malvies in the next two days!
  13. Awww, take care. I never look that good when I come out of surgery, if that helps at all.
  14. Would not want to be near the loud end of any of those. Nice job, though the mouth of the bombard looks like it could use another coat of black. Don't you hate it when pictures reveal something on a mini that you didn't notice?
  15. I like to undercoat larger sections with tamiya due to it's relative cheapness, and it's ability to cover most anything in a few coats. Then move on to the better paints. Man I miss Transformers Animated.
  16. Nice work, looks like the forearms could use another coat though. Hasbro could redeco this figure forever and I would never get bored with it. Good job.
  17. I'll take the shrine! Good to see you here.
  18. Did anyone see the 2009 BBC version of Day of the Triffids? It seemed to come and go with no fanfare. The Event was, ok. If they drop the flashbacks I'll keep watching. Oh and Warehouse 13, HG Wells is a woman? What the what? Not sci-fi but the new Hawaii 5-O made me want to stab my TV. I was watching it for Grace Park and Daniel Day Kim, and sweet zombie gerbils it was awful.
  19. Hmm. Can you remove the bindings then sneak around the university for a nice printer?
  20. If you'd like the JoR's in paper, there are still a few copies I could pickup for you. They're worth it!
  21. Thanks Nanite. I was torn on whether or not I should try and start watching this or not. I'll give it a try now. I'll give it a try, but I fully expect it to end up like Lost or that blackout show that was on last fall (where everyone in the world passed out at the same time for 2 1/2 minutes and saw their futures). You know where all kinds of ridiculously stupid things happen and you're just supposed to accept/ignore them. I figured that as well, but read an interview with the creator, he's been working on it for a while, and supposedly has it all set down. The studio picked it for production because the story had forward momentum (indeed, unlike lost and flashwhatever). I Forgot about Walking Dead! That's a must see. I didn't really like the alternate timeline plot on Eureka this year. I keep thinking the show can't get any dumber, but then they find another shark to jump. I still watch it for Carter and Lupo. Warehouse 13 is more fantasy though, right? Most of the artifacts are supernatural? Anyone watching Caprica? I lost interest, especially knowing how it all ends.
  22. We're almost on a new TV season, anything worth watching? I think I'll pickup Fringe, I enjoyed the season-ender. I'm dropping V, it's to stupid for me to enjoy. No Ordinary Family may be good, but I kinda doubt it. The Event supposedly has a planned arc, so I'll give it a try. Anything else to tune into?
  23. I'd like to go on the record here, and start that the acquisition of a mere 22 figs at once, or even 72 for the year, hardly rates describing it as "pushing the wagon off a cliff and lighting it on fire." YMMV, but I call a day like that "Friday". But when you're as broke as I am, it's fairly huge. It's also up another three... I found Rumscratch, and "needed" some other packs to complete projects I've got going.
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