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  1. I'm right aren't I? I can picture it: One big Monster Truck tire and a Chevy small-block. He was probably tying to crush mimes again, huh?
  2. Thanks for saying what I was thinking Saint! Although I was just going to say "Obvious Troll is Obvious." But you put it better.
  3. Unicycle accident, I just know it. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, good drugs, and an easy time coming out of anestesia (if any). Just please don't go into a coma, and wake up in some '28 days later' 'Walking dead' 'Day of the Triffids' world.
  4. I still love these threads! Really want to finish my Malvies this month: 1 Nomad (probably need to strip it, but I'm out of simple green). 2 CAV Wights 1 CAV Ghost More likely to get finished: 4 VBAM Chouka Theocracy ships. These are half painted already.
  5. Just two minis: A romulan Condor Dreadnaught, and one more CAV Nomad.
  6. And I fell off the wagon again... ... Then set it on fire... ... And pushed it off a cliff: So: Two Kingdoms of Mongo from Flash Gordon Universe: Frigia and Mingo City, That's 9 minis total. (seriously, check these out, so awesome: http://www.hangar18fasa.com/flash_gordon_42.html ) Nine minis total. Then I had to supplant those with a selection of four War ROckets from Hydra Miniatures, and the Cosmic Stranger for good measure. Five there. Reaper released so many awesome minis I couldn't hold off. So add the new Galactic Marine, another flamethrower privateer, the three blood reef minis, and the visbaroness for Six. A two impulse buy packs from GW finish the count at: 22 So 72 for the year. I think I can hold there.
  7. I did a C-3PO and R2-D2 vignette with chronoscope figures, that's probably it for the month. Those look smashing. Good thing I'm broke.
  8. Probably not heaviest, but the triceratops is a bit hefty.
  9. Aces all of them! Can I bother you for a group shot?
  10. So is Reaper doing in-house resin casting?
  11. Me Grimlock crush Megatron! Wait, we're not talking about the transformer? I'll get my coat...
  12. Who dat sculptor?! Also, bought.
  13. Awesome! Thanks! I'm not really familiar with the area, this helps a lot. Other destination include The Stinking Rose, and Super Seven.
  14. I'll be in the Napa Valley and San Fransisco this weekend. Any suggestions on game or miniature stores to visit? Palo Alto has to have some nice nerd caves.
  15. Is the Frost Wyrm slated for a P-65 release? I'd be all over that, what with the softer limbs for posing, and the lower price.
  16. 3 more Romulan Eagles done. Now I just need to get the dreadnaught finished, and it's errm, eight more to go.
  17. Two more for an even 50: Bathalien Primarch, and Nova Officer. I'm really trying to make that it for this year, but, wow, so many great minis out right now.
  18. Enough to make SFB klingons turn and run! Lovely paint jobs.
  19. Ooops. Got tired of waiting in traffic, pulled into the FLGS, and came out 8-minis richer. Three 40K (got em before they marked the prices up), Two Chronoscope, a Brain Horror, and Two SFB ships. Total is up to 48.
  20. Pity party? I always preferred a Bitterness Fiesta! Some tips based on my layoff: Don't start playing video games. Put clothes on every day (robes, pajamas, sweats, and other under-wares don't count). Just FYI.
  21. Yay! My first finished minis back at the old homestead, four SFB Romulans. And finally posting images of a bunch of minis I've finished lately: Dark Eldar Cruiser CAV Thug and Nomads I still need to get good pictures of the Tomb spiders I finished (with the forums help!).
  22. This is the final result of the-Thug-that-wouldn't-end. I stripped and repainted this guy at least four times. I either decided I wanted a different scheme, or botched the paint so bad I had to go back to square one. The Nomads are half of my all-singing, all-dancing, all-transformers-themed, all-nomad recon section. Swindle and Springer are pictured below, Beachcomber and Sandstorm are on the table. Not my best paint jobs but I'm happy to finally have the thug done, and I'm pleased enough with the transformers-inspired schemes that I want to do more. And as always, sorry about the pics.
  23. Stonking great job! Are those GZG or Brigade?
  24. Can you use Gmail Tags to mark it as spam? There's a button at the top when you open a message. It should just send any further mail from them to the spam folder.
  25. I'm having good success with Microsoft Security Essentials as well. Works as well as AVAST and AVG for the most part, and has real-time protection. I also run Malwarebytes and Superantispyware occasionally.
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