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  1. Let us know if you need a box of minis or two to keep you company!
  2. I put aside the CAV bits I've been working on... and bought the ALF robot, and Dr. Totenkrantz! Two more for the pile, I need an nice even 40: Minis Acquired: 40 Minis completed: 8
  3. Take care on deployment Sarge! Now that I'm getting settled I want to finish my Malvies: 2 Wight CAV's 1 Ghost CAV 2 Pesky Nomads
  4. It could have been, the financial network just became self aware... Sounds about as likely as someone typing "billions" instead of "millions".
  5. Holy crap! Keep Darth Vader away from the stock market! Look at what the darkside did!
  6. At first I read "Escort Carrier" and figured you had your largest project ever. The reality is different though not at all disappointing.
  7. Boosh! Love these http://hydraminiatures.com/ That's the first wave, one ship from each faction. I've bought Hydra minis every time they have a sale, and have yet to be disappointed.
  8. Small victory today: I moved my painted minis collection and display case with nary a break.
  9. Knight Models in Spain appears to have a license for 30mm Star Wars minis, and they are crazy expensive: http://www.knightmod..._visor_ing.html So the license is probably crazy expensive, and may even be unavailable.
  10. But in the end, none of it can matter. My companies' website, and most everyone who runs a wordpress site hosted by Network Solutions was hacked this week.
  11. Procrastination sees two minis finished: Dark Eldar Cruiser Scuttles the Tomb Spider Also touched up a Nomad I finished last month, the Never Ending Thug, and Leapy the Tomb Spider got a decal and a gloss coat. Pictures someday...
  12. Behind you Larry, look out!
  13. I thought it jumped the shark when Morena revealed her secret of raising a V army was to have lizard-nookie -- and of course eat her mate afterward*. Although really, we saw it coming when it was revealed that in order to deliver The Rapture to her lizard-peeps she has to get nekkid in a funky light chamber. Damon. * goes under the heading of "I am so evil I don't need to conserve resources, even if I am hundreds of light years from my home planet..." Yeah, there's that too. And how are the Visitors concealing those nasty big pointed teeth? This show is the new "Heroes."
  14. I love those! The troopers and not-vaders especially.
  15. Oy vey 'V' has gotten terrible. They have an alien on the resistance team, and he either 1) Hasn't told them anything about his race, their plans, how their tech works, or 2) they haven't bothered to ask. Fringe any good? Has the lead actress improved?
  16. I may point and laugh, but it's really hypocritical of me. Case in point: easter candy clearance. After months and months of having no junk food in the house, I went crazy and for about 15 minutes the only sounds coming from my house were "nom nom nom"
  17. This is a real thing: http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474978147630 A bacon and cheese sammich with fried chicken for bread.
  18. I have a feeling Mr. Bacon is going to make it into production. The Tauntaun sleeping bag did.
  19. I've decided I reject the Julian calendar. Everything I get done will be this month! Hooray! But yeah, I'm moving this month, so another dry spell for me too.
  20. Really depends on how the VOR Shard are painted. There were some stunning ones on CMON, but they seem to have gone.
  21. Thank you all again for the advice, and the sharing of stories. It's really helped. And my sympathies again to everyone who's getting gut punched by this world. I'm looking forward to being home again, my folks and I share a lot of friends, we'll BBQ, and I can teach my dad to play miniature games, now that we both have time to play! I've got one more month in the apartment, and the office has been really helpful, so no problem breaking the lease, huzzah! Now I just need to do the actual moving. A bit of a drag that, I only had one small case full of minis when I moved out. Now... More then that. Minis and other stuff. Stupid stuff.
  22. This is all Crunch's fault. I ordered a Cold Navy Kharadorn fleet from Ravenstar. 10 models. Had some ebay money, and Ravenstar had a sale, so my total for the year is around $150. Minis Acquired: 38 Minis completed: 6 That's the last for a while.
  23. The hits just keep coming! Awesome!
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