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  1. Thanks Jeremy! I love how they kinda reming me of Kow Yokoyama's SF3D / Ma.K stuff. Oh and I take back every negative thing I said about the preview Skinnies. They are a blast to paint, and the models are really clean.
  2. Still haven't gotten a chance to play, the rules look nice and clean though. I love the weapon names.
  3. One thing that surprised me is the huge support that the Star Wars random minis game has received im my area. It may just be a flash in the pan, like the cliks seem to be, but right now it doesn't seem like it. Another odd thing is the big push that Chronopia and Warzone get from one of the FLSGs. I thought they were on their way out. Glad Reaper isn't having any problems selling figs though!
  4. That's kinda what I figured Frosch, thanks.
  5. I'm not sure if it's bad form to discuss business on this forum, but I was just curious about how well the takeup has been on Warlord, and what is planned for CAV. I noticed at my two big FLGS, that while they both stock Warlord, and DHL minis, there doesn't seem to be much playing. I don't think either of them keep CAV minis in stock. Have the sales been good? I'm sure there is a big marketing push in the works for CAV, and I really want to see the RAGE games succed. Any thoughts from others? Sorry if this is redundant.
  6. I think I'll wait for the plastics to put an entire army together. Right now I'd rather buy the big MI suits. Hopefully I should have my first MI and Skinnie picks up soon. Skinnies give me an excuse to go all crazy with metallics, and other colors I don't often use!
  7. I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I love the idea of this, and it would be nice to see a more cohesive VSF with good support. My only suggestion is to go light on the fantasy elements. I think there's a tendency to just hit up magic and myth right off the bat, but the draw of this world for me is the weird science, the colonialism, the Jules-Verne / H.G. Wells speculation. It's a different kind of fantasy, true. Just rambling.
  8. Good for you Hexxenhammer. Sat in on a demo on Saturday, unfortunantly that just fanned the flames. Going to ebay a few painted squads to recoup costs though, decided to keep all the nifty bits and the book. Cool! The raider or the militia? I'm much more partial to the Raiders myself.
  9. The trailer is upo in front of Hitchhiker's (I tried, but I didn't like it). It's one of the best trailers I've seen in a while, of course, I love the show. Bad thing? There's a preview screening in Portland, and I missed the ticket sale completely, anyone know a good scalper?
  10. Picked up the Skinny metals this weekend. They look better in person, but the mouths look like Dr. Zoidberg's, and the poses are a bit wonky. Nice thing is? Single piece. After getting frustrated on the MI assembly (would it have killed them to number the sprues, and make instructions that weren't useless?) they are kinda refreshing. Plus I can't wait to try out the Nerve-beams!
  11. That time again. One hour to go, the drone of the server's fans turning my brainwaves to static, and the dead spot in the office's HVAC means it's unbearably muggy 77. Can't. Bleeding. Wait. Plus I want to leave since I can't make it to my FLGS after 5:00 because traffic will be awful, and I need to pickup groceries for a dinner party tomorrow. Just don't want to be here.
  12. I'll check it out. I need mylar for the MI trooper's visors anyway. Plus I can't find my copy of SST, so I'll have to hit the Barnes and Nobel that's next door.
  13. What this "need" of which you speak? Having a game to play never stopped me from buying minis.
  14. Brian Blessed was also a Gungan. Now that's a multitalented individual.
  15. In the "how can I live without these" category, new pulp sci-fi Bob Olley figures: Heros, Villians, Rayguns!
  16. Thanks guys! Great minds. I tried that, but with what I had on hand, it looked to "big" for the model. As a compromise I textured the inside with a needle, going for the same look. Humans are on the way, but they require talent that I do not yet posess. Right now I'm working a 28mm Miss Namikawa (sp?) from Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, as well as assorted X-ite henchmen from the same film, Anne Francis for Robby to hold, a flash-gordon esque "space-champion" (should be up in a bit), and I'm using the head off of the iron golum for my own version of the Giant Smoking Robot (should also be up soon).
  17. Now that I see this in pictures I have a LOT of work left to do. This is my rendition of the classic Forbidden Planet poster. First task was to put the torso more upright, so I cut it at the hips, and re-positioned it. The GS rings cover the poorly-matched re-connection. Next I added a classic analoug gauge on his belt buckle, not really visible here since I sanded it before adding the details. Then to cover the head-hole I added my favorite symbol of all things scince! and cool! and futurey! An atom! Unfortunantly it looks a little more like a keebler cookie. Then the bullet-head, eyes are unfiinished, but I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I realise most people will equate the ear-ports with Shrek. Pity, Cheesy robots had em first! The arms are a mess, and the fingers lack all detail. Plus thay need to be repositioned since it looks like he's about to dump the damsel when I add her in. Also the damsel in distress is not going so well. All comments and critisizms welcome! The red is a paint spill:
  18. While picking up Starship Troopers at my FLGS, I noticed the last of their AOG Bablyon5 stuff in the bargan bin *sniffle* GROPOS, we hardley knew ye. Poor, full-scale poor pak-ma-ra minis, few loved you. Did pickup a nice copy of Showdowns 3 though!
  19. Interesting to hear you say that Darksoul, I had the same reaction. Their not bad, just smaller than I thought. I was going nuts last night sanding mold-lines, but after looking at the piddly little assembly diagram, I realized that most will be hidden under paultrons and whatnot. That's good design
  20. Have to try it out this weekend. Can it be played solo?
  21. Fantastic trailer. Now I need to change my sig. Can't wait to see it big before hitchhikers (I hope). I'm actually glad it was pushed back, more opportunity for a minor hit, and hopefully more movies!
  22. First impression on the boxed set is that Mongoose wasn't exaggerating when they said this thing is PACKED. You get tons of sprue, a nice rulebook, and lots of supplemental bits for you $75, (oh and a really nice box). I'm painting up the MI now, Armory black spray primer seems to be working well YMMV. I started off priming the legs and torsos assembled, but now I'm just priming all the pieces on the sprue, then clean them up as I assemble. Oh and Loctite brand gel superglue is working great for me.
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