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  1. Just curious if you are going to cast these in resin or white metal?
  2. Side shot looks very nice. So you do your own casts and molds? That's impressive.
  3. Spatter on the base are a great touch. Lots of personality.
  4. Grrr! or Crrrroak? Looks great!
  5. My FLGS just got the boxes in, whee! *Seth gads about madly, rembers he's still at the office and ceases the gadding.*
  6. Your right there, but then again that's selective memory for ya. Hey Mark Hamill could be in a new Jedi order series! It would be great!
  7. Indeed. Edited to say my complaint about the Mongoose boards was in regaurds to their forum organisation, I meant no offense.
  8. You know I think it's a testament to the unperterbable coolness of Reaper's employees and community members that we can chat about Starship troopers on such a spiffy forum. Thanks Reaper! The Mongoose boards are a bit wonky.
  9. So would I. Of course the prequils already pooped all over the EU. But far be it for me to get that gripe started here. Star Wars TV? Of course I'll watch!
  10. Well I will blame the boards, the buzz, the overall spiffyness, and NOT my complete lack of willpower. Just put down for a boxed set at my FLSG.
  11. Wow, that's great. What's the white material? Love the pose, very dynamic.
  12. I won't knock the Futurama, since I missed it completely the first time around, and I love Dr. Zoidberg. Family Guy is evil though, as it may be responsible for Arrested Development's death. Plus it's in Syndication, on TBS, and the Adult swim blocks. Enough. I would be all for a lineup shuffle. Cowboy Bebop and Trigun are certainly past my bedtime, though I will stay up for GITS on occasion.
  13. [Hammil] No! I'll never join you! [/Hammil] But seriously, would it be a fair trade to swap the bug sprues in the boxed set for the MI sprues? Aww, resistance really is futile.
  14. Re-animating an old thread to proclaim my love for the GITS: Stand Alone Complex soundtrack. It's all over the map genre-wise: rock/pop/techno, Vangelisy bits. But I've really enjoyed it. Oh and I'm all hooked on GITS now, would be nice if Adult Swim ran a marathon so I could pick up the first part of the season.
  15. Yikes! That's a great looking sculpt. Done up in layers of metallic blue... No!
  16. Starting to paint this, should have pics up one day, did a base that looks like a Horta with mange (flock and I don't get along so well), but it's ok. I've been inquiring about casting, and since I never intended this for a master, it looks like there's way to much to do to get it into the proper shape. What do you all think? Oh yeah, plus it's not really good enough to sell I think (the feet are the worst bit). And why am I painting this if I wan't it to be a master? I tell you, at the tender age of 23 my mind is already going...
  17. It's not my bag but I'm sure there would be a market for it if it went to casting.
  18. Any muzzle-loader (or just the look) is cool in my book. Nice job!
  19. I like it! I would wheather up the roof-beams. Just me though.
  20. Be strong Hexxenhammer you can resist! I'm trying too! [innervoice] Think of all the painting you've got, the old Star Wars figs, the Star blazers fleet! The box of League ships, the conversions, the sculpting, your friends all think you’ve died! DON'T QUIT ON ME NOW SETH![/innervoice]
  21. Really great job. There's a lot of personality in that mini!
  22. Nice find, thanks for the link!
  23. Googling around a bit, I found a suggestion to cut up a mylar balloon or sheet mylar and use that. It could work.
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