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  1. Does Bruce Graw have any left? It's hard to track without B5wars.net, but I think he still had some. www.agentsofgaming.com/oshop.htm
  2. Woo! Almost all the old FASA ships are converted to B5wars, on Planetside, I never noticed before, that rocks! Oh and check out www.agentsofgaming.com/oshop.htm for minis not covered by mongoose.
  3. Skavenbabe- I can't take credit for the scheme, it's right out of the Babylon 5 TV series, and is probably my all-time favorite spaceship, just edging out various Starfleet ships. Ecs05norway- The G'Quan is just paint and time (I was still in highschool when I did it, amazing how much free time I had then), nothing special. I have a few unpainted ones, and I want to try to duplicate it. The paintjob on the Dag'Kar was easier though, red undercoat, white blocks, then micron pen for the black. Same thing with the Rongoth, only no red. That works pretty well. Thanks for all the commendations!
  4. Bingo! Part 2 to be specific. Your up slugger.
  5. See my sig for reason why I never noticed the attach feature
  6. I try to so the same, thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Doesn't look like Imagestation will let non-users access pics, which sucks. Let me try something else.
  8. I signed up for an Imagestation account, and wanted to see if I could share from it. So to that end, here is my Narn fleet from the in and out of production full size Agents of Gaming/Mongoose publishing range. The minis were painted one at a time, over several years, the last few being finished a couple months ago. I think the G'Quan (lower right, red with white and black tiger stripes) was the second mini I had ever done, and made for a challenging introduction to the world of miniatures! Obviously some are better than others... All comments/criticisms welcome! Edit: Sould work now.
  9. No, let me clarify, you've got the episode right, just the wrong part. It was in the short, which was...
  10. Love those gloves and boots!
  11. This is just kind of a rant, but I wanted to get other's experiences with ebay feedback as well. I was always comfortable with the feedback system as a buyer, but now that I'm selling, it seems like pulling teeth to get purchaser's to leave feedback. I know they got their packages, and unless the post office decided to practice origami, they should have been in good shape. I've sent e-mails without reply, and still no feedback. It's very troubling. What about you all, what are your experiences?
  12. Cool. Going unprimed gives it a spiffy metallic look, very nice! Edit: Wow, I'm an idiot, should have gone with your Cav pick Prophet. Nice lion though!
  13. I like the layered texture on the spider's butt, very nice work!
  14. Very nice! I stick with the pen because I'm worse at washes.
  15. Odd, I liked Vin Diesel, but really hated the movie. It felt more like Masters of the Universe. Lots of wasted potential there. And if you read some interviews with David Twohey(sp?) he kinda got too full of himself after Pitch Black. Can't beleive he didn't learn his lesson after Waterworld (for the record, I still like Waterworld). Your mileage may vary. Oh and Jake Lloyd is infinitely worse than Jar Jar Hulk: Worth seeing for the tiled-comic book panel style wipes and dissolves. It added a lot to a film that would have been intolerable otherwise, and I like the FX. X-Men 1 & 2: Both Neo-classics. 2 has much more action than 1, and more peril. Spider Man 1 & 2: Again, classics. 1 has a cheesier Villain but is still excellent, 2 is brilliant all around, though may drag in spots. Daredevil: Hated it, it was cheese but wouldn't acknowledge it. Bad fight choreography as well. Bourne 1 & 2. Excellent, though 2 made me seasick on the big screen, much better on video, plus Moby
  16. I think the rest of the league and the Dilgar are a lock, may be out by the end of this year even. They would be foolish not to do rules for minis that they already have masters for. One thing that bothers me though about ACtA is that I'm already confused about where the line is heading, and the organization of the supplements. Seems like they release monthly rule updates, plus variants only available in the boxes, and advanced rules coming our way soon. Sure B5W had lots of supplements by the end, but they were all fairly self-explanatory, and if you have the core books your peachy.
  17. I'm missing B5wars.net quite a bit myself, another really enjoyable forum. Thanks for the offers of help. I'll have to get the hexfields and dice out and try again! I have just about all the books I need I think (SoTF 1, Core rules, lots o' suppliments) And I've got at least one of each mini (not painted all yet alas), so that's a good start eh?
  18. That's a very nice job. It's amazing what good paint can do to a mini, I didn't think the sculpting was that good until I saw this. Excellent!
  19. Very very close. Right show, wrong part. Edit: What was shown before Rocket Attack USA?
  20. "The driver is gone or he's hiding."
  21. There's a thread at Star Ranger on the subject that brings out some good points. I still want to try it, I've been trying to teach myself B5Wars again recently with little success.
  22. The RPG, or the wargame?
  23. Just another random "What are you doing?" thread. On my table right now is are three FASA trek ships (A chandley and an excelsior, and a romulan destroyer), two Babylon 5 wars Dilgar ships (names escape me), all basecoated. Also an Iron Golum being converted, a scratchbuilt robot, and painting my martian tripod. At my current rate, I will finish none of them So what's on your table?
  24. I'm back and forth on this one. I'm not that interested in the bugs or the marines, since painting would be my reeason for buying. The skinnies and the bigger suits though... I really am hoping it does well.
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