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  1. I shipped some packages on monday, and I don't think they've reached their destinations yet, (from Northwest to East and Southwest). I'll check the tracking numbers and see.
  2. I know your not looking for anything, but just saying it's nice that this forum is a welcoming enough place that people can vent. That's just cool. As for family? Reading your experience makes me want to hug my parents and thank them for only having one kid. Oh and my Mom and her younger (and only) sister have had lots of ups and downs, they get on great now, it just took 30 years.
  3. Maybe Fey was the wrong word Lars, I just rember not being fond of him. Yes I guess I see it, under all the skulls! Badum-pum! Oh and am I the only one here who played the first PC-CD Dune game, based on the Lynch movie? That was a wacky game.
  4. You know it's kinda sad but I still sometimes play the Emperor:Battle for Dune RTS that's sorta based on the Lynch version. I think it came out around 2001? My computer can't play anything newer : P Hmm, may have to start on some Sardukar minis...
  5. Much agreed there. The Lynch Dune looks great. Only drawback for me: Replacing Baron Harkonnen with Jabba the Hutt. In this way the Sci-Fi Dune has my vote. Otherwise, I really disliked their choice for Paul, and the production design looked really cheap. Plus I wasn't too fond of the script, or the fey acting from the Emperor. An aside: Has anyone made Dune minis? Edit: Forgot to mention the extended version of the Lynch Dune is much better IMO, Sci-Fi shows it infrequently, it's like five hours long.
  6. Yup, Power Supply. I would have your friend replace it quickly though Enchantra, I had on client that had a similar problem, and ended up burning out their CD-ROM. Of course they kept turning it on, over and over again, even after a capacitor blew, shooting sparks and smoke out the back. I guess they just liked sparks.
  7. Thow me in for the "Disclamer:Sounds like power supply." pool. Modern hard disks tend to just go buggo, and not make any warning noises before they turn in. May I ask what sort of computer it is (Dell, Gateway, homebrew etc.)?
  8. I do stained glass mosaics, but sculpting/mini painting has kinda kneecapped my muse of late. Also, movies, TV, books, drawing painting, reading, and very active in my faith, though that's not so much a hobby Hey where's beekeepers?
  9. This movie had a lot stacked against it for me: Crappy director FOUR screenwriters Lack of support from the author, and based on one of the more far-fetched Novels And Penelopy Cruz But I enjoyed it! William Macy can do no wrong in my book, and Steve Zahn and Matthew Mconagy(sp?) are lots of fun to watch. The film doesn't drag, and manages to be silly but still entertaining. Not a highbrow film by any means, but fun! And Penelopy Cruz? Well, she doesn't talk THAT much.
  10. Nanite

    CAV Greens

    Cool Beans! Thanks Matt!
  11. Hate the prequels? Show your disdain with officially licensed Star Wars Toilet Paper!
  12. Nanite

    CAV Greens

    Does that mean that the entire CAV range will be unified in scale? Or are the tanks and infantry in a different scale? Thanks.
  13. Horses? Armchairs? Brain Close? A rhinocerous with an Aqualung? Oh! HENRY BERGSON!!!
  14. John Bear Ross? I'm not worthy! Thanks for all the great tips everyone.
  15. Cool beans! That's your best yet!
  16. I have hope for this season, what with the new manager and all, plus some new talent on the mound and at the plate. I think the Twins are a good bet for the division title.
  17. Sergei- Seriously? The old James Mason one? I love that movie! BunnyPuncher- So true. The inside of the space capsule was nifty though.
  18. You mean Hercules and the Valley of Cleavage? Good times, good times. Favorites: Arrested Development (buy the first season DVD, you won't be dissapointed) Babylon 5 (yes, even Crusade, and the movies) Amazing Race Good Eats 30 Minute Meals Neat Stuff (anyone rember this one?) BSG
  19. And the twins wupped them last night. Looks like another stqandard Mariners season!
  20. *High-5 SaintRigger back!
  21. Wooo! Go Mariners! Second worst Spring Training average in the AL! But now they're on a one game winning streak yay!* *(against the twins)
  22. Glad I'm not the only one. Again. For obsessive MST3K fans:Ward e Bad movies? My list, from theaters: Screwed (just awful) Moulin Rouge Behind Enemy Lines (and I like Owen Wilson) Armageddon (only film that's made me physically ill) Jurassic Park 3 I'll also plug the MST3K Info Club. New boxed set this month! Includes Prince of Space! Krankor! I like it very much!
  23. Huge thanks to Hexxenhammer for hosting these! I finished off some details, here's the Martian's face: The sanded gs bit isn't the Martian's arm, but a connection for the two pieces of copper forming the deathray. And a side view of the tripod: I had an awful time trying to get the Martian's ears right Oh, a thought on basing. It stands pretty well now, but what do you guys think, should I stick a base under it? Not real happy with the feet, and there are rough bits to the Martian's head, but overall I'll call it finished, and start painting!
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