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  1. True, Cruise is a big "Meh" for me. I was ok with him in Minority Report though.
  2. I would underestimate Spielberg, the more I hear of it, it's a close, modern, adaptation of the source, and not another Independence Day. I mean look at the abduction scene from "Close Encounters." Those aliens were good and that scence still creeps the heck out of me! Oh and I think the Hines version is going to hit in US theaters, and on DVD.
  3. Props to the guys at Zoic for some of the best SFX I've seen in years. They're not just technically brilliant, they're really evocative. Oh and the last two episodes? Blew. My. Mind. (Not that there's much to, well... nevermind) Can't wait for the DVD.
  4. Ha! I love it! Great blending on the hat.
  5. Try soaking it in Simple Green. It's worked for me to soften, though not break up most gules.
  6. Since we're on Adult Swim at the moment, I thought I would mention that the Hypno-Toad Futurama was on a couple nights ago. I almost ran out of breath laughing!
  7. Just a quick question on shilling our own ebay auctions, what's the etiquette on this, should we start a thread somewhere just for such a purpose? I noticed in the ebay experiences text that this is verboten; does that apply to the entire boards? Thanks.
  8. Thanks everyone! I can't update the image on CMON, so I need another place to host updates. The martian though is not very good at this point. I'll make sure to post a closeup when the piece is painted. Oh and those are 1/16" copper tubes for the legs, sunk into the sculpy or gs. It's still a tad wobbly, so I'm going to increase the size of feet. Thanks again.
  9. I can only take Aqua Teen Hunger force in very small doses, and I missed the first season of Sealab, so I don't feel bad saying that I just don't get it. I love Robot Chicken though! My prize for awful thing on Adult Swim goes to Super Milk Chan. I didn't know you could be that stoned and still put together a TV show.
  10. Just about finished: Sculpy and Greenstuff, big improvement over my last finished project. I started this as an entry for last years Starshipmodeler.com Mars contest, but there's nothing like a deadline to make a person ignore a model for about 6 months The feet still need some work, and the legs are a bit rough. Also I need to add the ears and eyebrows to the martian. This Cover was my inspiration. Reaper Gen. Drake standing in for scale. All comments and suggestions welcome. (CMON link:Martian Tripod)
  11. No go for it! I wont remember it in two weeks anyway ETA: This thread made me change my sig!
  12. Dude, this is my day to be completely stupid. I knew the Venture Brothers seemed familiar, but I never made the Johnny Quest connection until it was brought up here. I always thought it was a Hardy boys parody. Anyway it's a very funny show, and worth recording since I try not to stay up that late. It captures that 60's super-science adventure spirit and is funny to boot. Oh and Brock is voiced by Patrick Warburton!
  13. Oh Lordy, I even posted in that thread praising Reaper for having the business sense to not go ahead with a generic Sci-fi line until they were ready and had enough to support it. I have no brain...
  14. I loved Dr. Venture's reaction to Roy Brisby even more! I can't beleive how well this show works, it's a real gem.
  15. There seem to be plenty of Dark Gothic Future minis from several manufacturers, a little less Near Future, Steampunk/Cyberpunk, etc. and a handful of retro sci-fi subjects ( but these tend towards campy ). So why not a Dark Galactic Legends series of generic Sci-Fi subjects? I can hope
  16. Speaking as one who is disinterested in Fantasy, I wholeheartedly second Enchantra's suggestion!
  17. That looks fantastic! Excellent detail on the battered arm, very nice freehand, and a great looking cockpit.
  18. That's a lot of color depth for 20min!
  19. Excellent! I keep saying it, Reaper makes great Sci-fi figs. They're just not labeled as such! I would have put the worm on it's shoulder though, kinda like a trusty companion/cleanup crew. Just me though.
  20. That's a load o' pixies! Nice job on the conversion.
  21. No Saintrigger, they took a lot of imagination to get them looking like that! Don't sell yourself short. Another picture is up at CMON. Needless to say I won't be using that lighting setup again.
  22. One of their Absentminded Professor remakes?
  23. Shameless self-promotion: Showoff
  24. Ejected shells sounds like a neat detail. Can't say I'm behined the cotton flash though, I'm not a big one for fibers and minis. On the motion blur, I recall in old fighting video games that when a character punched or kicked there would be a highlight, sometimes translucent. If that's what you have in mind, may want to get some clear sheet styrene.
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