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  1. Didn't realize it has been a month since I last updated. Time flies when adjusting to a new job. Anyway, I have made some significant progress on the 4 Weebles. First up is the detail paint. I worked on the the eye before I painted the purple fins. I did the eye in 2 stages, in 1 sitting. I mixed an yellow brown for the shade, an yellow orange for the mid shade, and used straight yellow for the highlight on the 1st stage. I applied thin glazes of each color and blended them as necessary. Before I got to the 2nd stage I painted the purple details, which consisted of glazes of a dar
  2. Here is the body with the highlight layer done. Depending on your monitor, you may not see the color difference between top blue-green highlight and the yellow green on the underside. Overall I'm satisfied with the look. Next up will be the eyeball, mouth, and fin color. I think purple will work well with this color scheme for the scale / lump texture on the model.
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first time sharing my miniatures step by step, and excited to do so. Hopefully I can learn some things and everyone else who views the thread will learn a bit too. I have been looking forward to the Starcadia board game and especially painting the minis that come with it. So first up is the Weeble alien monster. I picked it for 2 reasons, 1 because it was a simple model and I wanted to try my hand at the big eye. There are 4 total Weeble models and it took about 4-5 hours to get to the point in the last photo. I decided to mimic the illustration that came o
  4. Love the mouselings and nice paint job. Is that Nibbles the mouseketeer, from "Tom and Jerry" color scheme I spy?
  5. Well done, and white does get tiring after a while. That can go for any color scheme really when you have an army.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I noticed I forgot to add my closeup of the water seen from the top.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new here, been an off and on lurker over the years, and wanted to share some pictures most recently finished models. Before I began, I was looking for ideas on how to decorate the models and a lot of the pictures that I found of these models I didn't think did them justice. So I looked at other treemen models. What I liked the most was using foliage and turf material to create "real" foliage instead of going with just painted metal. I really enjoyed working on the models, it was a lot of firsts for me. The biggest one being water, I have see
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