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  1. Didn't realize it has been a month since I last updated. Time flies when adjusting to a new job. Anyway, I have made some significant progress on the 4 Weebles. First up is the detail paint. I worked on the the eye before I painted the purple fins. I did the eye in 2 stages, in 1 sitting. I mixed an yellow brown for the shade, an yellow orange for the mid shade, and used straight yellow for the highlight on the 1st stage. I applied thin glazes of each color and blended them as necessary. Before I got to the 2nd stage I painted the purple details, which consisted of glazes of a dark blue purple for the shade, a red purple for the mid tone, and a light blue purple for the highlight. I applied the dark blue purple first on the fins and the various scales. The applied the red purple to give it some very subtle warmth in the shadows and on the scales. Lastly I stippled the light blue purple and red purple to add texture and interest. Once the purple was finished I took on stage 2 of the eyeball. It consisted of strengthening the highlight by using straight yellow, and a mix of HBA (heavy body acryllic) white and yellow, and some straight HBA white. I used the straight yellow as a shade for the highlight and to help blend it with the remainder of the eye. I used the straight white very subtly to the bottom of the eye to create the strongest highlight. The white yellow was used to brighten the lower portion of the eyeball. I intended to put a white highlight opposite of the yellow highlight, but I did not like how it turned out every time I tried to apply it so I wiped it off before it dried. Painted the teeth white. The mouth got the same dark blue purple as the fins. As for the base I didn't want a pure traditional black so I mixed 2 parts purple with 1 part light blue, 1 part red, and 2 parts black. Which resulted in a dark bluish purple which wasn't too cold (color temp wise) thanks to the 1 part of red. Once the base was complete I painted the drool with a dark green, medium green, light green, and yellow green. Then I applied matte varnish. Once the varnish dried, I went back over the drool, mouth, and eye with gloss varnish to make them look wet. I also wanted to add more drool and thought about a slime trail. So the drool drips was a first for me and I'm quite pleased with the result. Very simple to do, I used a piece of hair, very tiny drips of super glue, and coated with gloss varnish to make the super glue drops "bigger". After adding the drips of drool I don't know if the slime trail is necessary or how much it of a trail to leave. Just curious, what are your thoughts on a slime trail?
  2. Here is the body with the highlight layer done. Depending on your monitor, you may not see the color difference between top blue-green highlight and the yellow green on the underside. Overall I'm satisfied with the look. Next up will be the eyeball, mouth, and fin color. I think purple will work well with this color scheme for the scale / lump texture on the model.
  3. Hi Everyone, This is my first time sharing my miniatures step by step, and excited to do so. Hopefully I can learn some things and everyone else who views the thread will learn a bit too. I have been looking forward to the Starcadia board game and especially painting the minis that come with it. So first up is the Weeble alien monster. I picked it for 2 reasons, 1 because it was a simple model and I wanted to try my hand at the big eye. There are 4 total Weeble models and it took about 4-5 hours to get to the point in the last photo. I decided to mimic the illustration that came on the Weeble card in the game, so I am using a similar color scheme. First step was prepping the model, and removing the mold lines. 2 of the 4 models had 2 bad areas on their left fin that left gaps and a rough spot. To fix it, I tried a new method, I put a little varnish on each area. If you haven't tried it, I definitely recommend it for small gaps or trouble areas that need filled or smoothed. I put a small dab on, let it dry and done, no need to pull out the putty. 2nd step was priming. I don't like the spray can so I use gesso. It might take a little longer, but no noxious fumes and extra space needed, just brush it on and let it dry. I just spread it thin and quick most of the time, hence the streaking in the picture. The streaking never shows on a finished mini from what I have experienced. 3 is where the fun began for me, choosing the colors and beginning to paint. My most recent elven minis, I started experimenting with different ways to do base coating and time around I am trying a colored base that is different that the final paint layer. I'm trying this out to see if I can reduce a step in my process and still get results I like. After examining the illustration, I settled on a blue-green for the body of the Weeble, and yellow for the eye. I plan on keeping with the warm yellow highlight in the front and the cold blue / purple shadow in the back. Once I decided that, I chose my basing colors, of a dark yellow brown for the front and dark blue purple for the back. 4 with the base shadows on the model, I started working from dark to light. I mixed up a glaze of a medium green and medium purple blue. I gradually worked up the colors with multiple layers making sure to blend the colors together where the transition occurred between them. I left the eye alone, because the dark yellow brown was perfect for the yellow eye. 5 once I was happy with the dark colors, I moved on to my mid-tones. I mixed up glazes of yellow green for the warm light and a blue green for the cold light. I took my time on this step again applying the glazes in layers to build up the color. I decided to try reflected / bounce lighting on the model, so I applied the blue green more on top of the model and the yellow green more on the bottom. I imagine the lighting being blue white (like a daylight bulb) which results a warmer reflected light in the areas not directly hit by the blue light. 6 after a while I moved on to the eye. I continued with painting dark to light, so I chose an orange brown for the light area and the same yellow brown and dark blue purple for the shadowed area. Again I gradually applied the glazes and blended them together. Overall I am pleased with the direction it is going, and it is still far from done. I having gotten to the brightest highlights or even attempted the mouth yet. After that will be the finishing touches, the green slime, and scaly lumps. In the illustration the lumps are black but I don't think black will look good, any suggestions? I was also thinking of doing a slime trail, or more drool I've not done something like that before does anyone have any suggestions in the direction? Or should I not do a slime trail or more drool?
  4. Love the mouselings and nice paint job. Is that Nibbles the mouseketeer, from "Tom and Jerry" color scheme I spy?
  5. Well done, and white does get tiring after a while. That can go for any color scheme really when you have an army.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I noticed I forgot to add my closeup of the water seen from the top.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm new here, been an off and on lurker over the years, and wanted to share some pictures most recently finished models. Before I began, I was looking for ideas on how to decorate the models and a lot of the pictures that I found of these models I didn't think did them justice. So I looked at other treemen models. What I liked the most was using foliage and turf material to create "real" foliage instead of going with just painted metal. I really enjoyed working on the models, it was a lot of firsts for me. The biggest one being water, I have seen a lot of videos about making water scenes and what not. Seeing the model with cattails on it I had to have it coming out of the water. I tried going for a wet dripping algae look. For a first attempt I think it did turned out pretty good. As far as the models go, I wasn't really thrilled with the appearance of the metal vines. So I created my own vines as well, which is another first. Quite fun but tedious and pleased with the look. Cattails were made from parts of floral wheat and tacky glue. Adding foliage to miniatures in general is a first for me as well, all the foliage was self made with colored sawdust and furniture foam. The only thing not made was static grass. The water is Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and their Water Effects. I liked how easy it was and relatively mess free compared to the typical 2 part epoxy that I've seen. After doing these minis I thought of something I am going to attempt on my other 6. I'm going to ditch the metal arms entirely and use floral wire as a support so I can then pose the vines however I want. Lastly, these are going to be a part of my Elven Army and perhaps a start of a Forces of Nature Army for Kings Of War. So these aren't my first models. Just the ones I'm most satisfied with. If you have any suggestions, critiques, or questions let me know.
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