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  1. I feel a connection to the one-eyed cat. My friends actually have an orange tabby with only one eye. Named him Fury. All of these are really cool.
  2. Good news. The mandatory evacuation has been downgraded to a warning. We're going home to empty the refrigerator today but not staying as the utilities are not fully back online. Friends who went back last night have confirmed our house still stands.
  3. I'd like having him on my shelf just as he is, no need for work on highlights.
  4. I like the subdued palette.
  5. I really like the crow thief. The other one is quite well dressed. Its robes look really good. They both are magnificent.
  6. Exactly. We live north of Napa about ˜45 miles, but we've evacuated to Napa, camping out on my in-laws' floor. It's the four of my family with our dog and cat, and two of our friends with their five dogs, two cats, four birds, two chickens, and a tortoise all packed into the in-laws'. It's quite a party.
  7. Fires are threatening my home yet again. The lower slopes of the mountain on which I live are burning. We evacuated at 0600 to my in-laws' so we are safe but things are not ideal. At this point I just hope that I can go home to my minis. The friend of ours who is in the fire brigade has said it will likely be 7-14 days before the evacuation order is lifted.
  8. A few things stood out in your text that you may want to change, one grammatical, one stylistic, and one simply an omission. "Painting these miniatures (are) not difficult, and a beginning painter should have no problems painting these miniatures." The "are" should be "is" as the actual subject of the sentence is "Painting." "If you have them, you can (wash washes x) the "hole" of the pit toilet with Secret Weapon Miniatures Sewer Water and/or Baby Poop washes (as well as resin water or other gunk), to make it subtly more disgusting." Here you have what seems to be repetition though technically it's not. Stylistically it sounds better to replace the first "wash" with something like "apply" or "dump" since the very next word is "washes." Then I think you left out the word "in" after "washes." Take a look and see what you think. Going back to the idea of avoiding repetition, we could consider "painting" in the first sentence I copied. They're further apart so it is less noticeable, but you could change the second instance to "working with." ...and by the way, are you sure the wooden one is a chamber pot? I was thinking it was a bed for a baby with the lid for when it's crying.
  9. This colour scheme looks better than the gold and green they use in the stock photos. Is the base built of rocks, or sculpted, or something else entirely?
  10. I like what you've done with the mini, but I love your reasoning for going with purple.
  11. How fun! I would've thought the Warlord body to be too small to fit the other parts, but it works.
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