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  1. You've convinced me to add him to my wishlist. I hope mine looks half as good as yours.
  2. I'm fond of corvids also. This really motivates me to pick these up. I love the bright colors. It clearly says raven to me.
  3. That's actually part of the curiosity. I had attempted to clear it with a quilting pin. It even came out with pigment on it. So I squeezed with confidence and blop! It was like oobleck everywhere.
  4. As a public service I wish to warn any who are otherwise unaware. The drip nozzles of our half ounce bottles will blow out given enough internal pressure. This results in a rather widespread splatter. I just had this experience. I now have paint splattered in a 3' radius around my work station. Oops. I also ruined a jumper and a shirt. I hadn't changed out of my work clothes yet.
  5. My great uncle flew night flights with the Carpetbaggers to support the French Resistance. They dropped spies, propaganda, and other supplies. His plane went down on the night of the 3-4th of March.
  6. What a great collection. Although, I could've done without the scorpions. I get them in my house occasionally, though not quite that large. What's the guy on the far left in the group shots?
  7. How long ago did you get the bald guy? I immediately went to the Reaper catalogue and did a search for a mini holding a rifle and all I got were skeletons. Needless to say, I like them.
  8. I like it! ...and I wish my dog's teeth were that white.
  9. I'm going to have to look that show up. I love your concept. It makes the mini more fun.
  10. Well done. ...and intimidating. I had thought to illustrate a story like you've done but I would struggle to do half the conversion work you've shown us here. To sum up: both modeling and writing were fun.
  11. Wow, those eyes really sparkle. I would be proud of that one, too.
  12. This mini looks good. I'm with you though with regards to the Bones v metal question. I much prefer working with metal.
  13. Russell

    King Dental

    When I saw the title I imagined a troll or ettin with massive, jutting teeth. Clicking through I was initially disappointed but your mini looks great.
  14. Feliz cumpleaños y un buen año.
  15. @Evilhalfling Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales would just squeak into the 1400s having been written spanning the years 1387-1400. The Lumiansky version is a great translation. I used to teach it and students who liked to read in general said they actually liked it as a series of short stories with a connecting plot.
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