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  1. This is the best thing ever!
  2. I'm with Soundwave on the Amazon women. Would love some of those. I've been on a quest for female minis of black women. Yes, I know I can paint a mini with any skin tone I want. But 90% of the female figures out there have long straight hair. Where are the minis of women with afros, dreads, natural tight curls, rows, twists - the hairstyles of women with Black hair? I wouldn't mind seeing some long-haired females with practical hair, either. If you're going into battle you're not going to want your hair getting stuck to your mouth or flying into your eyes. How about so
  3. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'm hoping to get back into painting again someday, and didn't want to discover that my significant investment in MSP paints had all been ruined just because I couldn't afford a heated unit.
  4. Sorry about hijacking the thread earlier. On the actual topic of Pathfinder minis, I so desperately want to play a vanara monk, but there are no miniatures! The charau-ka just don't quite cut it. But I suppose there are no Adventure Paths with a vanara monk (or any other vanara) NPC on which to base a figure. Also, I agree with whomever mentioned the female tiefling artwork from the Advanced Race Guide. I love that artwork and would love to see someone recreate it in three dimensions.
  5. Still hoping for a riding dog with a saddle... ... and an elk with a saddle, so my elves can have that Thranduil look...
  6. I had to put my paints in storage a couple of years ago. Unfortunately the storage unit is not climate controlled. Does anyone know if the paints would still be good/usable after being kept at widely fluctuating temperatures? It has occasionally been below freezing during the winters, but usually around the 40-45 F mark. Summer can get up into the 90s at times. I could ask the same about my minis. Does being kept in the heat/cold do any harm to them?
  7. The ladies do seem to be carrying less gear than the men, I agree. Which, based on my own experience as a female, doesn't seem right. My messenger bag always has much more stuff in it than my husband's backpack. I'd also like to see some female casters who aren't wearing an ankle-length dress. That doesn't seem very practical for adventuring. Neither do the ankle-length robes many of the male wizard figures are wearing. And Gandalf notwithstanding, pointy hats are so passe'.
  8. Could we please have some spellcaster types who are: Not carrying a huge magic staff with a giant crystal on the top (or at least make the staff an add-on, so the purchaser can choose not to attach it) Not carrying a wand or rod (or make the wand/rod a detachable piece that can be left off) Not carrying a spellbook (or or make the book a detachable piece that can be left off) Wearing ordinary clothes, not robes; and/or wearing light armor Armed with simple weapons (daggers, crossbows, the option to add a spear or quarterstaff) Hands in spellcasting gestures, perhaps even holding some sma
  9. Since I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition recently - a beardless male dwarf. Some Hellborn female figures that aren't showing so much exposed cleavage/midriff/thigh.
  10. I guess I've been reading too much Clark Ashton Smith lately. I'd really like to see some minis that would be appropriate for a Hyborean Age or Zothique setting. If they looked like characters who walked out of one of the Schwarzenegger 'Conan' movies, that's what I'm aiming at. I know Reaper's done tons of Conan-esque barbarian figures, but I'm looking for something to populate the world other than big muscley fighters with enormous swords and babes in chainmail bikinis. I'd like to see some wizards and priestesses with crazy headgear that doesn't look like anything historical, warrior
  11. Yes, please! I've wanted one for years. Actually, a whole set of Journey to the West characters would be fantastic. With multiple versions of Monkey - flying on a cloud, wielding his staff, in his iconic pose scouting for trouble with his leg hooked around the staff... Plus some Chinese-style demons for him to fight. If you need reference materials, I have a huge collection. (wink wink)
  12. What a handsome group! I like your color choices. I'm painting three figures for our gaming group's new campaign, and I can only dream that mine will turn out as well.
  13. I've always thought this guy would make a good halfling paladin: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/dobbin/latest/02531 This guy could too, if you like your halfling paladin a bit more rugged: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/halfling/latest/14047 I concur with Doug Sundseth's hands suggestion. I'm sure I've asked for this long ago, but a bigger variety of riding animals would be nice. A ram with a saddle other than the rearing one that comes with the dwarf king. Maybe a boar with a saddle. A stag, as Slendertroll mentioned. A halfling riding dog. An axebeak with
  14. I'd love to see some 'Arabian Nights' type of figures, inspired by movies like The Thief of Baghdad (both versions) and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. I'd recommend taking a look at Arabian Nights illustrations by Edmund Dulac for some inspiration. I'd also be happy to see something inspired by the cultures of India and Southeast Asia. Some Balinese dancers, or figures inspired by illustrations from the Ramayana, for example. Wow, I'm getting some funky line wrapping. It appears that the forum programming doesn't like the antique version of Internet Explorer my employer provides.
  15. Prepainted plastic stuff would be good too. Our group loves dungeon decor, but we don't want to paint it. One of my gaming buddies has an enormous collection of every kind of prop he can get his hands on, like the Wizkids and Hero Quest pieces, but there's always stuff that's disproportionately large for 28mm, or it comes on click bases that take up too much space on the gaming mat. We also buy props for Christmas villages and that sort of thing, but a lot of those are too big, and everything tends to come covered in fake snow. It would be great if Reaper made stuff that was compat
  16. I'd like to see some superhero figures that are more generic. Perhaps with interchangeable heads so you can choose if you want flames for hair, normal hair, or a helmet, for example. I think all the superhero options are fabulous, but some of them are too specific to a particular power type. I'd like to see just some figures in bodysuits, dramatically posed, that a person can paint to suit whatever costume and power scheme their character has. Pulp era superheroes like the Shadow and King of the Rocket Men would be good, too. And while we're on that era, more pulp adventures of the Flas
  17. I'd like to see some wizards wearing more practical attire for adventuring. I've been playing Skyrim quite a lot recently and I like the design of the mage robes in that game. But please, no hoods. I like to be able to see the head of my character (and be able to paint the face relatively easily). I don't think ankle-length robes would be a good idea for dungeon-delving or roaming in the wilderness. Reaper has produced some male wizard figures with more practical clothing, but most of the females tend to be in long robes / gowns. Some wizards without huge ornate staffs would be nice,
  18. What was the search? I was searching for the Top Tag 'elf'. No problem searching today, but I'm home using Firefox 9 now. I now suspect it is browser compatibility issues. I don't have any problem when using Firefox or my mobile browser. But with IE 7 I'm finding that I don't get the page numbers / next page option even when I just navigate to the Miniatures Gallery and select one of the categories. Stupid IE 7. >:-(
  19. What was the search? I was searching for the Top Tag 'elf'. No problem searching today, but I'm home using Firefox 9 now.
  20. I'm running into an issue searching the Miniatures Gallery today. I clicked on a tag and got a search result that says "1 to 24 (of 276 figures)" for my chosen search category. But when I scroll to the bottom of the page, there is no 'next page' option or page number links that I can click on to advance to the next set of items in my search results. I was using the search a couple of days ago with no problems. It could be browser issues; I'm at work and we are still using IE 7. (No, I can't download IE 9 or Firefox. I could be fired for doing that.)
  21. I'm sorry to say I don't care for the new layout. I'm currently using my netbook and many of the menus run off the screen if I keep the zoom at my customary setting. I don't want to have to reduce the size just to view one site. I'll have to make everything smaller to access the menus and then enlarge it again to view the images. I do like the pop-up sign-in box, though. That's much nicer than having to go to another screen to log in.
  22. Like you, I'm playing a Pathfinder character from one of the setting's Oriental analogues. But my PC comes from the China analogue, and there is a woeful dearth of Chinese-style minis. Historical Chinese hairstyles and apparel don't look that much like Japanese, especially armor and weapons, and I'm a purist so I don't want to just use a Japanese-style mini because I can't find anything else. I've been using the old Midori figure 02511, but my character is a spellcaster so the sword isn't appropriate. Midori and Jade Star 02629 are the only Chinese-style female minis that I can recall
  23. Since you've been doing resculpts of existing figure names, how about new sculpts of DH02628 Iron Fist and DH02629 Jade Star? I've been using both figures recently in different games, and would be delighted to have updated versions of them. Iron Fist would look great standing on one leg, with his left arm drawn away from his torso a bit more than it is in his current version. Jade Star could have her knees a little more flexed, and it would be nice to see her with her right hand in the classic "Bring it on" pose, while her left could be drawn back ready to strike.
  24. I've commented before that I'd like to see more figures with a Chinese style. But what I'd really love to see is some figures from Chinese mythology, most especially the Monkey King. M.S.B. Toys have done some Monkey King minis, but I'm not terribly fond of their character designs. I'd love to see what your sculptors would do with Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and the Tang Monk. I'd also like to see some figures with an Indian inspiration, like heroes of the Ramayana. I know this probably wouldn't be a big seller, but it would be neat.
  25. Less literal interprations of what? I'm guessing you mean "Less literal interpretations of D&D-type character classes", which I'd agree with. On to my wishes: A non-mounted version of DH03264 Roderic Ambermead. Some riding animals other than horses - dogs, rams, ponies, donkeys/mules, etc. Pack animals - same varieties as above. Dark elves who aren't covered in skulls, spikes or spider motifs.
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