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  1. You know, you say this, and I can't help but think of this http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/GiantITP/ootscript?SK=202 The greens are looking really sweet. I can't wait to get me a few halfling assassins. My campaign that I'm currently in is almost complete, but that still won't keep me from making a conversion of my halfling warrior what wield an anciet dwarven 2-handed battle ax! Yes, its crazy.
  2. Ooh! Ooh! I want one!!! The sculpt and the paint job look really nice!!!
  3. I used to live in P-Field, but now I live in Central IL, DOH! Thanks though! To everyone else, great stuff so far, keep it coming!
  4. Hey all! As I try to get better skills with a camera and understanding the medium of it, I'll be posting more and more here. For my first though is the set of eyes that ended up on my Alaine, Female Paladin (Reaper# 2725). Now, before anyone asks, this is a COMPLETE accident. Originally I started on the right eye. I had the white done and was adding the green. I can honestly say I don't spend nearly enough time on my minis (working on that one), and when I went to put the green on the right eye, my hand was a wee bit shaky. Well, the green ended up where it did, but I managed to stay inside the lines enough that I loved the look of it, so with more precision I tried on the left and success! Then it was just a matter of the pupil, which was also a great success! So my end result is a very suspicious Paladin And in case you're wondering, here's the finished mini (don't look too close, just the eyes ) Front Back
  5. Ok, I've painting on my own for over 8 years now, and I'd say I've done a fair job on my own with very little technique or instruction (didn't really learn from anyone all that much). In short, I've had drybrushing, no thinning, and some watered down inks, that's about it. Example of my Halbarand found in this thread... http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Sup...825704D0027C3B8 Now, I have found my passion reborn, and I'm excited to bring myself up to speed. Naturally I hit up the internet and try to find something new to add to my minis. The result is astounding! But, there is a catch. I keep seeing refrences to all sorts of basic art maneuvers such as highlighting, thinning, layering, so on and so forth. Now I have seen some refrences to these techniques (even on Reaper's own page), and I'm usually left scratching my head. My biggest concern is how much and where to put it. I like seeing ratios, such as 1:2 thinner/color, but I have no idea where to put the mixture, I'm also left confused as to what I should use to mix, should I keep some on hand, etc etc. Essentially, I'd like some lamen's terms please. I've seen a lot of techniques, and I'm very eager to learn (I do learn quickly! Honest!), but it is hard for me to understand the advanced techniques without the basics
  6. Wonderful to hear! I would have been there myself, but work called :'(
  7. Hey everybody, I'm starting to lurk, and do a lot more painting, but I'm a far cry from improving on my methods. Big question of the day, painting white. Recently I've found myself wanting to paint some pieces that are a nice sharp Dragon White, but have textured backgrounds, areas, etc. I've tried a few things, and each time I come up unsuccessful, and I am seeking help! Pretty much outside of just putting the paint on the minis (out of the bottle), I just have drybrushing, though I think I do it slightly different from what it is normally done (maybe). If I could get my hands on a digi camera I could put up some pics of what I've gotten done. Edit: Ok, I got my hands on a cam, tried taking some pics, that's a learning experience I've begun upon, but here's a Halbarad that I did, just to give you an idea of my skill level. Please help
  8. My recomendation for new people getting interested in Warlord is just to keep it simple. Figure out or ask what is more likely to be used and try not to worry about all the in-depth stuff. You don't need to go into the game imbued with full knowledge, try it first and have some fun :)
  9. Hey guys! I'm going to be starting my 3 events this weekend for my entrance into the BL program and I wanted to let my hometeam(s) know about it! The first one is this Saturday (a bit sudden I know), and if you're interested, will be taking place in East central IL. It will be at... Valhalla Games 807 1/2 S. Neil St. Champaign IL, 61820 (217)-356-6279 http://www.valhalla-store.com So feel free to stop on by and help support, or play, or whatever :)
  10. Hey guys! I'm going to be starting my 3 events this weekend for my entrance into the BL program and I wanted to let my hometeam(s) know about it! The first one is this Saturday (a bit sudden I know), and if you're interested, will be taking place in East central IL. It will be at... Valhalla Games 807 1/2 S. Neil St. Champaign IL, 61820 (217)-356-6279 http://www.valhalla-store.com So feel free to stop on by and help support, or play, or whatever :)
  11. Bwa ha ha ha! Enjoy your victory for now, but beware, darkness creeps through the veins of Barthos! I submitted my application for the BL team today (VERY Excited!), and I'll be bringing the joy of Warlord to East Central IL (Possibly developing a rivalry between us and Western IL ;)), but yes, official games with a Darkspawn/Necropolis player, bwa ha ha ha!!! I look forward to seeing you guys on the field of battle!
  12. I'm very excited and very eager to be joining! :) [suckup]I know that it will be a fantastic experience, and I look forward to working with such a great company! [/suckup]
  13. Many thanks to ReaperBryan for answering the questions, and I'd like to address some of your concerns. 1.) While the store does not as yet carry a full line of Reaper Products, when I mentioned to them that I would like to demo a reaper game for them they requested some advance notice so they could order and stock some appropriate product (in this case, Warlord) so there would be items available on the day of the demo. I also want to note that they mentioned buying product from their distributor first, without mention from me :) 2.) I have loved Reaper and their products since I discovered them about 4 or 5 years ago. I love the paints, the minis, and the games. While I am unfamiliar with C.A.V. at this moment, if I join BL I will support it fully, even if I do not know much about it. 3.) When I demo for a store, I am participating in a mutually beneficial relationship. By demoing, I get a chance to share a hobby and a passion with others, and I encourage people to purchase from the store when I demo. I also purchase a lot of product through my FLGS as a personal way of supporting them. I have already made mention that Reaper minis (in my experience) make good character minis and are worth looking into. I also placed an order with them for some Reaper Minis that I needed to help get the ball rolling (As it'll be a few more days before I get down there, I imagine that they are sitting out and enticing people to ask :)). My FLGS has shown an interest in carrying Reaper product and I will be non-forceful in my support of this :) 4.) I have actually had the opportunity to meet Dracos (if I remember correctly), and I have communicated (albeit briefly) with Spire. I hope to keep up communications. I will be submitting my application for the Black Lighting program in the next day or two so keep an eye out for it! :) It feels good to be getting in to demoing again :)
  14. Well, I'm refering more to the Champaign-Urbana area. I'm trying to get school finished up and secure employment in that area, but I'm willing to travel a bit so I could see myself travelling south to Charleston, or west towards Bloomington (I don't really know what's north of Champaign). As it is I'm in Champaign every other weekend, and with the new gaming store that opened, I thought that now would be the perfect time :)
  15. Hey all! It was only a matter of time, but that time is now. Life has finally calmed down enough to the point where I can consider joining a demo team again. I was apart of the AEG's Bounty Hunter program for about a year (little more), but I've passed beyond those games. Warlord has been a great joy for me as of late, and has been most of the gaming I've had recently. I'm currently located in Plainfield IL (60544) and I have a few questions before I submit my application. Please note I have already gone over the whole page for the BL, these are additional questions. 1.) From what I understand, to become a full active member I have to do a total of three events over the course of three months at either a) one gaming store, or b) three different stores. If this is true are there limits to what stores I can choose or are any stores open? 2.) How much of Reaper's products should I know? Do I have to be able to run multiple choices (Warlord, C.A.V., Dark Heaven, Painting Demos), or is it ok if I just know one? 3.) Is it ok to run games at a store that isn't registered through Reaper? The one I'm wanting to make my home base is Valhalla Games (http://www.valhalla-store.com/) in Champaign IL and they JUST opened like, two or three weeks ago and have yet to pick up any Reaper lines (though I have already begun to push for them to hold Reaper Mini's, and even made an order through them). I have already talked with the owners and they are ok with me doing demos there and have even offered to order some stuff (this is for Warlord and will be Sat Oct 29th if all goes well). My goal is to help bring Reaper games to Central IL, or at least, the Eastern area of it :) So feel free to help me with my questions and if anyone is in the area, let me know!
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