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  1. Hi! Just want to chime in here, clarify a few things: After Fantasy Series 1, we only ran a single Kickstarter: Dire Alliance (which is moving along fine in terms of production; we're posting another update today I believe). We sent only 5 review copies to YouTubers. The rest you've seen on YouTube are just regular backers who decided to post. And as you'll see in the comments of the Kickstarter page, lots of non-YouTubers have received and are very happy with their pledge. It does indeed suck that the US/UK/CA/ROW got delayed, but AU, NZ, EU, ASIA are delivering or fully delivered and the folks there are loving them. But yeah I understand the need to touch the minis first, so I totally get it if you aren't backing FS2. In case you hadn't seen our latest update, though, we're offering to refund any a US/UK/CA/ROW FS1 backers their FS2 pledge should they get FS1 and not like it. In a perfect world we would have loved FS1 to be 100% delivered before FS2 (that was the plan), but sadly delays happened and we have to remain on schedule with regards to business plans. We aren't launching another KS to be greedy; we're a small indie company who needs to launch a KS roughly 3 times a year to stay afloat. The delay with FS1 wasn't planned, as everything was looking good for Dec/Jan, but we know how the world likes to throw wrenches in gears nowadays 😞 But all that said, I get the frustration and the reason you won't back this project. It is always up to the customer to choose where to pledge their hard-earned cash. I appreciate you voicing your concerns, and I hope me clarifying a few points was alright!
  2. It'll ship when Dire Alliance ships :) You can create your own content, yeah! We'll have a new design diary that explains stuff every Thursday; first one was today so I suggest you take a look so you can see exactly what Mark is bringing to the table! https://www.blacklistgamesllc.com/post/lasting-tales-design-diary-1-an-introduction-to-lasting-tales Yeah so far the response is overwhelmingly positive and we're over the moon :) Like this backer here! Or Ash at GMG here!
  3. Hey all! Just to let you all know Fantasy Series 2, the next in Blacklist Games' popular miniatures sets, is coming to Kickstarter March 30 (as part of the Lasting Tales campaign)! Yes, Fantasy Series 1 will be on offer too in case you missed it ;) Click here to sign up to be notified at launch! If you're curious about Lasting Tales itself, click here to learn more! Also, please ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them :) We're beginning to preview some of the minis over on our social media, but here are a few we've shown so far:
  4. Hey all! Just to let you all know Fantasy Series 2 is coming to Kickstarter March 30 (as part of the Lasting Tales campaign)! Click here to sign up to be notified at launch! We're beginning to preview some of the minis over on our social media, but here are a few we've shown so far:
  5. Just announced! A new pledge tier that get you ALL the new Horror stuff, and ALL the Fantasy: Series 1, for a discounted price! I suggest you check it out if you missed it the first time, because this new pledge is OVER 300 minis (and counting)! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/dire-alliance-horror/description
  6. Right and while we wait for final GLOB renders (everyone gets Glob stuff for FREE in our capaign), this is a reminder of what we consider "HUGE":
  7. Hey guys! So in regards to this: the three projects we "haven't delivered" are all in various stages, one of which is currently delivering to backers, the other two on schedule for delivery: - Altar Quest is fulfilling as we speak (AUS/NZ has gotten theirs, US/CAN is next week, EU too) - Hour of Need is at the factory being manufactured and will be delivered roughly a month late due to COVID - Fantasy Series 1 is also at the factory at this point, and is on track for its Dec 2020 date. We have photos of the FS1 minis in our latest updates: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/blacklist-miniatures-fantasy-series-1/posts/2958885 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/blacklist-miniatures-fantasy-series-1/posts/3001288 It's important to note that most small companies that rely on Kickstarter for funds (like us) need to run at least 2 projects a year to ensure we have enough capital to stay afloat! That's just the reality these days. As for the Street Masters IndieGogo campaign, you'll note it is at "flexible funding" which means we keep whatever is raised regardless of if we hit out goal or not. In other words, this campaign is a pre-order campaign and is being produced no matter what (something we've been up front with our backers about, of course!), which explains why there aren't stretch goals, etc. The only reason it's on IGG is because of the sheer amount of SKUs we are offering for pre-order (2 campaigns worth of stuff! From 2017 and 2018, in other words). This is not a project we consider a crowdfunding campaign, even if Indiegogo is essentially crowdfunding. To us, it was just a way to maximize exposure to potential new fans and also use a platform that allows us to organize large amounts of orders for large amounts of SKUS easily. Also, the reason we launched it now as opposed to waiting later is because we have a small amount of backers in the last Street Masters campaign who didn't get some products because our last fulfillment partner (who we broke ties with) decided to drop the ball (and lost inventory). So we are reprinting this line earlier than planned so our new fulfillment partner (who has proven to be AMAZING) will have our stock and those unfortunate backers can get the goods they are owed as soon as possible.
  8. Hey gang! Blacklist Miniatures is back with a follow up to their hugely successful Fantasy: Series 1 miniatures set: Horror Series 1! After 48 hours, currently over 100 minis in the $70 set, and things are only just beginning to heat up. You can click here to visit the Horror Series 1 campaign page. Blacklist Games is proud to announce the next entry in its popular line of Blacklist Miniatures products: Horror Series 1. Inspired by Gothic and Victorian horror, this new series provides gamers with highly detailed plastic miniatures to be used in any horror game. While these miniatures represent characters found in our upcoming horror board game Dire Alliance: Horror, they can be used with any horror tabletop board game, miniatures game, or role-playing game. “The success of our Fantasy Series 1 Kickstarter has opened the door for us to explore creating miniatures in other popular genres,” said Adam Sadler, VP of Product Development. “With Horror Series 1, we’re proud to offer an exciting line of miniatures that caters to those of us who enjoy classic horror settings. As with all Blacklist Miniatures products, our goal is to offer our customers a large number of quality miniatures at a reasonable price.”
  9. The main box is planned for retail, everything else is not. The reason we can offer such a great value is thanks to the fact that we don't have alt poses. The expensive part of producing a minis line is unique molds. So, with each unique pose, you increase the costs of the project. This is why we've got "duplicates." As for chopping through these with a hobby knife to Frankenstein together a creation of your own liking, it should be doable yes! The plastic is rigid to avoid bends when playing or storing, but also solid so they won't bust when being dropped. That said, precision cutting tools can get through these with enough patience, yep!
  10. Yeah, I too have lost money on Kickstarters that overextended so I feel your pain. But in our case we've made sure to do our math! We have a lot of great plans for Blacklist Miniatures, such as minis in other genres, and of course a Series 2 for fantasy lovers :)
  11. It's definitely fair to wonder how we can make this crazy deal a reality when other publishers seem to charge more for similar projects. This might be the first project to use the branding of our new division, Blacklist Miniatures, but it is in no way our first rodeo with miniatures! We've made quite a few miniatures-heavy board games, two of which have been delivered and one of which is nearly done with its ongoing delivery. 2 others are currently in the shop, one of which is Altar Quest (whose miniatures have been shown here and there, including my post earlier in the thread). Everything here has been carefully calculated as it must be in order to proceed with a project of this magnitude, as we always do with our large-scale projects. All that to say, we have a great relationship with our minis sculptors and manufacturers and we know what we're doing with regards to this minis-only project! Not gonna lie, our profit margin is going to be a bit slim here, but our goal is using this project as a way to jump start our Blacklist Miniatures brand and get the product in folks' hands so they know how great our future projects will be! Also, I can guarantee that anyone who misses this Kickstarter will not see a deal as good as this when the core box releases at retail: firstly, its price will not be as low as it is now, and the stretch goals will not exist outside of this Kickstarter. Again, our priority right now is making sure the Blacklist Miniatures name gets out there and this campaign is all about making a big splash while also providing excellent product with which to continue to build our reputation as makers of great minis (and board games)! Again, feel free to ask me any specific questions!
  12. Hey guys! Thanks for checking out the campaign! We've got lots of cool new stretch goals added to the pledge, so right now you're getting 87 minis (and counting) for $65! That's a lot of bang for your buck, considering that means each mini is less than a $1! Have you seen some of these? I know a lot of you probably don't have a sweet Innkeeper mini for your campaigns! There's a whole set of werewolves and bandits too... and a vampire lord among others. We've also got a Lich Lord coming soon, and a BIG reveal at $100k! Got any questions? Ask me anything! Oh and if anyone wants an idea of the quality of the minis, our game Altar Quest (which is also available this campaign; 211 minis for $109 and a full game inside too haha) has minis from the same team and you can see what the proofs look like here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blacklistgames/altar-quest/posts/2703214 Here are a couple of photos from the link:
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