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  1. @TheAuldGrumpYes, I love that set! here is a photo of mine, painting in progress, before the final wash and clear polyurethane seal. I love this kit, and want more similar, but not the exact same pieces again. I guess I just have to wait, or just print my own ;) Wizkids is doing something similar? That might be the first thing I would ever buy from them then!
  2. Thank you Corsair! Thanks Kristof65! I think I missed those, or saw them a long time ago and discarded them. Its mostly flat pieces, not the same 3d style with walls, ladders and stairs that I am envisaging. Not really inspiring in the same way as the SW dungeon. But I guess its somewhat close.. Hi Glitterwolf! I saw you joined the LKM KS too! Yes, I have a some bones terrain pieces, and they are great! I also got more than one 3d printer. I can honestly print out a medium or large dungeon for me in the same time as it would take for an order to reach me, if I ordered and started printing at the same time. for one off large terrain pieces printed PLA are good enough, and cheaper. But for a whole big collection of tiles, of walls, of pieces needed for a dungeon I would prefer injection moulded PVC for several reasons, as mostly outlined above. So I asked here to see if that was in the making or considered. I guess, at this moment.. Well, we do not know! Perhaps one day?
  3. Hi guys! I am new here, but long time hobbyist. Painted quite a few metal models, and got three big boxes of random KS Bones lying around, getting worked on, bit by bit. I was a backer on the collaboration Reaper did with Secret Weapon, for their absolutely splendid dungeon tiles with a handsculpted mines theme: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/secretweapon/tablescapes-dungeons-modular-rpg-dungeons-by-secre/description I have painted up a full kit of these, that are made in the Bones material. I love this material for dungeon tiles and decor, as it is just slightly soft, you wont hurt yourself accidentally on a sharp corner or scrape paint from your minis on it (as could happen with 3d printed PLA pieces..) they got just enough heft to not slide around on the table, they take paint so well that after sealing they will not chip. Not even after I throw the whole dungeon into a big box, stocked tightly for stocking or transport anything is damaged.. I could go on, but I think I gotten my point across? It would be a great thing to have more! Also, looking at all the different expensive alternatives there exists, there is a gap in the market. There is expensive tiles, homemade tiles, and 3d printed tiles. None is very convenient for everyone. A big volyme, low price Bones Dungeon set would probably be welcome addition to the rollplayers and tabletop gamers accessories. Is there any chance of a Bones Dungeon set being considered, at all? Axel,
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